Audiokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Sound


Audiokinesis is the ability to manipulate sound. Specifically, this kinetic power mainly has an effect on sound waves. This ability is a variant on the power to manipulate energy also known as ergokinesis. Audiokinesis differs slightly from ergokinesis in technique however shares several similarities. It takes a lot of the methods focused upon in ergokinesis but zones in on sound. Because of this audiokinesis can be its own standalone ability. This is due to the fact that an ergokinesis user would normally struggle manipulating sound waves. An experienced user in manipulating energy may be able to manipulate sound to some extent though. However they would not be able to control sound waves to the extent an individual trained in audiokinesis would.

Because of the similarities between the two powers though it is advised that ergokinesis is learnt prior to attempting to learn audiokinesis. audiokinesisIt is like learning science as a whole and then zoning in on a particular area of science such as biology, geology or chemistry. By learning ergokinesis you learn the fundamentals of audiokinesis. This makes learning audiokinesis much easier as you already have most of the basic knowledge. All that needs to be done is altering a few techniques and looking at certain areas in energy. From this point audiokinesis can then be learned and with practice then mastered.

Capabilities of Audiokinesis

Unlike most other kinetic powers, audiokinesis does not bring a broad range of benefits to everyday life. However, because most who learn audiokinesis first master ergokinesis; the capabilities that come alongside ergokinesis can also be considered capabilities of this ability. This makes audiokinesis a far more useful ability to wield in everyday life. Outside of the capabilities brought about by this power’s predecessor in abilities, audiokinesis does have a lot of standalone strengths.

The prime strength of this power comes in the form of amplifying sound. This is one of the capabilities of this ability to has benefits in everyday life. By manipulating sound waves from a targeted source and magnifying them to the ear sounds can be heard even from a distance at a volume chosen by the user. This is perfect for eradicating the common issue of mishearing people in daily conversation. It also brings a whole new level of eavesdropping for those curious about others conversations. This capability can also be applied to lowering the volume of sounds around you. To do this a user can create a sound barrier around themselves in order to prevent sound from entering the ears. This is perfect use in daily life for those who hate the loud chatter and noises that come with walking around the city.learn audiokinesis

As a whole this capability provides sound options to life. The ears become heads of headphones to which the noise can be raised or decreased the any extent. Outside of this primary capability there are some other strengths brought about by this power. These strengths aren’t relevant to daily life but are more a showcase of what this ability is capable of.

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Strengths of Audiokinesis

At first thought sound may not seem like a powerful thing. Most would assume it could only effect the ears. This assumption is very wrong though. Sound is able to effect so many other aspects of the body. Starting at the ears though, a user of audiokinesis could cause the eardrums to burst on themselves or others. This is obviously a malevolent use of this power though and highly advised against. It is something of note though. An individual with this power could manipulate sound waves in a way to heighten noise to a particular person’s ears to an extremely high volume resulting in the ear drums bursting.

Another strength of this power is the ability to cause vertigo. Vertigo is the feeling of unbalance, nausea and dizziness. This is another malevolent use of this power but it is significant if a user of this ability was to ever enter confrontation with someone. Sound waves can be manipulated in a fight in a way to cause vertigo allowing an easy escape or victory. The final significant strength of this power is to cause sleep. This can be applied to the user of this ability along with another person. By manipulating sound waves in a particular way a person can slowly be put to sleep. This takes principles out of hypnosis and hypnotic noises causing swift sleep.

Overall audiokinesis is a powerful ability that brings one particular benefit to daily life but also brings a plethora of capabilities to anyone who chooses to learn it.