About Us

Here at Learn Powers we’re all about psychic powers; Exploring them and learning them. Here at our store we offer ebooks on how to learn some of the most incredible powers. This includes abilities like cryokinesis where ice can be manipulated or thermokinesis in which temperature is manipulated. There are dozens of incredible kinetic abilities that can not only be discussed but also learnt by almost anyone willing to put in the time.

Obviously there is never a guarantee to learn a power. However by putting the methods discussed in these ebooks you are creating a great opportunity to learn the ability discussed. Consistent training is a necessity though in order to master a power. Nobody can simply practice an ability a few times and be able to put it into practice. Just like with anything in life, in order to learn an ability to the extent in which it can be used visually; one must put in both time and effort to yield results.

So take a look at all of our ebooks and find and ability that you wish to master. It’ll take both time and effort, but once you have mastered an ability no one can take that away from you. You have accomplished something people dream of. You have mastered the impossible. Most people are unaware of most kinetic powers let alone the fact they can be learnt. It is for this reason that it is an extremely rare feat for anyone to be able to demonstrate an ability even to the smallest extent.