aquakinesis definition
Hydrokinesis 03-02-2019

Aquakinesis Definition

Aquakinesis level 1: What is water? Water is a compound of 2 hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom. It is regarded as a basic prerequisite for life. Water has many anomalies. Due to its dipole, the molecule has a distorted tetrahedron shape. Frozen water floats in liquid water. This is because its density is not […]

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Powers 27-01-2018

Tychokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Probability

Overview Tychokinesis is the ability to manipulate probability. This is an extremely powerful ability for anybody to wield due to the extent probability effects the lives of everyone on the planet. When the word probability is first mentioned most immediately jump to gambling for references of probability. Most people list sports results or the lottery […]

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Powers 16-01-2018

Essokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Reality

Overview Essokinesis is the ability to manipulate reality and even the laws it is bound by. This power is almost incomprehensible due to the immense power it grants to users. This ability practically makes anybody who has learnt it a god of sorts. This is due to the fact that most would see a god […]

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