How to Aura Read?

What Are Auras?

Most of us have been in a situation where auras have been casually brought up in the conversation. Many people are left wondering what an aura is, how to aura read and what they mean by aura. This confusion generally stems from a lack of understanding and many different ideas about what an aura is.

However, all it takes is a little education to make things much clearer like most anything else. If you know about auras, you will have some correct information to share the next time it is brought up in conversation.

You might also find that many people will be very curious to hear what you have to say. There are more people interested in auras and aura reading than you may think.

However, there are still skeptics out there, which make some people hesitant to ask questions or seek out information.

On a fundamental level, the magnetic field surrounding every living thing makes up an aura. A person’s aura is unique and reflects their particular energy, which impacts their capacity to connect and interact with others.

Most people’s auras extend about 3 feet around them, but those who have suffered a tragedy or a trauma usually have a larger aura. So much of what we do in our lives leave some type of mark on our aura.

That is why experienced readers can talk so much about a person during a reading. Our aura is so intimately connected to our minds and bodies that it is difficult to keep secrets from experienced readers.

This is why it is good to choose a reader you think you can trust and feel comfortable with.

The study of chakras is an ancient tradition and was often treated more like a visit to a doctor. It was known that the chakras held information about our mental and physical health, so it would make sense to see someone about chakra alignment if there was an issue.

Our auras originate from these chakras and, therefore, can also reveal what ails us. Many people believe that getting regular aura readings keeps them healthy because the aura can reflect some diseases or illnesses before more classic symptoms arise, increasing the likelihood of a speedy and full recovery.

Experienced aura readers do not even need to meet their subject in person to read properly, and they can just do it from a normal photograph. That is how deeply connected we are to our auras; they show up in regular photographs, meaning they must be pretty powerful for that to happen.

Auras can always change because they reflect our thoughts and emotions, so while some of the basic traits, both and good and bad, remain the same, other aspects of our aura shift along with our moods and circumstances.

An aura is not one single unit like a sheet; instead, it is made up of many different layers. The aura’s layers interconnect and mingle, which forms the cohesive body known as the aura.

Each layer of the aura holds different types of information; these are known as the subtle bodies. The energy created by the chakras is what creates the auras.

The size of a person’s aura depends on their spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and these auric layers will contract or increase depending on these facets.

Aura Reading

Aura reading visually and energetically is a useful skill for a psychic because it helps you get a sense of the person; you’re doing a reading for what they’re like as a person and their current emotional and mental state.

You can pick up on any worries or reservations they may have, as well as what mood they’re in coming into the reading. Having this knowledge can help you tailor the reading to the subject.

As an Aura Reader, you’ll find that no 2 people, and therefore no 2 readings, will be the same. You may want to use different techniques, tools, and ways of explaining premonitions to someone based on the insights you have picked up from them.

How to clean aura

Before learning how to aura read, you need to learn how to clean aura.

Your aura is your energy field. It is a reflection of yourself and your current state of being. Unfortunately, it can be weighed down and get clogged with negative energies, so here’s how to cleanse and refresh it.

First, you’ll want to imagine your aura. You don’t need to necessarily see any particular colors or light in your mind’s eye, but just visualize it around you and focus on this knowledge that an energy field surrounds you.

You should be relaxed, and your eyes should be closed while doing this. Now, think of what negative interactions or thoughts you may have had or may have been directed towards you recently.

Hanging on to these interactions is usually one of the big causes of aura blockage. Let them go. If you have to bring it up to someone and apologize or have an honest conversation with them, then do so. If not, then there is no reason for you to be carrying it with you.

Imagine that you are letting go of a negative thought, worry, or stressor from your mind on every exhale. Every time you inhale, you are re-energizing and reinvigorating your aura, bringing a renewed feeling to your once cluttered energy field, which is now a blank space again.

You obviously can’t eliminate everything from your aura; otherwise, there would be no essence of yourself in it anymore. What you’re trying to do with this exercise is release all the negative clutter that can build up over time and make you feel dragged down, low in energy, and even depressed.

Do this exercise a few times to clear out all the stagnation. You can find your visualization technique—whatever will work best and be most effective for you.

And try and take breaks from the chaos of life and responsibility. Spend extra time in nature or someplace that will make you feel comfortable and at peace.

Your aura may also be stagnant because you are in a stagnant spot in your life. Do some deep digging and introspection to see if you can get to the bottom of this.

Is there some aspect of your life that you don’t like? Do you feel unfulfilled? Is it time for a change? No amount of deep breathing is going to answer these questions. But, if you think they apply to how you feel, you’re going to have to tackle them, no matter how hard it may be.

You need to get to the bottom of what aspect of your life needs an adjustment for your well-being. If you remain stuck energetically like this, it will also hinder your psychic abilities, making you feel too lazy or low in energy to practice with your gift effectively.

Take care of your aura as you would take care of your physical self. Treat your aura’s blockages as you would treat an illness or a broken bone.

How Do You Read Auras?

For you to become adept at reading auras, there are various steps you need to follow. Strictly adhering to these guidelines enables you to understand auric fields properly. The 5 significant stages of importance to achieving your objectives are:

Notice Your Energy

You should have the ability to identify your energy first before you embark on reading other people’s auras. Identify and recognize how you feel in the presence of another person. This deep-seated feeling on an intuitive level is what you need to identify within yourself.

You can use this particular experience afterward to interact with the energy fields of other people in your immediate surroundings.

The ability to identify and describe your auric interactions with others is crucial in developing your aura-reading prowess. For example, you may ask the other person in your vicinity about their feelings and emotional reaction to your presence.

Let them describe their experience and compare them to your response as well. Ideally, there should be a perceptible interaction between your 2 auric fields. If these 2 findings should indeed match each other, then you will accomplish your task.

You will be successful in noticing the presence of an energy field around both of you.

Position Yourself Peripherally

To see a specific aura, you need to learn and practice engaging your peripheral vision. You could try sitting still and staring intently at a particular point in the room.

Then, out of the corner of your eye, you should make out the presence of this energy field. Visualizing any auric area is an almost impossible task.

Hence, this specific routine should allow you to identify and recognize the energy field in your peripheral vision. You must be ready to stay calm and focused at all times during this exercise.

Practice breathing exercises at a deliberate pace and slowly exhale over an extended period. Purge all unnecessary thoughts and ideas from your brain to attain a peaceful mental state.

These procedures are akin to a meditative practice to which you must strictly adhere. While seeking your mental calmness, do not engage in a strenuous attempt.

The level of exertion that results from your strain will only lead you to profound anxiety. Remember, anybody who is not blind has a measure of some peripheral vision within their field of sight.

Therefore, you can sharpen your peripheral vision by grasping all the required elements to attain your mental focus.

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Identify the Relevant Colors

Interaction with auric fields depends on your ability to discern colors from a peripheral viewpoint. You must practice sharpening this ability, preferably in a neutrally painted place.

Interact with various contrasting colors that appear bright against your neutral background. Position yourself away from the colored objects. Do this exercise from a considerable distance while gazing directly at the specific source of the bright colors.

Next, you need to determine whether you can spot the amount and type of colors in the immediate surroundings without changing your stare. Success depends on your ability to identify this information from your peripheral viewpoint correctly. However, your likelihood of identifying the correct individual colors is minimal. Instead, you will notice an encompassing glow around your visual focal point.

This presence of the flickering perception indicates progress in your ability to read auras. You need to practice this exercise consistently to sharpen your visual color skills. Initially, you can begin with single colors, and once you gain confidence, you can proceed to multiple auric colors.

Read the Aura of Other People

After honing your skills through repeated practice of the preceding step, you can now proceed to apply your qualifications to another individual. Ask another individual to become your partner in this stage. The other person should be a willing participant before you attempt to read their aura.

First, you must obtain the relevant permission to allow for the free flow of energy from their body. Obtaining consent allows the other person’s free will to interact with you. This comfortability is crucial since it eliminates the possibility of contaminating the associated energy fields.

Next, ask your partner to stand against your neutral background. Gaze intently at them. Concentrate as if you are staring right through and past their physical body. Appreciate the neutrality of your surroundings.

Now, soften your gaze and mentally summon your partner’s energy field to show itself. Without lifting your gaze from your partner, try to identify any changes around them.

Find out if you can notice any flickering colors radiating from their physical body. This shimmer, if present, should be visible from your peripheral angles. In addition, you may ask your partner to move back and forth against the neutral backdrop. Their movements serve to enhance the energy field around your partner.

The interaction between the various colors surrounding your moving partner’s body magnifies your visual perception of their auric area. You should perform this exercise a couple of times until you become perfect at arousing human energy and identifying their associated auric areas.

Remember that your partner has to be in a state of relaxation. It becomes more comfortable for you to read their aura. Non-consensual individuals will not emit any discernible auric fields due to their anxiety and their associated negative energy.

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Practice Often on Yourself

To become better at reading auras, always practice tour skills. This repeated exercise will enable you to develop a familiarity with the ability. Any of your self-doubts disappear, and you can practice your skill afterward with a high level of self-confidence.

You can engage in a more challenging exercise in trying to read your auric field at this stage. To proceed, you need to adhere to stricter guidelines than you did before.

Find a quiet place and sit still while focusing on your mental state. Let go of all pointless thought processes that only cause you to experience mental noise. Instead, engage in the previous breathing exercises by inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly over an extended period.

Continue with this calming routine until you achieve an eventual meditative state. At this particular point, you should sense the peace of mind in yourself.

Next, moderately rub the palms of both of your hands together. Acknowledge the resulting sense of warmth from the friction. You need to embrace this warmth instinctively as your initial point of contact with your energy field.

You can mentally summon your aura while maintaining your state of meditation. Because of these actions, you will experience a sense of magnetic attraction towards an invisible entity.

The non-corporeal form that you perceive is known as your Aka. Your Aka forms the ethereal connection between your physical body and your psychic energy. Your perception of this Aka is a positive indicator of your progress. Therefore, you need to keep repeating this specific set of actions up to the point of encountering your Aka.

Turn your attention to your palms and try to identify the characteristic glimmer of colors indicating the presence of your auric field. At first, this vision may not have the necessary clarity for you to determine its existence accurately.

You must maintain your absolute concentration because your mental fog clears away after a short while, and your vision of color resumes.

You should experience a sense of alignment and total harmony in all of your spheres of existence. Learn to appreciate this unification of human energy fields in your daily physical life.

As this stage demands, you need to practice this auric self-identification as much as possible to master the skill in its entirety. Your ability to read auras endows you with the capacity for elevation to higher psychic levels.

Your improved psychic abilities should positively influence your interactions with other people on a deeper level. Remember that all living beings project distinct auras within the human energy fields that surround them.