Ultimate Guide on Omnikinesis: The Ability to Manipulate Everything

Omnikinesis is the ability to manipulate practically everything. It incorporates almost every kinetic ability allowing users to do everything in relation to kinetic powers. Omnikinesis itself isn’t really an ability as it can’t be learnt. It is more of a title for someone who has taken the time to learn every single kinetic power. However it still is interesting to look into this title of omnikinesis; the capabilities achieving such a state of power offers and some of the most important kinetic abilities that must be learnt to accomplish it.

Omnikinesis Definition: 

It is the superpower of all superpowers, it is the ability to manipulate everything. Shapes of objects, temperatures of drinks and rooms, energies, light, sound, elements, movement, anything and everything you can think of that can be changed.


What is Omnikinesis?

To possess the ability of Omnikinesis means that you have a grasp on every psychic based, supernatural kinetic ability. Basically, any ability that ends in -kinesis, falls under Omnikinesis category. Manipulation of things like movement, the elements, weather, diving into the minds of others, can all be achieved with this unique ability.

Omnikinesis Galaxy in hands


Is Omnikinesis real?

The principle itself is real: the ability to obtain influence of all kinetic abilities. The ability to learn how to use individual kinetic abilities is very real so yes, Omnikinesis is also very real but it can be rather difficult to achieve.

Is Omnikinesis possible to achieve?

Yes, but keep in mind that it would be wise for you to start small in this quest. Omnikinesis is obtained once you have masters all of the other kinetic powers first. Think of Omnikinesis as the ultimate black belt of supernatural powers.

A big part of this ability is developing the use of a larger part of our minds. It is said that humans only utilize about ten percent of our brainpower. With those who can use kinetic abilities, they have the skill of using a larger part of their brains, thus producing unique kinetic powers.

This extra brain power is unlocked by certain training, exercises, and techniques.

Omnikinesis Abilities

Even though omnikinesis is the ability to manipulate everything using all kinetic abilities you don’t necessarily need to learn every power to be considered omnikinetic.

There are a lot of powers that aren’t really important or useful in everyday life. These abilities don’t need to be learnt in order to have omnikinesis as they are so rarely used. However here is a list of the main powers that should be learned if you wanted to be considered omnikinetic. Before attempting to learn them all though remember it takes incredible memory along with time spent training to learn so many abilities.

All abilities that we have articles or ebooks on will be linked to in this list as well. So if you want to look deeper into selective powers you can. Some wouldn’t consider people completely omnikinetic just for knowing the following abilities however when overviewing every kinetic power, these are the ones that stand out most and are the most useful in everyday life. True omnikinesis though includes knowing every single kinetic ability. Because of this some people wouldn’t justify a person knowing just these as an omnikinetic individual. Without further ado though here is the list:

Omnikenisis Galaxy Control

Capabilities of Omnikinesis

It’s easy to see the extent the capabilities of achieving omnikinesis go to, however it is still interesting to look at what exactly can be done when this state has been reached. Obviously the capabilities of every single kinetic power become capabilities of omnikinesis. So if you look into the possibilities of every ability you can consider them capabilities of this state. However some of the best capabilities this state creates are the benefits it brings to everyday life.

The first of which is simply not having to get up to grab things. Whether it’s from implementing telekinesis or aerokinesis in order to pick up objects, an individual in the state of being omnikinetic no longer has to get up to get things if they don’t want to.

The next incredible benefit to everyday life is being your own fridge. By using cryokinesis and hydrokinesis a person can cool their own beverages to whatever drinking temperature desired. This may seem like an unimportant benefit, however consider all the times the fridge has turned off or you want a cold can of soft drink and they weren’t put into the fridge earlier. This no longer becomes an inconvenience. By taking out little inconveniences like this, life becomes a whole lot better and a whole lot easier.

Omnikenisis Space galaxies


Even though there are a multitude of other benefits that could be listed we’re just going to go through one more. The ability to heat and cook food with the tips of your fingers. Utilizing a mix of pyrokinesis and thermokinesis; a person who has achieved omnikinesis can put these powers into action to make microwaves, ovens and stoves irrelevant. All an omnikinetic person needs to do is put their desired food in a bowl or other form of container and implement the aforementioned powers to cook the food.

Not only is the reduction in monthly electricity costs a formidable benefit alone, but just having the ability to dictate the rate food cooks is enormous. Think about all the times you’ve stood by the microwave starving and impatiently waiting for that bowl of food to finish. Not only does the concentration required to implement these powers reduce hunger being felt, but also food can be heated and cooked at a far greater rate.

It is also important for anyone attempting to master kinetic abilities to look into multiple fighting styles. This is important as different martial arts provide not only a means of hand to hand fighting but also ideas and techniques in calming and controlling the psyche.

Omnikinesis Training

The initial mental training that produces the best results is visualization. With it you will strengthen a larger amount of your brain function, thus giving you a greater chance of harnessing the power you wish to possess. No matter what ability you are trying to utilize, harnessing light, controlling fire, moving objects, they all start with intention but you must see it before you make it real.

The biggest part of these abilities is picturing your desired result. Keep these questions in mind when practicing this technique: What does the object or element look like once you have manipulated it? Does it make a sound in the process? What does it feel like when you achieve this? What effect does this ability or shift in energy have on the room you are in?

The next technique is recognizing your own energy in comparison to the kinetic ability you are utilizing.

In a way, human energy moves and feels like our heartbeats. When we get excited or overwhelmed, our energy quickens and becomes shaky. When we are calm and relaxed, it is steady and smooth. For example, a candle flame, if you wish to you Pyrokinesis, flickers.

In turn, its energy moves in the same way, light and quick. When it comes to a larger flame like a bonfire, that energy is stronger and could be harder to control. Keep that principle in mind when learning new kinetic abilities. The larger or stronger the object of the power, the more energy, mental strength, and visualization you will need.

As stated before with any ability, you should start small with the basics by using something called object exercises. 

This exercise calls for small elements of the object of kinetic influence. If you start with Telekinesis, use lighter objects such as feathers or ping pong balls as they are easier to maneuver and manipulate.

This principle can also be stemmed to using liquids for manipulating their shape or temperature, light bulbs to influence light and shadows, and candles with wicks to work with smaller and gentler flames. Whichever ability you wish to start with or move onto next, begin with the smallest and simplest part of its form first.

How to learn Omnikinesis?

Start with telekinesis, it is the base of all kinetic powers. This is because the main objective in telekinesis is to move the desired object, movement is often the basic principle of these powers you wish to possess.

What you should keep in mind when learning a new kinetic ability is the fact that everything has energy and energy has a unique fingerprint. The temperature in the elements, the quick sparks and tingles of electricity, the wavelength of light, everything has a unique way in which it moves and in turn, you must learn what that movement looks like and feels like in order to manipulate it yourself. If you were to touch it, how would it feel on your hand? How would it react to your energy and how would you react to it?

It would help to make a list of the abilities and their level of difficulty. Abilities that are lighter in their nature such as matter, light, or wind would be excellent starter abilities to master before moving onto more aggressive elements in their own nature like fire or electricity. Once you have mastered one, you can graduate to the next. However, you might find that some kinetic abilities come easier to you than others do.

As to be expected, there are very few people who would admit to having kinetic powers and therefore there is not a whole lot of information about what to do when you feel stuck in your practice. When you find difficulty in your journey to mastering Omnikinesis, there are a few spells to try that can help guide you on your way.

Omnikinesis Spells

Each spell ever created is unique unto the person who created it but all the successful ones follow the same formula. There are a few spells which will be listed below but you can also create your own based on your needs, struggles, and successes. The formula made up of three parts. First, state what is lacking, what your struggles are. Then state your desired result: do you need to understand your own energy or control it better? Do you desire strength in your abilities? Finally, ask the kinetic ability for guidance. And yes, a rhyme scheme always helps.

No matter what ability you are learning how to use, you are making a connection every time you attempt to manipulate it. It will start to recognize you and your energy. When you write your own spell about the kinetic ability, you are strengthening the supernatural connection. In theory, a spell for each ability takes you one step closer to mastering Omnikinesis.

For example, take this spell for using Telekinesis:

Stillness unmoving, I cannot change

The object of matter I move and arrange

Help me see what I need to know

In order to improve, learn, and grow

When it comes to Omnikinesis, specific detail has to be implied for the ability you may have concerns about. But this first spell can evoke and bring to the front of your mind information of what your struggles are that you might not be able to pinpoint on your own. This spell is meant to inform you of practices you need to work on.

Abundance and power I wish to possess

Every element and object put to test

My ability to move, manipulate, and harness

Guide me to complete wisdom and awareness

The answer you are seeking may come to you in a dream or be highlighted during and exercise session. This could mean that you have to learn a different kinetic ability than the one you are trying to learn now.

It could tell you that meditation and visualization skills need to be improved before tackling harder and more difficult tasks within the ability of your current choosing. You could be emotionally blocked off and therefore your energy would feel off, the kinetic ability would not be able to recognize you as stated before.

A piece of advice when it comes to mastering total control of everything, a task this monumental takes time to learn. Be patient and take time to learn and understand about the each individual abilities, about yourself, about your own limitations and how to break them.

Tip: keep a journal of your Omnikinesis journey.

It will help you to keep track of what your limits are, what difficulties you face with each ability, and how to combat them. Write down the abilities of what you excel in, what properties does it have that give you the ease to harness and manipulate the objects of your desire? Maybe you favor the lighter and more free-flowing abilities like light and wind. Use the ease you feel in these elements and try to apply them to the abilities you might be struggling with.

Be mindful of the phases of the moon as they often offer an energy boost on full and new moons, this is often the best time to practice your abilities. Certain times in the day offer assistance in your practice. For example, the hours of midnight to three am are often referred to as the witching hours, the time where the veil between worlds is thinned and the energy is more fluid and free-forming. This offers a great advantage to your Omnikinesis journey.