Our Guide on Geokinesis: The Ability To Manipulate Earth


When you first hear the word, geokinesis you may wonder what that is referring to and be completely confused. Well, wonder no more.

It is the mental ability to control the earth. That’s right, with geokinesis you will have the power to move the earth.

If you want to cause a volcanic eruption (though please don’t) or create walls and houses from nothing instantly, hurl rocks at speeds that can break the sound barrier or just having some fun with controlling the earth element you’ll be able to, just by using your mind.

what is geokinesis

What is Geokinesis?

Geokinesis is a psychic ability that can control or manipulate various earth elements using the mind. Earth is mostly solid so it includes the smallest particle such as sand and dust.

Some advance users can manipulate metal elements as it is derived from the earth. Also known as earth control or Terrakinesis. 

In this article, we will go through on what Geokinesis can do and how to maximize the use of such ability. 

What’s the difference between Geokinesis vs Terrakinesis?

“Terrakinesis” is the ability to manipulate and control sediments or solid earth materials such as stone, dirt, brick, dust, mud and rock. This ability would able to throw rocks, form solid structures, cause landslides, earthquakes and avalanche. This ability is only limited to controlling solid earth elements like from the examples mentioned.

“Geokinesis” on the other hand is much broader and this ability could manipulate the elements of earth and nature such as plants and vegetation. This ability captures the various earth elements as a whole and that includes what Terrakinesis can control.

The similarity for both is that, they need the presence of the element, which isn’t difficult to do. Because of its abundance, they might exhibit great force at once, but they can get tired easily because of the weight of the element that they need to carry.

Is Geokinesis Real?

Geokinesis is one of rarest ability but is very easy to acquire and develop. Just like chlorokinesis, geokinesis deals with being one with the earth to develop such abilities. With such power, you’ll create a strong relation between you and the everything that the earth has to offer. You’ll be able to move or summon stones, sand, dust etc. and you can also create sand storms, earthquakes, sinkholes and other devastating events on earth.

There have been a surprising amount of people who experienced this power in stories and legends and one real life scenario from the eruption of Mount Saint Helens.

“Earth Control”

Earthbending is one of the term that describes a geokinetic ability to manipulate earth in various forms. Hung Gar is a form of kungfu which practices strong stance and grounding. It incorporates animal movements which represents soft and hard power such as the tiger and the crane. The low stance, strong and wide hand movements are associated with earthbending. Shaolin monks are known to practice this ability and can evidently be seen on the marks of their floors and platforms inside monastery.

Anything could be possible like if you imagine a mobile phone years back may seem like a work of fiction. Take a look at it now and realize that every function of some electronic device that you knew were replaced and can be accessed through your phone. Now going back to geokinesis, who knows? You might be the one who could perform it in time through practice and studying its methods and abilities. 

Geokinesis Abilities

Here is just a small sample of things an advanced geokinesis power use could be able to accomplish:

  • Being able to move dirt, sand and rocks to build a wall of protection or dig shelter and tunnels.
  • Manipulate sand to cause quicksand, sinkholes, or create glass and sharp objects made from earth.
  • Control lava by causing volcanic eruption with higher mastery of the ability.
  • Manipulate metal elements to create a stronger material from earth.
  • Cause an earthquake from strong earth vibration or ground stomping or smashing.
  • Teleportation by blending with the smallest element such as sand or dust and travel by the wind.
  • Evolve earth materials into metal or gems than can be used to repair other objects or to create a more durable form of protection.
  • Sharpen or harden earth elements and use them as weapons for cutting or thrusting.
  • Levitate and move earth matter to create sandstorms or make rain made of rocks.
  • Seismic locator or seismic sense for tracking and knowing directions before hand.
  • Merge the ability with chlorokinesis to help manipulate plant life with earth elements. 
  • Flight or minimal levitation through the usage of light earth materials such as dust and sand. 
  • Blend earth elements with other elements to evolve into a different product like from water and sand to cement. 
  • Apply stealth techniques by covering or blending oneself with earthen objects.
learn geokinesis

Geokinesis Training and Techniques

Geokinesis training is very accessible as you can make use of the earth element around you. You can start by spending most of your time outdoors and start meditating on top or in between rock formations, mountains and nature with the abundance of earth elements that you can bind yourself into.

Be familiar with nature and become one with the stillness of your mind. Walk in barefoot and feel the ground attached to you as natural as gravity and you will start to manifest the ability in time as the earth agrees with you.

Training kungfu forms such as Hung Gar will also help you to summon the element of earth through its movements. Kungfu is an exercise that moves the mind and body into a spiritual dimension through concentration and fluidity of movements. The more that your mind is relaxed, the more that you’ll be able to tap through those powers in time.

Methods of training

Earth Memento

Always have an earth element with you. It can be a piece of rock, a sand in a purse, a soil inside a glass locket, and more. It will strengthen your bond with the element and will keep you grounded everywhere you go. It will also keep you reminded of your potential and the elemental power that you choose to harness.


Meditation is the initial step to unlock any psychic abilities. Make time to relax and find a spot where you can take your time to sit and feel the earth elements around you. As you relax, feel the energy around you especially from the ground.


Your mind is like a muscle that needs to workout and in order to strengthen it, you must exercise it as often as possible. The term use it or lose it is true and like the physical body, your mind tends to forget once you become too lax about your abilities. Learn about grounding exercises and play with any earth element in your possession to make you feel more connected every time, just like a mobile phone within your reach.


Visualization is essential part of the process. Once you imagine yourself doing what you wanted to do will help manifest the power within you. The mind is very powerful and it tells your body what to do. Set your own limits and maximize your ability by visualizing the possibilities of your ability. 


As you learned how to make yourself feel relaxed, train your self on how to concentrate. It’s like mind-muscle connection that you use your mind to concentrate on the muscle that you want to exert maximum effort. Concentration is all about your mind and that’s the hardest thing to do. You need to train your mind to use itself as the main part of your entire body because that’s where your special ability will come from. 

Progress to Heavier Training Material

Once you feel so connected, put up or collect grain of sand in an open container or within your reach. Relax with your eyes closed and slowly open it while reaching towards the element that you choose. Imagine moving it with your mind through your hands and feel its connection with you as it slowly moves. When you achieved the feat, move to a little heavier element like strengthening your muscles in a form of your mind.

Advanced Geokinesis

Although it’s not recommended, people with advanced geokinesis powers will be able to become trained in creating earthquakes.

Before you shift to this stage, you need to become an advanced practitioner of geokinesis. For your own safety you should make sure that you’re outside and ensure that you are on the ground.

Touch the surface of the ground with your fingers. Really feel the ground. Feel the tectonic plates. Focus on nature. Feel as if you “are the nature.” And that it’s not just something that’s around you.

Breathe in and out. As you keep practicing, you’ll notice that the ground will start to shift. Keep the energy focused. For a truly powerful earthquake, find something that you’re angry about and feel that anger. Channel it into earth movement.

Training your body 

Geokinesis is a psychic ability but it doesn’t mean that you will neglect your physical body and just concentrate on training your mind. That is so wrong as you need to have a strong body in order to launch powerful attacks from your mind.

Strengthening your body by working out will enable you to build a strong foundation to where your mental ability will come from. Think about your body as a platform or as a catapult where you need to have a strong frame and a solid foundation in order to effectively launch the strongest attacks. 

Weight training will help you with the load that you can carry and maximize your mind’s capability. Focus more on training your shoulders at it is where most of your movement will come from, also strengthen your legs as this is your grounding will take place and you will be able to support yourself and the load that your mind and body will carry. 

Always aim to strengthen both your mind your body to efficiently work as one. Remember that one cannot function well without the other so it is best to have a balance between your physical and mental capability. The best example is training in martial arts wherein you are creating a balance between your skill and your strength to become effective in battle. 


As rare as it seems, Geokinesis is one of the best ability that anyone could have. It is easy to acquire and to master over time. Just remember that with great power comes a great amount of practice, practice and practice! Have a balance between working your mind and your physical body as both parts compliment with the techniques that you will do to make it more efficient.