Hypnokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Sleep


Hypnokinesis is the ability to manipulate the sleep of oneself along with others. This ability doesn’t just stretch as far as putting somebody to sleep though; it includes all aspects of sleep. This means a user can manipulate dreams, sleep length and the different areas of rest. Putting somebody to sleep or oneself to sleep is obviously a feature of this ability to though. However instantaneous sleep is something that can be achieved with other abilities as well. Audiokinesis is one for example. With this ability sound waves can be used to cause a person to fall asleep. It is for this reason the aspect of making someone fall asleep isn’t very unique. It is what this power allows users to do inside of sleep that makes it so powerful.


Capabilities of hypnokinesis

As mentioned hypnokinesis allows the manipulation of all areas of sleep. This may not seem like a powerful power to hold until you look into this ability in more detail. It has been estimated that most of use spend a third of our lives in bed sleeping. As humans we need to sleep. Rest is necessary for the body to function properly. That is why there is no escaping sleep. Everyone has to do it whether they want to or not. This fact adds to the power of hypnokinesis. It means no one can escape you using the ability on them. One of the biggest capabilities of hypnokinesis is centered around dreaming. A user can cause people to dream about specific things.

Obviously this feature cannot be used of themselves as they must be awake in order to use this power. One of the only uses of this power on oneself is to put yourself to sleep. However manipulation of other peoples dreams can help in understanding your own dreams. This can assist with becoming aware of when you’re dreaming. This means that lucid dreaming is a lot easier for people who have learned this ability. Another capability of this power that can used on oneself is disregarding the need to sleep. This can be done by fast-tracking the sleeping process.

Effecting dreams with hypnokinesis doesn’t just include friendly dreams though. It includes all areas of dreaming the good and the bad. A user can cause individuals to have nightmares and decide how long they spend in them. They can also cause people to have sensual dreams along with forcing them to wet the bed. Another more malevolent capability of this power is the ability to cause people to have insomnia. This can be done by manipulating it so that the individual cannot fall asleep no matter how hard they try. Obviously this is highly advised against though but it is a notable feature of this ability.


Insomnia is a significant illness that can greatly effect lives. It can result in individuals constantly being tired. For those who have experienced it or tiredness alone you know the extent it effects your life. It is for this reason this is such a significant power to hold over somebody. Though it’s use is advised against it is something that must be noted about this ability.

Another capability of hypnokinesis can be used for both good and bad. As this power revolves around the manipulation of all aspects of sleep this also includes sleep length. For this reason a user of this ability could force somebody into a coma like state where they are unable to wake up until the user decides to allow them to do so. This is the negative aspect of this capability although it does have a positive portion to it. Users can also cause people to wake up from such states. This means wielders of this power have the capacity to bring people out of long term comas.

This is obviously an extraordinary feat of this ability as this can save lives and money. It can reduce the financial strain on families paying hefty hospital bills to keep their loved ones fighting for life. This is an unimaginably generous thing that an experienced user of hypnokinesis is capable of doing.

Overall it is clear that hypnokinesis is a powerful ability that has a wide range of capabilities. Though this power may seem restricted being limited to only sleep it does bring about huge potential is effecting the lives of oneself and others.