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Pathokinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Emotion


pathokinesis""Pathokinesis is the ability to manipulate and control ones emotions. Whether it’s controlling your own emotions or somebody else’s, this is an incredible power to wield. There are a few different kinetic powers that associate with pathokinesis; they focus on specific emotions unlike pathokinesis which does not focus on just one emotion. These powers are aggressiokinesis, the ability to manipulate anger, odikinesis, the ability to manipulate hatred, phobikinesis, the ability to manipulate fears and amokinesis, the ability to manipulate love or desire. As you can see, all of these powers are focusing on just one (or two) aspect of emotions. When choosing a power to wield, although some people may just want to master one emotion in particular, it would be much more beneficial to master pathokinesis as one will be able to broaden their mind to a variety of emotions.

Uses of Pathokinesis

As human beings we experience a range of emotions throughout our lives; some good and some bad. There are times when ones emotions are too much to handle and in these moments most people would give anything to remove their emotions. With pathokinesis a wielder will not only be able to change and/or manipulate their own emotions, but will also have the ability to change the people arounds emotions. This power has the potential to be outstanding if one chooses to master it to its full extent. There are a range of emotions that we go through each day; because of this pathokinesis can be a very strong and useful power to wield as it will give a wielder the ability to change how they are feeling throughout the day or allow them to cast a certain emotion on those around them.

pathokinesis""Since there are a variety of different emotions we will talk about how one can use pathokinesis depending on the emotion that they wish to focus on and use. If work has you stressed out and it gets too hard to handle one can change their mood to a more positive emotion instead of the stressed and emotional state one was in beforehand. If you are in an emotional situation that makes it hard to hold back your tears a wielder will be able to make their emotions more controllable and better for the situation in which they are in. Some people have a habit of feeling envy towards people with better looks or better things then them; most people hate this feeling and by wielding this power can change their emotions and make it more positive and tolerable.

These uses merely focus on how a wielder can use this power on themselves; now we will talk about some of the ways a wielder can use this power to manipulate and change others emotions. If one sees someone having a rough day they can cheer them up as not to feel so dreary or if someone is being aggressive towards you and you are feeling unsafe you can change their mood so that you feel more comfortable in the situation. There are so many more examples in what pathokinesis can be used for in everyday life; all of the possible scenarios that you can imagine can be controlled when one wields this power.

Strengths and Limitations

As with all other powers, there are strengths and limitations to which one can uphold. Although you may be thinking that this ability would have a wide range of limitations you would be wrong; of course it does have some limitations, as with everything but a wielder is not limited to a huge extent. Some of the limitations that a wielder of this power will need to take into account are for starters, the amount of people that can be controlled at one time. When first starting to master this power only try with one or two people at a time as it may become too overwhelming manipulating a large group of peoples emotions at once. Range is another factor to take into account when using pathokinesis; to be able to manipulate ones emotions successfully a wielder must be within a close proximity of the subject. The further away one is, the more difficult it will be to use pathokinesis.

When using this power a wielder should not use it for long periods of time as it can be harmful to you. If used for extended periods of time it is possible one will faint or get a migraine or something worse. The final limitation is the most important one; when manipulating ones emotions a wielder must not change more than 1 emotion. When using this power do not change someones emotions from sad to happy to angry to envious etc. This can be very dangerous for the person on the receiving end as our minds aren’t meant to go through that many emotions at once and can have some bad affects on them.

pathokinesis""Now that we have gone through the limitations let’s talk about the strengths of pathokinesis. Once one as practiced and gotten to a higher leave of knowledge and power, that is where pathokinesis get’s fun. If a wielder get’s to the highest level of power or even close to it they will have the ability to manipulate and change the emotions of a room of people. This can be a very hard thing to do; especially if a wielder wants to changes everyone’s emotions differently. For example, some people are now sad, others are angry, others are fearful, etc. This would require a lot of focus and power and it can take a toll on the wielders mind state but is completely possible for the highest powered wielders.

This next strength can be upheld by a wielder with either a high level of knowledge or somewhere in the middle. When using pathokinesis, in the beginning faze of learning it can be hard to change people’s emotions to a high extent ;that changes once a wielder continues learning and becomes more confident and powerful. A high level wielder has the ability to change peoples emotions to such an extent that it can lead them to do terrible things or amazing things; depending on which emotion they are experiencing. It is all determined by what the wielders intentions are, whether they are good or bad.

Overall, pathokinesis is an incredible power to wielder. It has the ability to change so many aspects of your life and anyone around you’s life that you choose to use this power on. To wield pathokinesis would be life changing for anyone that chooses to master it, whether it is to its full extent or just general knowledge.

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Omnikinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Everything


Omnikinesis is the ability to manipulate practically everything. It incorporates almost every kinetic ability allowing users to do everything in relation to kinetic powers. Omnikinesis itself isn’t really an ability as it can’t be learnt. It is more of a title for someone who has taken the time to learn every single kinetic power. However it still is interesting to look into this title of omnikinesis; the capabilities achieving such a state of power offers and some of the most important kinetic abilities that must be learnt to accomplish it.

Powers That Must be Learnt To Be Omnikinetic

Even though omnikinesis is the ability to manipulate everything using all kinetic abilities you don’t necessarily need to learn every power to be considered omnikinetic. omnikinesisThere are a lot of powers that aren’t really important or useful in everyday life. These abilities don’t need to be learnt in order to have omnikinesis as they are so rarely used. However here is a list of the main powers that should be learned if you wanted to be considered omnikinetic. Before attempting to learn them all though remember it takes incredible memory along with time spent training to learn so many abilities.

All abilities that we have articles or ebooks on will be linked to in this list as well. So if you want to look deeper into selective powers you can. Some wouldn’t consider people completely omnikinetic just for knowing the following abilities however when overviewing every kinetic power, these are the ones that stand out most and are the most useful in everyday life. True omnikinesis though includes knowing every single kinetic ability. Because of this some people wouldn’t justify a person knowing just these as an omnikinetic individual. Without further ado though here is the list:

Capabilities of Omnikinesis

It’s easy to see the extent the capabilities of achieving omnikinesis go to, however it is still interesting to look at what exactly can be done when this state has been reached. Obviously the capabilities of every single kinetic power become capabilities of omnikinesis. So if you look into the possibilities of every ability you can consider them capabilities of this state. However some of the best capabilities this state creates are the benefits it brings to everyday life.

learn omnikinesis

The first of which is simply not having to get up to grab things. Whether it’s from implementing telekinesis or aerokinesis in order to pick up objects, an individual in the state of being omnikinetic no longer has to get up to get things if they don’t want to.

The next incredible benefit to everyday life is being your own fridge. By using cryokinesis and hydrokinesis a person can cool their own beverages to whatever drinking temperature desired. This may seem like an unimportant benefit, however consider all the times the fridge has turned off or you want a cold can of soft drink and they weren’t put into the fridge earlier. This no longer becomes an inconvenience. By taking out little inconveniences like this, life becomes a whole lot better and a whole lot easier.

Even though there are a multitude of other benefits that could be listed we’re just going to go through one more. The ability to heat and cook food with the tips of your fingers. Utilizing a mix of pyrokinesis and thermokinesis; a person who has achieved omnikinesis can put these powers into action to make microwaves, ovens and stoves irrelevant. All an omnikinetic person needs to do is put their desired food in a bowl or other form of container and implement the aforementioned powers to cook the food.

Not only is the reduction in monthly electricity costs a formidable benefit alone, but just having the ability to dictate the rate food cooks is enormous. Think about all the times you’ve stood by the microwave starving and impatiently waiting for that bowl of food to finish. Not only does the concentration required to implement these powers reduce hunger being felt, but also food can be heated and cooked at a far greater rate.

It is also important for anyone attempting to master kinetic abilities to look into multiple fighting styles. This is important as different martial arts provide not only a means of hand to hand fighting but also ideas and techniques in calming and controlling the psyche. To take a look at martial arts from all over the globe head over to There you can learn about martial arts from all over the world and pick ones you’d like to look deeper into or even learn.

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Hydrokinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Water



hydrokinesis""Hydrokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate water in all shapes, sizes and forms. This power can also be associated with cryokinesis, the ability to manipulate ice. A wielder of this power will have the ability to change forms of water into something else; for example, solid, liquid and gases. One will be able to change a solid into a liquid, a liquid into a gas, etc. There is one other power that plays a part in hydrokinesis; that power is cryokinesis. Cryokinesis is an incredibly strong power which means a wielders ability really comes into play when performing this power. The things that can be accomplished when wielding this power can be from turning a tiny patch of water into ice to an extreme amount of power that can in theory create an avalanche which as we all know is one of the most powerful and treacherous things to happen in arctic places. Cryokinesis is one tiny aspect of what can be achieved when wielding the power of hydrokinesis; its focus is purely on ice, whilst hydrokinesis is based around the manipulation of water.

Uses of Hydrokinesis

Hydrokinesis is one of the greatest powers to learn as an estimated 70% of the Earth is covered in water. This makes hydrokinesis very useful in every day life as water is easily accessible in most places and we come into contact with water usually multiple times a day. There are quite a fair few uses for this power; some are not everyday uses but most are which can be very beneficial. One example of how hydrokinesis can be used is if you are in the water (at a beach, river, lake or pool) and your friend keeps splashing you; using your power one will be able to pummel them with water so that they stop. It can also just be used for fun or to send a message.

hydrokinesis""A more extreme use for this power would be if there was a tsunami, an expert wielder of this power would be able to slow it down or in some cases stop it entirely. Of course, to be able to stop a tsunami one would have to have an incredibly strong source of power which would take years of time and practice to reach this point. A much smaller use for hydrokinesis than a tsunami could be simply making a water bubble using this power. I would suggest this be the first thing to do when starting to learn hydrokinesis as it will be the easiest thing to learn before progressing up to greater bodies of water. This is due to the fact that when implementing hydrokinesis, the size of the body of water being targeted directly effects the extent a user can manipulate it to; this along with the fact that experience dictates the effectiveness of the ability makes it a necessity to initially practice on as small of masses of water as possible before attempting larger masses of water. Usage of this ability can then be scaled up slowly in regards to mass until the point where massive sections of water can be manipulated.

Another use of hydrokinesis stems from the existence of water in a multitude of different objects and even people. As more experience is gained through practice and use of this ability; users will be able to manipulate water in more difficult positions. For example ocean water would be harder to manipulate at first due to the amount of salt present in it. But with practice salt water can be manipulated with ease and the same applies for other things that contain water mixed with other things. This is a big use for wielders of hydrokinesis as a vast majority of foods contain some amount of water. Or to go even bigger, over 50% of blood is made up of water.

When you step back and consider the impact blood flow has on the body, it’s clear to see why this is such a big use. Hydrokinesis wielders can save themselves and the lives of people bleeding excessively. This can be done by slowing the flow of blood through the body thus causing the bleeding to slow down. This can provide a lot of extra time to seek medical attention or treat oneself. Obviously this takes a lot of experience to pull off though. The immense focus required alone makes this task all the more difficult. A more conniving use of this capability of hydrokinesis though could be to cause death. By slowing blood flow to the point it halts entirely or accelerating it forcing the heart to beat at a tremendously faster rate; a user of this power has the ability to end a life. Obviously this would be highly advised against, however it is a notable and powerful use this ability grants.hydrokinesis""

Limits of Hydrokinesis

Outside of the plethora of uses that comes alongside learning hydrokinesis, there are still some limits. The first of which is the main limit that comes up when discussing any ability. That is the range it can be used. If there is a cup of water 100 meters away but still in view could you manipulate the water in it? That’s a difficult question to answer as it is both a yes and no. It is entirely dependent on two factors; obstacles in between you and the cup and the experience of the user. If a wielder of hydrokinesis was in an open field with just a cup of water on a little platform 100 meters away and the user had a year of experience under their belt; obviously it’d be easy for them to manipulate the water inside the cup.

The second and only other notable limitation that comes to mind when discussing hydrokinesis relates to the aforementioned discussion of water mass. The heavier the mass of water being manipulated is the more it will physically exhaust the body. This can stop the attempted manipulation in its tracks solely out of exhaustion or it can make it extremely difficult to perform this ability more throughout the same day.

How to learn Hydrokinesis

To learn hydrokinesis is an exceptional achievement. Having the ability to manipulate water is an incredible thing. It’s hard to completely grasp how much water impacts everything until you learn hydrokinesis and use it to its full extent. The ability grants users the power over life and death. Blood flow can be slowed down or sped up using this ability and if you have knowledge on human anatomy; this is an extraordinary thing.

Outside of just having such the power over life and death of a person; hydrokinesis also brings a plethora of benefits to everyday life. Some of the daily uses of this power may seem medial, but in the long run and once you start doing them; the benefits are clear. Life becomes a whole lot easier and a whole lot better. One of these daily uses is the dehydration of fruit. When you learn hydrokinesis to a deeper extent, water can be manipulated when contained in almost anything. This means a user of this ability can withdraw water from fruit. Thus making dehydrated fruit which is great to snack on.

Another everyday use of this ability could be for a wielder of this power to check the water in their car without opening the hood. With experience, users of this ability can easily estimate water masses through the difficulty they are to manipulate. This can make menial tasks like popping the hood and checking the water in the radiator a whole lot simpler. Once one has taken the time to learn hydrokinesis and has gathered experience in the ability, they can easily turn this task into a simple procedure that requires no physical content with the radiator.

It’s hard to list every single benefit hydrokinesis brings to daily life but there are two and there is a lot more to discover. This ebook walks you through everything you need to know in order to learn hydrokinesis. It goes through step by step training exercises that will lead to mastery of this power. However time practicing must be devoted to the ability. But it is well worth it in the long run. Hydrokinesis can be a life-changing ability for someone to learn. Ity can make life a whole lot easier and better.

The Water Element connected in Hydrokineses (Aquakinesis)

The four-element doctrine was developed in ancient Greece. It describes that everything that exists – whether things, objects or people – consists of different compositions of the four elements fire, water, earth and air. The philosopher Empedocles also assigned certain deities to the four elements, thus linking the elements with different properties. The element water, for example, is considered to be gentle, soft and yielding.

The Element Water and its Symbolism

Water flows, is alive, always in motion. The symbolism of the element water stands for life that is always in motion. Furthermore it stands for clarity and purity, it is the source of wisdom and virtue. It is remembered by phrases such as “wash your hands in innocence”, “still waters are deep” or “clear your name”.

When water flows, it chooses the path of least resistance – and yet it permeates everything and shapes the world over time. It is always in motion and yet at the same time it stands for peace. Water is strong and gentle at the same time, it provides slow but constant change. The element water and its symbolism are extremely multi-layered.

What is my element?

In astrology, the teaching of the four elements was adopted and each of the twelve signs of the zodiac was assigned to one of the four elements. So you can usually find out which element you belong to simply by looking at your zodiac sign.

However, it can happen that you don’t recognize yourself in the element of your zodiac sign or only partially. This is the case when many planets in your natal chart emphasize another element. If you are not sure which element is yours, our experienced consultants will help you.

Which signs of the zodiac are watermarks?

Watermarks are capable of the deepest feelings, they are sensitive and can empathize well with others. Although they need social contacts, they also need enough freedom. The three watermarks are:


It is very sensitive and sensitive, friendly and kind. He usually avoids dangers or quarrels, after all he doesn’t want to be hurt.

The scorpion:

he is proud, headstrong and strong. Behind his strict and combative facade hides a sensitive and profound contemporary.

The fish:

He is modest and kind, reserved and helpful. Of all the other signs of the zodiac, the watermark Pisces is the most sensitive.
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Which signs of the zodiac are fire signs?

Fire signs are characterized by great courage and zest for action. Their passion blazes, their enthusiasm is enormous. They can be dominant, their personal freedom is important to them. The three fire signs are:

The Aries:

He sprays with energy, goes his way courageously and unconcernedly. No challenge is too big for him, he loves danger and knows no fear.

The lion:

he enjoys being the centre of attention, he loves and needs applause and admiration. Nevertheless, he has a big heart and a strong sense of justice.

The Sagittarius:

He is the greatest optimist of all signs of the zodiac, sees the good in everything and everyone. He loves adventure – and even more he loves his freedom.

Which signs of the zodiac are earth signs?

Earth signs never leave the ground of facts, they are pronounced realists. They are characterized by pragmatism, material security is more important to them than others. The three earth signs belong to them:

The bull:

he is the sensual connoisseur among the signs of the zodiac, he is solid and down-to-earth. It is also distinguished by its patience.

The virgin:

she has great analytical skills, she does not miss the smallest detail. She is a perfectionist with the highest demands – on herself and on others.

The Capricorn:

He persistently follows his path, as stony as it may be. His ambition is oversized, his stamina and his sense of duty are impressive.

Which signs of the zodiac are air signs?

Air signs are versatile, but are distinguished by their intellect and communication talent. They are sociable and enjoy travelling. They are counted among the three air signs:

The twin:

it stands out for its versatility, is a master of multitasking. He acts faster than all other signs of the zodiac, his mind constantly needs new nourishment.

The Libra:

It is the diplomat among the signs of the zodiac. Her need for harmony is so great that she cannot say no. She is afraid of conflicts and confrontations.

The Aquarius:

He is fascinated by all reforms, everything traditional bores him. His original ideas are always a bit ahead of their time.
How do the elements fire, water, earth and air understand each other?

Element Water and Element Fire

The element fire is more powerful, more impulsive and more dominant than water – it can make it boil and evaporate. On the other hand, the water is able to extinguish the fire. Fire and water are the most opposing elements.

Element Water and Element Earth

Water and earth complement each other perfectly, they have much to give each other. The earth provides the water with the necessary soil, the water makes the earth fertile. Without the earth the water loses its hold, without water the earth is hard and unyielding.

Element Water and Element Air

The element water and the element air share the most common features: Both are unstable, restless and always in motion. In addition, their properties are enhanced, a rather uncomplicated connection is possible.

Using the forces of water

Using and promoting the energy of the element water
People who were born in a watermark or have a strong emphasis on water in their horoscope are emotional, sensitive, sensitive and profound. They have a distinct intuition and a good feeling for their fellow human beings, they can read well between the lines.

They enjoy being able to indulge their dreams – and sometimes lose touch with reality. They also often find it difficult to distinguish themselves from others. Through healing stones and chakra work the energy of the element water can be used correctly.

The Healing Stones of the Element Water

The rutile quartz reduces the fears that often block the watermarks. It gives new optimism and helps them to pursue their goals more persistently. Its energy makes watermarks more self-confident, energetic and independent.
Turquoise is an important healing stone for the element water.

It strengthens the sense of duty and the personal responsibility, makes assertiveness stronger and more successful. It gives new energy and motivation – especially after small setbacks.

The Morganit gives the watermarks inner peace and more calmness. In addition, it strengthens confidence – in oneself as well as in others. Its energy reduces stress and helps to assert oneself self-confidently even in unpleasant situations.

The element water and its chakra

The element water and the second chakra, the sacral chakra, are connected. If it is blocked, the energy cannot flow freely, one feels lonely, insecure, helpless and powerless. In order to open the chakra, aromatherapy with essential oils is recommended. Yoga or expressive dance can also release blockages. A balanced diet and purification treatments support the process.

Spiritual meaning of Water regarding Hydrokinesis

Water has not only a health significance, but also a great spiritual significance. What it looks like in detail, what you should consider when you take it and why it is advisable to treat water in a certain way is explained here.

Water and Life

The body, as well as the surface of the planet consist of 72 % of it, it is the only form, which is naturally present in all 3 states of aggregation and when we search for life on other planets, we search above all for water. These facts alone show that this is a special form of life.

The body, as well as the surface of the planet consist of 72 % of it, it is the only form, which is naturally present in all 3 states of aggregation and when we search for life on other planets, we search above all for water. These facts alone show that this is a special form of life.

The importance of water for body and mind

Since the body consists mainly of water, it is indisputable that it has an immense effect on physical and mental well-being.

If, over a period of time, you consume water of inferior quality or chemically modified, as is the case with soft drinks, you can be sure that this behavior will have some limitations on your quality of life.

However, these are not the only factors that determine how the water we consume affects our quality of life.

The Spiritual Meaning of Water

Water has a special ability: it stores impressions from its surroundings.

This allows the molecular constellation of water to be altered to such an extent that it has completely different effects on the human system.

However, environmental influences do not only mean how it is stored and treated on a physical level.

In a 12-year experiment, Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto found that water absorbs information from any source, for example:

  • Music
  • words
  • emotions
  • thoughts
  • Characters & Symbol

The really fascinating result of this experiment was that it reacts not only to information, but also to the quality of the information. In summary, the following was found:

Water reacts to negative input with molecular deformation and to positive input with order of molecular structure!

This fact alone suggests that there are health and spiritual benefits to treating water in an attentive way.

Spiritual meaning of water

The correct use of water for Hydrokinesis

The following are some clues as to what a sensible use of water should look like in order to achieve the most beneficial effects on one’s own well-being:

Avoid water from plastic bottles!

The plastic used for the bottles contains softeners, which are drunk along with the water and have a detrimental effect on the organism.
It is best to use a glass bottle! I can particularly recommend the bottle to Emil, it is padded with cork and fabric and the flower of life is worked into the glass. (Water reacts to symbols!)

Never drink water directly from the tap!

When water is put under pressure and pressed around corners, as is the case in most households today, its molecular structure is disturbed.
Let it stand for at least 20 minutes so that the structure can reorganize itself.

Always drink when you’re really thirsty!

If water is only absorbed at moments when the body is thirsty, the body is set to be supplied with water and takes as much as it needs, the rest is simply passed through.
But if you keep drinking in between, you confuse the body in its needs, which can even lead to mental restlessness.

Bow to the water before you take it!

Many people advise to lead positive thoughts into it. Of course this can also be done, but in itself it is enough to bow to it gratefully. (see: Learning gratitude: Simply being happy!)
Of course, you don’t have to fall to the ground in front of it, a slight nod, with your eyes on it, is enough to give him a positive input.

Store water overnight in a copper container!

This insider tip from Ayurveda has far-reaching effects on your own quality of life!
The water takes on certain qualities from the copper, which are especially good for the liver, but also for health and energy in general.

It should be noted here that the jug should be cleaned regularly and the water should be kept at an odorless place in order to make the energetic effects as beneficial as possible. I can recommend this copper jug from personal experience!


As described in detail here, water and its proper use can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

In addition to its function as the basis of life, it also has potential for your spiritual development, because if you have to take it with you, why not make sure that its effect is as beneficial as possible?

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Aerokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Air


Aerokinesis also known as anemokinesis or Spirarekinesis is the ability to manipulate air. It is done by controlling and altering air molecules in the surrounding atmosphere. This takes immense concentration and training to be done to a visible standard (due to the fact that air is being manipulated on a molecular level; not visible to the naked eye). However after putting in enough hours of practice and mastering aerokinesis to the point where this can be visibly done; a wielder of this ability can manipulate the flow of air in a multitude of ways and cause events such as light breezes, gusts of wind and more.

aerokinesis training

Strengths and limitations of aerokinesis

As with any ability; aerokinesis too has a variety of both strengths and weaknesses that establish the overall effectiveness of the ability. One of the biggest limitations that is immediately noticeable when attempting to use this ability is the immense focus required in order to create or manipulate the air. Even a master of this ability can run into difficulties gaining the necessary composure required to enact even a small breeze from a calm atmosphere. This is a massive limitation for aerokinesis users and is almost the Achilles heel to the power. It makes using the ability in every day life a difficult task as preparation time is required to calm oneself and gain maintainable focus. Obviously though this preparation time can be shortened with experience, however it is almost impossible to eliminate it entirely. Additionally the serenity captured prior to putting aerokinesis into use must be maintained throughout the course of the powers usage which leads into the next limit.

The next limitation stems from the fact that in order to create a constant flow of air in a particular direction or circuit, focus must constantly be kept. aerokinesisThis may not seem like a big issue at first as it could be assumed that the amazement in the fact a user of this ability is physically moving surrounding air with there mind would be drawing enough to maintain focus. Obviously this is true, aerokinesis is an incredible thing to perform and bear witness to. However what makes this a limitation is the fact that even the slightest distraction or obstacle could interrupt you and disrupt the flow of air. This still might not seem like a massive problem for those who excel in complete concentration on tasks at hand in life. However when you step back and take a look at some examples of situations where this limit may arise as an issue; you can see it is a clear problem when using aerokinesis.

Some examples of this issue at play could include; getting a text message and the sound of the ringer or a vibration in your pocket causing you to immediately shift your train of thought for an instant. A candy wrapper or other object flying into your viewpoint and it shifts your mindset for an instance or a strange sound being heard nearby or off in the distance that distracts and causes you to take a moment to consider what the sound may have been. Even just getting an itch in the middle of attempting to use this ability can throw a user off and force them to start the process all over again. When you consider all 5 of the human senses and how so many things can be picked up by these senses forcing you to act or ponder, it is clear that this limitation is a major issue with aerokinesis.

Another limitation for this power is the fact that air cannot be created and then manipulated. This means a surrounding atmosphere of air is require in order to put this power into use. This isn’t a big issue though as a person would very rarely be in a location without a surrounding atmosphere of air due to the sheer fact that it is a pivotal part of human life. A wielder of aerokinesis may end up in a situation where the air pressure is different then it

aerokinesis tips

regularly is on the ground; this might complicate the use of this ability however it can still be utilized in these conditions. However adjustments in technique may be required under different air pressures. Some places a user may end up in where the air pressure is different could include a mountain or tall structure, a plane and an underground cave, bunker or other area.

The final limitation of this power is one that comes with almost every ability and that is the range it can be used. That is how far could a user of aerokinesis send there gust of wind or other area of air being manipulated? This mainly depends upon the users experience. A master of aerokinesis may be able to blow a can over 2 kilometers away with ease whilst a beginner may struggle with one 10 meters away. Additionally, the strength of the wind being produced is lost over distance even though the margin of loss is obviously far slimmer for advanced users.

With all these limitations one may reconsider learning aerokinesis. However when you look at and even picture the strengths that come with this ability, it is easy to see why this is an amazing power to master. The first strength of this power stems from its strong link with atmokinesis. For those unfamiliar with atmokinesis; it is the ability to manipulate the weather. When other abilities are incorporated this includes wind, lightning, rain and practically every other weather phenomenon. By incorporating mastery in aerokinesis with atmokinesis it allows the creation of things like tornadoes, hurricanes, and other windy weather conditions.

When you step back and take a look at all the chaos aforementioned conditions like that cause, it’s clear how big of a power it is to be able to create them. But it’s not just a capability of producing something that makes this a strength; it’s also the fact that these weather phenomenons can be diverted or even halted by implementing aerokinetic abilities. This can mean holding the power to prevent countless deaths and costs that come with the property damage caused by these disasters. Obviously though it takes strong mastery in both aerokinesis and atmokinesis in order to enact such an incredible, life saving feat.


Another strength that comes with this ability is the power to move objects using wind. Once a user has enough experience to manipulate air so it can travel with force in multiple directions, objects can be moved around using this power. This is great for when using this ability in everyday life and it is almost like having the power of telekinesis. You no longer have to get up and get the remote when lying down watching a show or movie, simply create an upward and horizontal wind and bring the remote straight to your hands. The only limit with using aerokinesis in this way is it is dependent on how much wind force can be generated by the wielder of this ability. However most objects you will need to move in every day life won’t weigh a whole lot so moving them shouldn’t be a big issue.

The final strength that comes with this power is the ability to amplify hearing. When someone speaks, vibrations of the noise alter the flow of surrounding air molecules. By utilizing aerokinesis, these molecules can be amplified resulting in the sound becoming far clearer. This could be great for hearing people’s whispers or private conversations from afar. All in all it’s clear that aerokinesis is a tremendous ability and although it may have some limitations that effect the way and extent to which it can be used; the strengths easily outweigh these limits.

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Cryokinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Ice

Learn cryokinesis


cryokinesis""Cryokinesis is the ability to manipulate ice and cold temperatures. In technical terms, cryokinesis is the ability to lower the kinetic energy in atoms which then lowers temperatures. When wielding this power the temperatures can be lowered an extreme amount. Some other powers that are associated with cryokinesis include frigokinesis and thermokinesis. Frigokinesis is the ability to manipulate snow which is one of many aspects that one will be able to achieve when wielding the incredible powers of cryokinesis. Although frigokinesis is only the manipulation of snow, it still holds the potential to be an amazing power to practice. When you think of snow, you typically think of little snow flakes falling from the sky and big mounds of ice on the ground as far as the eye can see. Frigokinesis is not just limited to the relaxing side of snow, it can range from a little snow fall, to an avalanche if the wielders powers and strong enough to be at this point. As you can see, the power of frigokinesis is similar to cryokinesis in parts; thermokinesis is also apart of cryokinesis. Thermokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate temperature. This power can be extremely powerful depending on the wielders abilities and strengths which can also be quite dangerous if used in the wrong manner. Although thermokinesis focuses on both hot and cold temperatures, it is still very similar to cryokinesis in some parts. It is also a great example to what can be achieved when manipulating cold temperature;in this case, manipulating ice.

Uses of Cryokinesis

As you should know by now, cryokinesis is based around the manipulation of ice and cold temperatures. This power can be extremely useful in every day life. Cryokinesis may seem uninteresting to some but it is in fact a really cool and interesting power to learn; it also holds the potential to be one of the strongest powers that one can wield, of course this is only if you are up to the challenge. To become great at something it takes a lot of time, patience and concentration. Once you reach the point where you can manipulate and control this power to your greatest ability, it will be fulfilling and one hundred percent worth the time and practice put into learning and performing this power.

cryokinesis""Like all powers, there are certain times when being able to perform this power come in handy; whether it is in your day to day life or if it is just on the rare occasion. There are many different uses for cryokinesis that can be helpful and beneficial for most people. An example of a day to day use for this power would be to make ice or icy poles. On hot days the best things to have are ice water and an icy pole, imagine going into the freezer to get some ice and finding that it is not yet frozen and is still in a liquid state. If this were to happen there would be need to fret if you are a wielder of cryokinesis as you will be able to make instant ice; thus being refreshed and hydrated without having to wait hours for the water to freeze.

Another example for when cryokinesis would be useful is if your freezer were to break down and stop working. Most foods that go into a freezer will go off if not tended to and frozen, cryokinesis would come in handy as a wielder would be able to keep the products frozen for long periods of time while waiting for their freezer to be replaced/fixed. Anyone that has lived or visited a very hot and humid place will know the struggle of cooling down, especially if you do not have an air conditioner. By using cryokinesis one will have the ability to cool their body temperature down to something more comfortable for the climate or if one does not wish to use this power to manipulate body temperature they will be able to cool themselves down with a few different options. This can include manipulating the air around them to turn to a light snow or creating ice to make an ice bath.

Strengths and Limitations

cryokinesis""Along with every power there are a variety of different strengths and limitations. With some of the strengths involved with practicing cryokinesis, they may seem similar to the strengths of powers such as thermokinesis; this is because of the similar focus of the powers, in some parts. As well as most powers, range is one of the most common limitations you will come across. When performing/practicing cryokinesis you will always have to take into account the range of an object or body of water. For the best results when using your power one should be in a close proximity to what they are practicing on. It becomes harder and more unstable the further away you get from the thing you plan to manipulate. The range to which the power can be performed with ease various amongst everyone; it depends on the wielders strength, skills and the amount of practice one has put aside to learn cryokinesis. Another thing to take into account would be a persons mentally capacity; manipulating ice takes a lot of concentration and can be hard to do if your head is not in the right place.

Now that we have gone through the limitations of this power, lets go through some of the strengths involved in using cryokinesis. When first starting out with this power it is best to focus on manipulating small amounts of water at a time as this will be more beneficial for the lead up into bigger bodies of water. Once the wielder is more competent and has gained more experience performing cryokinesis this is when the strengths of this power really start to show. Each person is different and will have different strengths than other wielders but this does not make you any less powerful. So far, the strongest force that one person can wield is an avalanche. To get to this stage of power would take years of practice, not many people have attempted or succeeded in their quest to create an avalanche. Although this is the strongest force one can reckon with does not mean it is what to strive towards; your goal on what you would like to achieve while practicing cryokinesis should be something that you truly believe you can achieve.

Overall, cryokinesis is an extremely powerful if used in the correct way. If you are truly interested in learning a power I suggest trying out cryokinesis as it would be very useful and an intriguing power to master.

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