Essokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Reality


Essokinesis is the ability to manipulate reality and even the laws it is bound by. This power is almost incomprehensible due to the immense power it grants to users.

This ability practically makes anybody who has learnt it a god of sorts. This is due to the fact that most would see a god as a being who is able to manipulate the confines of the universe we live in to their will; even if logic and laws of physics are broken in doing so.

These capabilities are what make essokinesis such a complex power. It is almost impossible to imagine the length to which this ability can be used. Reality literally includes everything in existence, this means practically everything can be altered to meet the will of the user.

Is Essokinesis real?

Essokinesis is the ability to warp or change, maybe even control reality with your mind. While it might seem like a fairy tale, there are a surprising amount of people who have exhibited this power.

A google search will easily bring up Quora discussions about the subject, some of these were even posted before this ability became a well-known thing. It is listed as one of the top ten psychic abilities, It is featured in the web novel “It’s about power” by Iman.

It is rumored that several comic book heroes have this ability. Certainly, we know that Thanos used this ability when he reshaped reality with the infinity gauntlet.

With all this, we have to assume that the power is real, that somewhere out there people can control or warp reality with their minds. If they can do it, maybe, with the right training you can too.

Essokinesis Abilities:

So what could you do with Essokinesis if you learned the ability? As was already discussed Thanos was able to completely rewrite reality with the infinity gauntlet so that is not out of the realm of possibility.

Maybe you could change your physical form, perhaps learn to change the reality of your life to such an extent you were rich and powerful. Maybe you could change yourself or everyone around you. 

A twilight zone episode from 1962 called “It’s a good life” featured a little boy with this power who could make anyone he wanted to disappear. He had isolated his town, and anyone thinking bad thoughts (as he could hear them) would simply vanish.

Maybe you could use this power to make it so the Titanic never sank. You could keep someone (including yourself ) alive and never have to face death. The ability to shape, warp or control reality truly is an awesome thing to think about and what one could do with it is a near all-consuming list.

Learning Essokinesis

The difficulty in understanding the power of essokinesis definitely translates to learning the ability. Unlike most powers that focus on a specific area of interest, essokinesis doesn’t have a primary focus.

For those unfamiliar with other kinetic powers lets look at some examples. Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water. This power’s main focus is centered around water. Obviously a user of hydrokinesis wouldn’t be able to manipulate any other element or object.

Essokinesis though is the opposite reality may seem like a individual item but it definitely is not. There are so many different aspects of reality that it is impossible to count. First an foremost a user of essokinesis would need to know all kinetic abilities. Therefore they would need to have omnikinesis which isn’t a power that can be learnt in itself.


Instead to hold omnikinesis one must go through and learn every single kinetic ability. Because of this essokinesis itself cannot actually be considered a kinetic power. Instead it is more a title for a state that can be reached in which someone has learned every ability to an extent they can manipulate reality as a whole.

Additionally, learning an ability is considered merely learning the basics of the power and being able to manipulate some small aspects in the field. To reach the state of essokinesis one would have to master every single kinetic ability. They wouldn’t just be able to dip there toes in the water for each power but be able to use each ability to its fullest extent.

We can use hydrokinesis as an example for this once again. A new user of hydrokinesis who could be considered someone who has learned the power may have the capability to cause ripples in a large water source. They might even be able to cause some small waves or a unit of water to rise out of the water into the air.

Even though having the ability to perform such actions is significant, it isn’t enough to be considered a master of the ability. To be a master of hydrokinesis, a user would have to be able to user the power to its greatest lengths. They would need to be able to perform actions like being able to create or redirect tsunamis.

This mastery would need to be accomplished for every single ability which is a feat that is seemingly impossible. It would take a huge devotion of time and effort from an individual to reach the state in which they could be considered essokinetic.

However if one could reach this state it would make everyday life a breeze. Anything could be accomplished solely from the power of the mind, anything that exists with our reality.

Essokinesis training and techniques:

How to hone this skill or possibly learn it is not something one would think was simple, but, like any other psychic power, it could be. With all psychic powers, you would have to first learn to focus your mind. With this particular psychic power, you would likely have to spend hours a day considering exactly how you would want to reshape the fabric of reality.

First would be Meditation and Music

Meditation is training your mind. With enough training and meditation, it is not outside the realm of possibility that you could teach yourself Essokinesis, but the process wouldn’t be easy.

When meditating you would need to help keep your mind clear of anything that doesn’t help you focus on your goal. One suggestion would be to use music, soft, possibly what was once called “new age” music like Enya or Enigma. 

Use this music to help clear your mind of all things that might negatively impact you. It could go without saying that part of the reality you are in now would need to go away to change reality.

In this aspect it would likely be best to meditate in a completely dark room, void of any outside influence like noise from others, dogs barking, etc. The fact is you want to be in a place where you feel safe and secure, and again without distraction. 

Incense helps with Purification

Sage and Patchouli are herbs that can be burned in the form of incense to help with the purification of the mind, body, and environment. If you are going to teach yourself to warp reality then you need to make sure you are clean of all distractions.

Burning incense gives you a couple of benefits. In the Darkness of your meditation room, you can focus on the soft glow of the ember that is burning the incense, you can inhale the fragrance, and help yourself stay grounded as you seek to change the circumstances of your reality.

As you let everything slip away from you, the soft ember will represent the present, and as you warp reality, try to warp the ember as well.

Can you make the ember grow brighter?

Can you make it dimmer?

Can you make it burn faster, or slower?

This is how you will train your mind to use Essokinesis. While reminding yourself that you are not omniscient. You are an ember in reality as well. 

Once you can effectively change the ember of the incense, you have unlocked your essokinesis. Continue training in this manner until you can affect larger areas, perhaps the ember can be made to light the whole room from total darkness. Nothing was ever done by starting large. Start small, change something small, and continue changing small things until eventually, you can change larger and larger things. 

Meditate every day, and try to keep sage and patchouli with you so that you can focus on those smells when you need to use your newfound power. Finally, be careful. Historically those who have changed reality have regretted it. Make sure you are happy with the changes you will make