Pathokinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Emotion


pathokinesis""Pathokinesis is the ability to manipulate and control ones emotions. Whether it’s controlling your own emotions or somebody else’s, this is an incredible power to wield. There are a few different kinetic powers that associate with pathokinesis; they focus on specific emotions unlike pathokinesis which does not focus on just one emotion. These powers are aggressiokinesis, the ability to manipulate anger, odikinesis, the ability to manipulate hatred, phobikinesis, the ability to manipulate fears and amokinesis, the ability to manipulate love or desire. As you can see, all of these powers are focusing on just one (or two) aspect of emotions. When choosing a power to wield, although some people may just want to master one emotion in particular, it would be much more beneficial to master pathokinesis as one will be able to broaden their mind to a variety of emotions.

Uses of Pathokinesis

As human beings we experience a range of emotions throughout our lives; some good and some bad. There are times when ones emotions are too much to handle and in these moments most people would give anything to remove their emotions. With pathokinesis a wielder will not only be able to change and/or manipulate their own emotions, but will also have the ability to change the people arounds emotions. This power has the potential to be outstanding if one chooses to master it to its full extent. There are a range of emotions that we go through each day; because of this pathokinesis can be a very strong and useful power to wield as it will give a wielder the ability to change how they are feeling throughout the day or allow them to cast a certain emotion on those around them.

pathokinesis""Since there are a variety of different emotions we will talk about how one can use pathokinesis depending on the emotion that they wish to focus on and use. If work has you stressed out and it gets too hard to handle one can change their mood to a more positive emotion instead of the stressed and emotional state one was in beforehand. If you are in an emotional situation that makes it hard to hold back your tears a wielder will be able to make their emotions more controllable and better for the situation in which they are in. Some people have a habit of feeling envy towards people with better looks or better things then them; most people hate this feeling and by wielding this power can change their emotions and make it more positive and tolerable.

These uses merely focus on how a wielder can use this power on themselves; now we will talk about some of the ways a wielder can use this power to manipulate and change others emotions. If one sees someone having a rough day they can cheer them up as not to feel so dreary or if someone is being aggressive towards you and you are feeling unsafe you can change their mood so that you feel more comfortable in the situation. There are so many more examples in what pathokinesis can be used for in everyday life; all of the possible scenarios that you can imagine can be controlled when one wields this power.

Strengths and Limitations

As with all other powers, there are strengths and limitations to which one can uphold. Although you may be thinking that this ability would have a wide range of limitations you would be wrong; of course it does have some limitations, as with everything but a wielder is not limited to a huge extent. Some of the limitations that a wielder of this power will need to take into account are for starters, the amount of people that can be controlled at one time. When first starting to master this power only try with one or two people at a time as it may become too overwhelming manipulating a large group of peoples emotions at once. Range is another factor to take into account when using pathokinesis; to be able to manipulate ones emotions successfully a wielder must be within a close proximity of the subject. The further away one is, the more difficult it will be to use pathokinesis.

When using this power a wielder should not use it for long periods of time as it can be harmful to you. If used for extended periods of time it is possible one will faint or get a migraine or something worse. The final limitation is the most important one; when manipulating ones emotions a wielder must not change more than 1 emotion. When using this power do not change someones emotions from sad to happy to angry to envious etc. This can be very dangerous for the person on the receiving end as our minds aren’t meant to go through that many emotions at once and can have some bad affects on them.

pathokinesis""Now that we have gone through the limitations let’s talk about the strengths of pathokinesis. Once one as practiced and gotten to a higher leave of knowledge and power, that is where pathokinesis get’s fun. If a wielder get’s to the highest level of power or even close to it they will have the ability to manipulate and change the emotions of a room of people. This can be a very hard thing to do; especially if a wielder wants to changes everyone’s emotions differently. For example, some people are now sad, others are angry, others are fearful, etc. This would require a lot of focus and power and it can take a toll on the wielders mind state but is completely possible for the highest powered wielders.

This next strength can be upheld by a wielder with either a high level of knowledge or somewhere in the middle. When using pathokinesis, in the beginning faze of learning it can be hard to change people’s emotions to a high extent ;that changes once a wielder continues learning and becomes more confident and powerful. A high level wielder has the ability to change peoples emotions to such an extent that it can lead them to do terrible things or amazing things; depending on which emotion they are experiencing. It is all determined by what the wielders intentions are, whether they are good or bad.

Overall, pathokinesis is an incredible power to wielder. It has the ability to change so many aspects of your life and anyone around you’s life that you choose to use this power on. To wield pathokinesis would be life changing for anyone that chooses to master it, whether it is to its full extent or just general knowledge.

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