Ultimate Guide on Aerokinesis: The Ability to Manipulate Air

Let us start our journey on exploring Aerokinesis! 

Aerokinesis, also known as Airbending, Anemokinesis or Spirarekinesis is defined as the source for psychic ability to manifest energy and control air. It is a branch of psychokinesis or telekinesis ‐ the psychic ability to manipulate, create and alter surrounding air molecules, wind currents and the air by using mind power. 

Aerokinesis the ability is normally recognized as air‐bending, it is the power to create, shape and manipulate air. Remember that telekinesis is the art of moving things with the human mind rather than the physical body. 

It’s important to note that the user can control climate and weather dimensions along with being able to generate, increase, shape and manipulate air and the gusts of winds such as tornadoes, hurricanes, vertical drafts, micro‐bursts and other types of damaging winds. Advanced level practitioners can utilize powers such as levitation, flights as well as using wind for defensive and offensive power. 

Aerokinesis Cat

The power of air‐bending requires a great deal of focus, as well as it connects with the wind. It extends the canvass of the mind to create and maintain a conscious relationship with the ambient energy of the air. 

Controlling Aerokinesis. 

Aerokinesis is the psychic ability which allows a person to influence a physical system without involving physical interaction. It is the ability to manipulate air. Aerokinesis is a psychokinetic ability where air is the object of the psychic powers. It is generally known as air‐bending and is a type of telekinesis that will lead to aeromancy. The person endowed with this cherished ability can be called an Airbender, Aerokinetic or Aeromancer. 

Before you begin to control the element of air and embark on a tireless journey of manipulating the wind, it is the first and foremost necessity that you have good control of your mind. To develop this ability, it is indispensable to have the courage and a strong belief in your ability to do. 

The task requires severe mental effort and more energy as it will change the way you think ‐ changing your thinking pattern. It will entirely change how you feel and what actions you take. Many will say “what you think, you become”. In reality, “we are shaped by our thoughts, and we become what we think”, this quote tells us that all my worst nightmares will actualize and it’s my mistake. Think about a moment you have experienced, as a human being. You must be wary and careful about your thoughts. 

That tells us that you and, your beliefs will actualize into reality. Your beliefs are the most dominant factor as it shapes you and embody you. The beliefs you have will determine the course of your actions and if you want to be, just believe that you are. If you cannot concentrate for long, your aerokinetic powers cannot mature into your beliefs. This is the way; you will align with the elements of air and wind. Don’t forget that practice is the main ingredient for success. 

How to learn Aerokinesis? 

If you are determined to learn and develop Aerokinesis, you must know how to get wind powers in the real world. While mastering air bending, you can go outside of your comfort zone and spend one hour of meditation. You will have to train your mind gradually through daily practice of concentration, where a sharp focus is needed. Think about the wind you feel when it hits your body. As you feel the wind is hitting you in one side of the body, your conscious effort in that direction will make you stronger. 

If you are interested to know how to airbend in a real-life situation, you can initiate it with a medium tornado. As a beginner, you must meditate for a minimum of an hour by concentrating on the feel of the air around you. This is an essential activity which will connect you with the air. As your connection is firmly established, you must create a feeling of rage in the wind. You will shape this feeling into spirals or spheres and imagine that everything is spinning and spinning around you. 

This technique is simple yet effective; you can summon and block the wind by using the palms of your hands. It is hard to believe, but it is amazingly real. You should begin to thrust your right hand forward while your palm is to stand facing when you are going the wind to blow. You must concentrate on the wind blow in the desired direction where you want. 

Getting rid of the wind, you have to use your left hand for long enough. Thrust your left hand forward with the palm facing in that direction just at the source of the wind. You can imagine that you are confined within a force field greater and more significant than your size. By using your left hand, you will have to direct the force field to prevent the wind from all directions. This is necessary for stopping the wind. 

To power up airspeed, you need to learn a technique, which is slightly harder. Get into a movement or stance, where you can be one with your chi. You can visualize the chi or energy which circulates the body. Remember that the Chi energy vitalizes all elements of your body. You can feel like disintegrating into dust and moulding like the wind. You can feel you are becoming the key part of it. Now you can connect to the wind as you imagined yourself as the chi that integrates with the wind. When you do this the airspeed of the wind around you will increase as it accumulates the energy from the chi. 

Practising Ba Gua Zhang Movements and Forms

Before you can even come close to true Aerokinesis or Airbending, you must go back to the roots of where these practices originated from. All kinesis powers stem from ancient and traditional martial practices which have been taught, learned and passed down from generation to generation for millions of years. Aerokinesis specifically stems its roots from the graceful teachings of Ba Gua Zhang.

Ba Gua Zhang training

The above and bellow are 2 parts of the beginner Ba Gua Zhang practices. Save this to your phone and practice these movements till you can perform them flawlessly without looking at the guide, expect this to take a few months to remember and year or two to fully master.
Ba Gua Zhang Training part 2

Here is also a video of a master practitioner performing a set of more advanced Ba Gua Zhang movements.

Some Aerokinesis Techniques and Exercises for Beginners 

To learn the art of Aerokinesis, you need to develop skills and use your ability to sharpen the air. You are required to polish several air-bending moves and lessons to reinforce the techniques of Aerokinesis. You need to discover yourself, master your mind and connect yourself to something higher. 

In this journey, the very first thing that you need to sharpen is meditation. You will have to understand what meditation can do for you. It is the ability that you can put to your attention on the things you want. It often comes as a surprise to learn that you can meditate anywhere and at any time. What it requires most is deep concentration. 

Boosting your brainpower involves increasing the capacity of the memory, enhancing your focus, attentiveness and nootropics. Nootropic is a term used for any food or substance that helps boost your memory and making it easier to remember, meditate and perform air bending. Nootropics can also assist in preventing fatigue and splitting headaches by blocking receptors in the brain. 

Airbender Training Scroll

1. Do Indoor practice that involves blowing wind 

It’s a time to start by holding your hands apart and a few inches away from your face. It is crucial to keep them around three inches away with your both palms in front of each other. Blow a steady stream of air in between both hands. Using your right hand to move the air, and you will push the air towards the other hand. Keep repeating it until that time your left palm feels the force and power of the wind. 

2. Do indoor practice that involves meditation 

If you have all these things, ceiling fan, air leakage, and comfort; the first step is to close up anything around you that generates air. Anybody can meditate in any place; what you just need to do is learning to focus. Meditation allows you to concentrate on a single point.

It can be imagined that the air is blowing into the room and one big gust of wind around there. What you’ve to master, you must focus on your mind! As the focus increases, this technique works. 

3. Practice your basic hand tornadoes

The first thing is required of you to do a little over an hour of meditation. As you will begin mediation, through visualization, there is an energy connection that will bind you to the wind. The strength of the wind can affect you, and you can feel the connection with the energy.

As this feeling transpires, you can control the wind and make it blow in more than one direction. This exercise will help you to familiarize yourself with the force of the wind. You can visualize tornadoes are forming around your hands and feeling that the tornadoes are building up. 

4. Practice Air bending exercise by making airballs

The first step is to do a wind summon by concentrating air energy in your hands. This is the time to visualize the energy as your hand should assume the shape of a ball. You will accumulate more air until there is plenty of air energy. You will release the ball of energy if you feel your hands being heavily burdened. 

Avatar Airballs

5. Practice basic air bending exercise by making an air blade

The thing you need to use a special skill to sharpen the air. You will gather air energy into your hands, and the sufficient condensation of the air around will shape of a blade. If you visualize a sword or a dagger in your hands, it will surely help you. The wind will assume the shape.

As the air condenses into a blade, this will help you to visualize a sword or a knife. You should just keep the focus on sharpening of the blade until you feel razor-sharp. When it provides a solid enough base, it may flank either side whether to swing or launch in a wave. 

Airblade avatar

6. Beginners can practice an Air Jump 

You should concentrate on controlling and gathering the air around you and then you can jump into the air. Before you reach the peak of your jump, you should visualize air molecules are going beneath your feet and going to condense eventually and getting harder as stone. 

The above‐mentioned techniques and exercises are not exhaustive in nature but commonly used in mastering the Aerokinesis and will prepare the user for gaining the basic understanding of the topic. Most of the time, you might be needed the learning of the concentration strategies. That will be perfected by constant practice, courage and perseverance along with the other skills required. 

Airbender Monk Air Jump

Limitations of Aerokinesis

As with any ability; Aerokinesis has a variety of strengths & weaknesses that establish the overall effectiveness of the ability. 

1. Focus and Stability

One of the most significant limitations that are immediately noticeable when attempting to use this ability is the immense focus required to create or manipulate the air. Even a master of this ability can run into difficulties gaining the necessary composure required to enact even a small breeze from a calm atmosphere.

Making this a massive limitation for aerokinesis users and is almost the Achilles heel to the power. It makes using the ability in everyday life a problematic task as preparation time is required to calm oneself and gain maintainable focus.Though this preparation time can shorten with experience, it is almost impossible to eliminate it. Additionally, the serenity captured prior to putting Aerokinesis into use must be maintained throughout the powers usage, which leads into the next limit.

Airbending Scroll

2. Air Flow Control

The next limitation stems from the fact that to create a constant flow of air in a particular direction or circuit, the focus must always be kept. That may not seem like a big issue at first as it could be assumed that the amazement in the fact a user of this ability is physically moving surrounding air with there mind would be drawing enough to maintain focus.

Aerokinesis is an incredible thing to perform and bear witness to. However, what makes this a limitation is the fact that even the slightest distraction or obstacle could interrupt you and disrupt the flow of air. This still might not seem like a massive problem for those who excel in complete concentration on tasks at hand in life.

However, when you step back and take a look at some examples of situations where this limit may arise as an issue; you can see it is an obvious problem when using Aerokinesis. Some examples of this issue at play could include; getting a text message and the sound of the ringer or vibration in your pocket, causing you to shift your train of thought for an instant immediately.

A candy wrapper or other object flying into your viewpoint and it turns your mindset for an instance or a strange sound being heard nearby or off in the distance that distracts and causes you to take a moment to consider what the sound may have been. Even just getting an itch in the middle of attempting to use this ability can throw a user off and force them to start the process all over again.

When you consider all 5 of the human senses and how so many things can be picked up by these senses forcing you to act or ponder, it is clear that this limitation is a significant issue with Aerokinesis.

3. Air Pressure and Atmosphere Density

Another limitation for this power is the fact that air cannot be created and then manipulated. This means a surrounding atmosphere of air is required to put this power into use.

This isn’t a big issue, though as a person would very rarely be in a location without a surrounding atmosphere of air due to the sheer fact that it is a pivotal part of human life. A wielder of Aerokinesis may end up in a situation where the air pressure is different then it regularly is on the ground; this might complicate the use of this ability however it can still be utilized in these conditions.

However, adjustments in technique may be required under different air pressures. Some places a user may end up in where the air pressure is different could include a mountain or tall structure, a plane and an underground cave, bunker or other areas.

4. Wind Range and Size

The final limitation of this power is one that comes with almost every ability and that is the range it can be used. That is how far a user of Aerokinesis could send their gust of wind or another area of air being manipulated? This mainly depends upon the user’s experience.

A master of Aerokinesis may be able to blow a can over 2 kilometres away with ease while a beginner may struggle with one 10 meters away. Additionally, the strength of the wind being produced is lost over distance even though the margin of loss is far slimmer for advanced users.
Air Monk Feel Air

With all these limitations, one may reconsider learning Aerokinesis. But when you look and picture the strengths that come with this ability, it is easy to see why this is a fantastic power to master. 

Strengths of Aerokinesis

1. Deep links with Atmokinesis

The first strength of this power stems from its strong link with atmokinesis. For those unfamiliar with atmokinesis; it is the ability to manipulate the weather. When other abilities are incorporated, this includes wind, lightning, rain and practically every other weather phenomenon.

By combining mastery in Aerokinesis with atmokinesis, it allows the creation of things like tornadoes, hurricanes, and other windy weather conditions. When you step back and take a look at all the chaos aforementioned conditions like that cause, it’s clear how big of a power it is to be able to create them. But it’s not just a capability of producing something that makes this a strength; it’s also the fact that these weather phenomenons can be diverted or even halted by implementing aerokinetic abilities.

This can mean holding power to prevent countless deaths and costs that come with the property damage caused by these disasters. Though it takes strong mastery in both Aerokinesis and atmokinesis to enact such an incredible, life-saving feat.

Aerokinesis Girl Practice

2. Imitate Telekinesis Powers

Another strength that comes with this ability is the power to move objects using wind. Once a user has enough experience to manipulate air so it can travel with force in multiple directions, objects can be moved around using this power.

This is great for using this ability in everyday life and is almost like having the power of telekinesis. You no longer have to get up and get the remote when lying down watching a show or movie, just create an upward and horizontal wind and bring the remote straight to your hands.

The only limit with using Aerokinesis in this way is it is dependent on how the wielder of this ability can generate much wind force. However, most objects you will need to move in everyday life won’t weigh a whole lot, so moving them shouldn’t be a big issue.

Aerokinesis manipulation of leaves

3. Super Hearing

The lesser-known strength that comes with this power is the ability to amplify hearing. When someone speaks, vibrations of the noise alter the flow of surrounding air molecules.

By utilizing Aerokinesis, these molecules can be amplified, resulting in the sound becoming far clearer. This could be great for hearing people’s whispers or private conversations from afar.

All in all, it’s clear that Aerokinesis is a tremendous ability and although it may have some limitations that affect the way and extent to which it can be used; the strengths easily outweigh these limits.

4. Enhanced Agility

Lastly, the greatest strength that Aerokinesis gives you.. is your immensely enhanced agility and speed, allowing you to move and run at inhuman speeds by propelling yourself using the surrounding air whilst also thining the air in front of your lessening tension and air resistance.

Final Notes

Disclaimer: It is advisable for the reader to test theory and practice of the technique’s capability should be monitored under the supervised guidance of a teacher or mentor. 

The purpose of the materials covered is to give the reader background knowledge, insight into some primary practice and increase the basic understanding of the topic. 

The opinions, views, exercises and techniques discussed in the texts are more recommendatory in nature.