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Umbrakinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Darkness

What is Umbrakinesis?

Some people are scared of the dark and prefer the day time. Others however, prefer the darkness. There were many episodes of Charmed, the 90s television program, that focused on the control of light and darkness. What wasn’t mentioned during the show was that this is known as Umbrakinesis. Umbrakinesis is a mind control activity that allows you to manipulate the light and dark with your mind. You can control shadows and create different energy levels when you want. Advanced Umbrakinesis practitioners can actually cause entire cities, or countries to fall into total darkness, just using the power of their mind.


How to Learn Umbrakinesis

Like any “superpowers,” it’s really important to analyse why you want to learn umbrakinesis and then to ask yourself if you truly believe in it. It’s only after you’ve answered these questions that you will be able to progress to the next stage. The next stage is to get into a state of meditation where your mind is clear enough to meditate upon the light. So first of all do exactly that, meditate and once you’re calm and relaxed, then you’re ready to practice this power. Find somewhere that is completely dark. That will mean turning off all the lights wherever you are. When you’re in an area of darkness start visualizing a lit candle and visualize yourself manipulating the light of the candle flame.

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The Next Stage

Now that you’ve had your first umbrakinesis “practice session,” you’re ready to try doing it for real. This time, be in a room or area where there is light. It’s recommended that you are in a quiet room with nobody else around you. Close your eyes and focus on what you want to achieve. Focus on influencing the light. You’ll feel it in your fingertips. Emit that energy towards the light and shadow that you want to control. See yourself moving the shadow. This will take several hours of practice a day before you’ve mastered this ability.

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Dangers Associated with Umbrakinesis

Umbrakinesis is a supernatural power, which means that if it’s used in the wrong way, it can have negative consequences. Before you even entertain the thought of practicing the art, you need to ensure that you are not doing it when you’re in a hateful or negative mood. All superpowers are dependent upon energy, and should only be used when you’re in a positive mood. If you need to, then go back to the initial stage, and calm your mind. Ensure that you are only thinking positive thoughts when you start practicing umbrakinesis. This will ensure that you are not harmed, and that you do not hurt anyone around you.

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Botanokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Plant Life


Botanokinesis is the ability to manipulate, change and occasionally generate plant life of all forms. This includes flowers, seeds, trees, moss, grass and more. The ability goes by many names, some alternative names are; plant manipulation, phytokinesis, chlorokinesis, agrokinesis along with several more. This ability is not very common in pop culture making few appearances in television or movies.


Botanokinesis vs Biokinesis

This is a very intriguing topic to many as biokinesis and botanokinesis have a big similarity. For those that don’t know, biokinesis is the ability to manipulate biological life or DNA. You can read further on it by looking at the page linked earlier. You may be wondering what makes these two abilities similar. Well it is a fact that plant life is a living organism. Which raises the question, shouldn’t biokinesis users also be able to manipulate plant life?

Well there are biokinesis wielders that claim this to be true, however after talking to many people who claim to wield both abilities, it is clear this is false. Plants may be living organisms however for an unknown reason they cannot be manipulated by people who know biokinesis. This is why botanokinesis was founded and differs from biokinesis slightly to allow manipulation of plant life.

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Strengths and Limitations

Before talking about this abilities strengths, lets first take a look at some of the limitations. This power has the same limitation that most abilities have, range and speed. Plant life may only be manipulated if it is in eyesight and speed is dependent on experience and distance. The further away the plant life is from the individual using botanokinesis, the longer it takes to alter or manipulate. It may also take users longer if they have little experience with the power. Beginners may only be able to manipulate small plants slightly over several minutes.

Now lets delve into the strengths of botanokinesis. This ability is more of a passive power to wield as it doesn’t bring the life or death factor with it. Unless you consider death and resurrection of plant life as part of the life and death factor. The main strength of this ability is it allows you to grow plants as will. This can be important to maintenance of nature.

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Ferrokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Metal


Ferrokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate metal of all forms. It is also referred to as metal manipulation, ferrous manipulation or metallokinesis. This ability is not common in pop culture, however it has made a showing in the television show Avatar: The Last Airbender. The abilities appearance in the show is not accurate though as it is shown as a secondary ability to geokinesis or earth bending in the show. It is also shown to be a fast process when it isn’t in reality.


Abilities Related to Ferrokinesis

There are several ability that have either come from ferrokinesis or are predecessors of it. First of all is aurokinesis aka the ability to manipulate gold. For unknown reasons this ability has stemmed as a separate power to ferrokinesis. Even though it has practically the same uses as ferrokinesis just being limited to gold. Sticking with the theme of alternative metal manipulation another related ability is argyrokinesis also known as the ability to manipulate silver.

Once again this is another ability that has stemmed from ferrokinesis that is limited to one form of metal, silver. These are just two of the many abilities that have stemmed from this power. There are also abilities surrounding bronze, iron, lead, copper, tin, titanium, zinc and platinum manipulation. There is no reason any of these powers would need to be learned individually as they are all feats of ferrokinesis.

Aside from the stemmed abilities, ferrokinesis also has several predecessors that assist usage of the ability itself. First of all is geokinesis, the power to control and maneuver earth. Earth meaning rocks and the ground not the planet as a whole. Prior to learning geokinesis, telekinesis is an important power to learn so overall it is also a predecessor of ferrokinesis.

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Strengths and Limitations

Metal is such a strong material and is used broadly in today’s society which is why this ability is so powerful. The list of strengths for this power is endless however to name a big one, this ability allows users to manipulate any form of surrounding metal. This factor alone makes this ability one of the best to have. Metal is used in the construction of most things today so theirs no shortage of material to work with.

There aren’t a lot of immediately noticeable limitations that come with this power, however there are two. Range and speed of manipulation. Range is normally a factor with all abilities and that doesn’t change with this one. There is no set maximum range however the rule of thumb for most powers is eyesight. If the metal is in eyesight, it can be altered most of the time. The second limitation is speed, this limit is a result of mastery and range. The further away an object is the slower it may be manipulated. To begin with controlling metal will be a difficult and slow process to beginners. However the more the ability is mastered the faster metal can be altered at will.