Pathokinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Emotion

pathokinesis""Overview of Pathokinesis

There is a power that provides the ability to control every person in the world. With this power, the user can sense and manipulate emotions, including feelings, moods, and the effects of those emotions, on themselves, other people, animals, and other creatures. This manipulation can take the form of increasing, decreasing, causing, or channelling emotions in any other way and can even manifest the emotional energy on a physical level. This power to psychically influence other people’s feelings is called pathokinesis.

One’s mental state can be altered with a thought, and one can use this power to make others happy, angry, sad, or even fall in love with whomever one chooses. This talent could comfort allies, bring misery to foes, or accomplish something entirely. A person with this power may generate feelings in other people, suppress emotions in other people, or even overload the emotions of others, which could cause mental breakdowns, amongst many different outcomes.

Some people believe that emotions are defined and consistent responses to internal or external events that have particular importance for the organism. They last for only a few seconds and are made up of a sequence of reactions that are coordinated with one another. These responses can be verbal, physiological, behavioral, or neurological.

A few different kinetic powers are associated with pathokinesis; these powers concentrate on particular emotions, in contrast to pathokinesis, which does not solely focus on any feeling. These capabilities include:

  • AGGRESSIOKINESIS. The ability to exert control over one’s rage.
  • ODIKINESIS. The ability to exert control over resentment.
  • PHOBIKINESIS. The ability to exert control over one’s phobias.
  • AMOKINESIS. The ability to control or influence feelings of love or desire.

As you can see, each of these abilities concentrates on a single (or at most two) facets of emotional experience. When choosing an ability to wield, some people may only want to master a single feeling in particular. However, it would be much more beneficial to master pathokinesis because it will allow one to broaden their mind to various emotions. Pathokinesis is a power that will enable one to expand their mind to different emotions.

A wielder of pathokinesis will not only be able to change and manipulate their own emotions, but they will also have the capacity to change the emotions of those around them. This talent is known as “emotion transference.”

Pathokinesis Definition

Pathokinesis allows users to control how they feel at any given time during the day and impart a particular feeling to those in their immediate environment. If one chooses to master this ability to its maximum extent, it has the potential to be exceptional. As a result of the fact that we experience a wide variety of feelings daily, possessing the power of pathokinesis can be very effective in a variety of situations.

Is Pathokinesis Real?

In real life, pathokinesis can be called emotional manipulation. Throughout our lives as human beings, we are subjected to a broad spectrum of feelings, some of which are positive and others which are harmful. There are times when one’s emotions are too much to handle. In these moments, the majority of individuals would do anything to be able to get rid of their feelings entirely. Mind games are a common tactic used by emotionally manipulative people to gain influence. The goal is to utilize such power to exert control over the other individual.

Knowing people that are often controlled by emotions is proof that Pathokinesis is real. Some people use this power on purpose, and some don’t even know they are using it. Let me ask you a question; are there times in your life when someone uses your emotion to manipulate you or increases that emotion in a way that confuses you? Did you experience a sudden burst of emotion that you didn’t know existed inside of you? Then, you might have encountered a person with pathokinesis, or you have the power of pathokinesis.

Uses of Pathokinesis

As human beings we experience a range of emotions throughout our lives; some good and some bad. There are times when ones emotions are too much to handle and in these moments most people would give anything to remove their emotions. With pathokinesis a wielder will not only be able to change and/or manipulate their own emotions, but will also have the ability to change the people arounds emotions. This power has the potential to be outstanding if one chooses to master it to its full extent. There are a range of emotions that we go through each day; because of this pathokinesis can be a very strong and useful power to wield as it will give a wielder the ability to change how they are feeling throughout the day or allow them to cast a certain emotion on those around them.

Since there are a variety of different emotions we will talk about how one can use pathokinesis depending on the emotion that they wish to focus on and use. If work has you stressed out and it gets too hard to handle one can change their mood to a more positive emotion instead of the stressed and emotional state one was in beforehand. If you are in an emotional situation that makes it hard to hold back your tears a wielder will be able to make their emotions more controllable and better for the situation in which they are in. Some people have a habit of feeling envy towards people with better looks or better things then them; most people hate this feeling and by wielding this power can change their emotions and make it more positive and tolerable.

These uses merely focus on how a wielder can use this power on themselves; now we will talk about some of the ways a wielder can use this power to manipulate and change others emotions. If one sees someone having a rough day they can cheer them up as not to feel so dreary or if someone is being aggressive towards you and you are feeling unsafe you can change their mood so that you feel more comfortable in the situation. There are so many more examples in what pathokinesis can be used for in everyday life; all of the possible scenarios that you can imagine can be controlled when one wields this power.

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Strengths and Limitations

As with all other powers, there are strengths and limitations to which one can uphold. Although you may be thinking that this ability would have a wide range of limitations you would be wrong; of course it does have some limitations, as with everything but a wielder is not limited to a huge extent. Some of the limitations that a wielder of this power will need to take into account are for starters, the amount of people that can be controlled at one time. When first starting to master this power only try with one or two people at a time as it may become too overwhelming manipulating a large group of peoples emotions at once. Range is another factor to take into account when using pathokinesis; to be able to manipulate ones emotions successfully a wielder must be within a close proximity of the subject. The further away one is, the more difficult it will be to use pathokinesis.

When using this power a wielder should not use it for long periods of time as it can be harmful to you. If used for extended periods of time it is possible one will faint or get a migraine or something worse. The final limitation is the most important one; when manipulating ones emotions a wielder must not change more than 1 emotion. When using this power do not change someones emotions from sad to happy to angry to envious etc. This can be very dangerous for the person on the receiving end as our minds aren’t meant to go through that many emotions at once and can have some bad affects on them.


Now that we have gone through the limitations let’s talk about the strengths of pathokinesis. Once one as practiced and gotten to a higher leave of knowledge and power, that is where pathokinesis get’s fun. If a wielder get’s to the highest level of power or even close to it they will have the ability to manipulate and change the emotions of a room of people. This can be a very hard thing to do; especially if a wielder wants to changes everyone’s emotions differently. For example, some people are now sad, others are angry, others are fearful, etc. This would require a lot of focus and power and it can take a toll on the wielders mind state but is completely possible for the highest powered wielders.

This next strength can be upheld by a wielder with either a high level of knowledge or somewhere in the middle. When using pathokinesis, in the beginning faze of learning it can be hard to change people’s emotions to a high extent ;that changes once a wielder continues learning and becomes more confident and powerful. A high level wielder has the ability to change peoples emotions to such an extent that it can lead them to do terrible things or amazing things; depending on which emotion they are experiencing. It is all determined by what the wielders intentions are, whether they are good or bad.

Overall, pathokinesis is an incredible power to wielder. It has the ability to change so many aspects of your life and anyone around you’s life that you choose to use this power on. To wield pathokinesis would be life changing for anyone that chooses to master it, whether it is to its full extent or just general knowledge.

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How to train in Pathokinesis?

Pathokinesis isn’t something we are born with, but we can do a few things to make it work. Our body is amazing and can give us the power we don’t expect to have. Suppose you are just beginning to learn how to manipulate other people’s emotions. In that case, it is advisable to practice on one or two people at a time rather than an entire group to have a better feel for it. When deploying pathokinesis, the range is an essential factor to consider; yet, to successfully alter the subject’s emotions, the wielder must be close to the subject. When one is further away from their target, using pathokinesis becomes a more difficult task.

Another thing you can do is to use meditation, manifestation, and affirmations. Affirmations are helpful statements that can help you manifest what you truly desire. With the help of affirmation and manifestation techniques, you can help your mind and body to believe that you can use pathokinesis. Create affirmation statements such as:

  • I have complete control over my emotions and other people’s emotion.
  • I have the power to control people’s emotions.
  • Emotion lies in the mind; thus, I can control it with my mind.
  • I can easily read other people’s emotions and have control over it.

Practice these statements repeatedly to help your body adapt to this power.

Aside from these techniques, you can also learn witchcraft to learn pathokinesis. These are what you need:

  • Focus
  • Patience
  • Firm psychological control (meaning you have to be capable of “pulling up” a certain feeling/emotion at will)
  • Intent
  • Empathy (the ability to sense the feelings of others Pathokinesis is most effective when the user has the power of Empathy, as Pathokinesis is a typical result of Empathy after ample time and expertise with Empathy.)

Once you have all of these, here is what you need to do next:

  • Analyze and take your time to recognize and actually experience the feeling that you want to create in his or her emotional mind.
  • Tune in to his or her current feelings and emotions (this is why it is more effective if the user is an Empath; obviously, you need access to his or her feelings before you can change them), and get a “feel” (no pun intended) for how he or she is currently feeling. (This is why it is more effective if the user is an Empath.) I propose imagining a red and blue emotional cord progressively emerging from your heart and into his or her heart, and then just letting whatever wishes to come through come as it may. This is a powerful visualization technique.
  • While you are experiencing what they are experiencing, gradually and methodically begin to transform what you feel from him or her (meaning his or her emotions/feelings) into the emotion you wish him or her to feel by literally experiencing the particular emotion, just as you did in the FIRST step.

Because there is a possibility of adverse effects, it is not advisable to use this ability for an extended period. Suppose you use this for an extended period. In that case, there is a possibility that you could pass out, have a headache, or possibly die. The final limitation, which is also the most important, states that a wielder may not change more than one feeling at a time. Please do not use this power to make another person feel differently about themselves, whether that be happier, angrier, or more envious of you. The repercussions of such an experience can be highly detrimental to the recipient because our brains were not developed to handle the simultaneous processing of such a large number of feelings.

In general, pathokinesis is incredible power for those who can master it. It has the potential to alter so many facets of your life as well as the lives of others around you that you choose to utilize this power. Anyone who decides to grasp pathokinesis, whether to its full degree or just general understanding, will experience a dramatic shift in their life due to their accomplishment.

Difference between Pathokinesis and Empaths?

Since we’ve already discussed Pathokinesis, let’s look at empaths before we get to their differences. Simply described, an empath is someone with a rare and strong ability to detect or intuit the sentiments of others. Empath derives from Empathy, which is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of another from a different perspective than your own. According to several studies, Empath is something that certain people may learn.

Empathy has a wide range of power, from very weak to sophisticated. These branches may expand as the user progresses. Here are some degrees that other empaths have demonstrated or may achieve:

  • CLAIRAUDIENCE – Some Empaths have demonstrated the capacity to feel and “hear” the heightened thoughts linked with those emotions. This is most likely owing to the strong relationship between the emotional and mental cortices. This, however, is not to be confused with Telepathy. An Empath can only receive visionary “echoes” associated with specific emotions. They are unable to read full memories.
  • CLAIREMPATHY – More advanced empathy users have demonstrated the ability to perceive emotions across large distances such as cities, countries, continents, and other dimensions and planes (The Astral Plane, AKA The Emotional Plane).
  • CLAIRVOYANCE – An Empath can establish an emotional bond with another being. If the link remains open, the Empath can sense when that person is in danger and identify them using their “emotional scent”.
  • EMPATHIC FORCE MANIPULATION – An energetic and robust form of Emotion Manipulation can be manipulated by Empath.
  • MUSICAL EMPATHY – Develop skills based on the genre of music you listen to and/or play.
  • MUSICAL EMPATHIC PROJECTION – projecting feelings based on the music one listens to.
  • TATTOO EMPATHY – People who have tattoos that alter how they think and feel.

Now that we know about Empath, can you still say that Empath and pathokinesis are the same? Of course not! Pathokinesis is the mutated version of empath ability. When people with the ability of Empath use their power more and more, they are subjected to learning pathokinesis. Empaths’ ability is more on understanding emotions, while pathokinesis focuses on manipulating emotions. They are entirely different. However, people can have the ability to be an empath even without learning pathokinesis. But, people who want to learn pathokinesis should also know Empath. It’s a foundation of pathokinesis that you cannot ignore.

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