Osteokinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Bone


Osteokinesis is the ability to manipulate bone. This power goes by many different names, such as bone control, bone manipulation, controlled bone growth and extra-skeletal manipulation. A wielder of this power will have the ability to control, change and manipulate the bones of themselves and others.

One will have the ability to produce bone growth, decay bone, pull the bone out of the skin and make them weaker or stronger. These are just a few of the incredible things that a wielder can do with this power. Osteokinesis can be seen on tv, specifically on the show and movie wolverine. Wolverine has claws of bone that stick out of his hands at will. This is a great examples of the kind of thing a wielder can do with this power.

Osteokinesis Wolverine

Uses Of Osteokinesis

There are many different uses that are associated with this power. Depending on the kind of person you are and what you go through each day, osteokinesis can be useful for day-to-day uses. This power can be useful in everyday life if you are a doctor or nurse or if you are a bad person who breaks bones, you can make it easier with this person.

A doctor or a nurse can use this power in the operating room or just to fix someones broken bone. It would make the job so much easier and quick and would save a lot of money as you would not need any equipment or tools in order to fix a broken bone.

Kimimaro Growing Spine Wip

If you are looking to teach someone a lesson or hurt them (which should not be done), then osteokinesis is perfect. You can break a bone with ease and they won’t even know what hit them. It can be a very efficient way of getting things done.

Another use is for a fighter who wants to make their opponent weak or fragile. A wielder of this power will be able to make someones bones fragile which makes them weaker and easier to beat. This can also break their bones if need be.

Osteokinesis Kimimaro

Limitations Of Osteokinesis

Every power imaginable has its limitations. There are a few limitations that come with this power. The limitations that will be talked about are the main ones that each wielder should take into account throughout the duration of their training.

The first limitation is only for certain users. Some of the people who wield this power will only be able to manipulate the bones of just themselves or just other people. This depends on the person; some people who wield this power can not get to the extent of training that gives them the ability to be able to manipulate the bones of another or just themselves. This does not happen to each wielder, it only happens to a few who learn this power.

Ostekinesis Spine Spear


Another limitation of this ability is that a user can only use their power for a certain period of time before becoming tired or strained from over usage. This can happen a lot with a wielder when first starting out with this power as they do not have the capacity to manipulate bones for long periods of times. This can be an extremely bad as it can cause a wielder to stop in the middle of either breaking or healing a bone which can cause extreme pain to either themselves or another.

The last limitation of this power is pain tolerance. If you have ever broken a bone before you know just how excruciating it can be. This does not change for osteokinesis. If a wielder of this power chooses to break their own bones or another persons bones, the excruciating amount of pain that comes with it does not change. If a wielder does choose to break their own bones then their pain tolerance should be high as it is a very painful thing to go through.

Overall, osteokinesis is an incredible power that can help in many different. It can be used for either good or bad as a wielder has the ability to heal bones or break them. If this is the kind of power that you are interested in then you should try it as it is an amazing power to wield.

Osteokinesis Kimimaro growing bones