Ergokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Energy

how to learn ergokinesis

Ergokinesis is the power to absorb, shape and manipulate different types of energy; including kinetic energy, radiant energy, gravitational potential energy  and electric energy.

This power is known by many names such as autokinesis, dynakinesis, dynamokinesis, and energy control; although it is most commonly known as ergokinesis.

This is a very useful and fascinating power to learn as there are many different types of energy; this leaves multiple choices as to which energy a holder of this power wishes to undertake.

For example, a microwave uses radiant energy which is one of the types of energy that ergokinesis is based around. If your microwave isn’t heating up food fast enough you can use ergokinesis to fasten the process by manipulating the energy waves that travel through the microwave you can either fasten the process or slow it down just by using this power.

Another example would be gravitational potential energy, this energy is great for the practices of ergokinesis as the concept of gravitational potential energy is the higher an object is, the more gravitational potential energy there will be.

Ergokinesis Definition

In general speaking, it has been said that Ergokinesis is the ability a human being can use to control or manipulate different types of external energy forms — with “external” meaning “out of the individual’s body”. These energies include electricity, fire, gravity, light, etc.

But Ergokinesis is also the ability to control the energy within the human body because our organism can manage different type of energies naturally — like the electricity in our nervous system.

Ergokinesis Meaning

By absorbing, shaping, and manipulating energy, an individual can produce certain results on different non- animated objects, other biological beings or inside itself.

Consider that science says that all matter in the universe is basically energy. So, being able to use Ergokinesis (meaning “energy manipulation”), you can be able to affect also the functioning of anything in the universe. But bear in mind there are some limitations or rules to this affirmation about the way you can do it.

Is Ergokinesis Real?

Yes, very real. Consider that planet Earth is made by the aggregation/accumulation of thousands or millions of different components from the outer space.

The body of all the biological beings on planet Earth (including the human body) are composed of some of the elements on it.

Did you know your human body include in its composition, the following elements: cyanide, alcohol, precious metals (like gold and silver), ozone, radioactive elements (like uranium and thorium), and star dust?

But our body also has a magnetic field, emits infrared light, and produces antimatter particles!

Have you ever heard about Raj Mohan Nair, Slavisa Pajkic, or Miroslaw Magola?

The first is an electric man. He can conduct electricity through his body. The second can do the same, but he can also accumulate and discharge electricity at will. And the third is called The Magnetic Man because he can create a magnetic field around him with his mind, which he can use later to attract metallic objects to his body!

Uses of Ergokinesis


As there are so many different types of energy in the universe ergokinesis is one of those powers that can be a really useful thing to use in your day to day life.

So far we’ve talked about radiant energy and gravitational potential energy but now it’s time to move onto some more kinds of energy. The first one is electric energy; there are many uses in day to day life when looking at electric energy.

When a lamp is plugged into an outlet, the electric current transfers energy from the outlet into the light bulb which allows the lamp to light up using the electric energy being stored into the bulb.

Another use would be a mobile phone battery; when plugged into a charger the electric charges allows the stored energy from the mobile phone to be put into motion. This process then allows electrical energy to travel through the phone providing the mobile with electricity.

The last energy we’ll talk about is kinetic energy. Now kinetic energy is the most empowering and hardest energy to learn as the larger the mass of an object and the faster the velocity, the more kinetic energy it will hold.

Although the other aspects of ergokinesis are fascinating and are morely based around household items, kinetic energy is based around larger objects such as a car or aeroplane. One of the intriguing things about kinetic energy is that through ergokinesis you will have the ability to control the energy of a car, an asteroid or even an insect.

For a greater learning experience it is best to focus on controlling smaller energies first and making your way up to the larger amounts of energy.

Strengths and Limitations

learn ergokinesis

With everything we do there are always limitations to what can be accomplished.

Although there is a large amount of energy in this world a wielder of this power will not be able to see the full effect because we as humans can only withstand a certain amount of energy before it becomes too much.

With time and practice the limitation threshold will move up and up until you are at your peak and at this stage you will be able to absorb and manipulate more energy than you ever thought you would be capable of holding.

As you progress with your training I warn you not to push your powers to extreme lengths as this will not only be harmful to the energy source that you are working on but will also be harmful to your mind and body.

A limitation to ergokinesis could be the user not being able to absorb or manipulate energy that is in a wide range; for example, a moving vehicle would be harder to manipulate as they vary in speed and would take time to manipulate because of the vehicle’s mass while a stationary vehicle would be easier to manipulate as it is still and leaves more time to access your powers.

There are many strengths associated with ergokinesis because of the large amounts of energy. For example, if a household item such as your toaster stops working, by plugging it into the outlet one will be able to transfer energy from the outlet into the toaster.

This is just one of many examples of how ergokinesis can help you save money, because you can get  your household items working again just with this power you won’t need to through away your broken objects thus saving more money that can be spent elsewhere.

Overall, ergokinesis is a very useful and intriguing power which can help you in many different ways because of the wide range of different energy sources that we have on this planet.

Ergokinesis Beginner Training

So, the key question here isn’t about if our bodies can manage all those different types on energy around us. The key question here is: How can we manage it to increase the quantity and manipulate at will, those energies without dying trying?

Then, how to learn Ergokinesis? As stated in other articles, the answer is Meditation.

Following the training described below, you can start your practice on this fascinating topic of developing the Ergokinesis Super Power.

1. Try to calm your mind

To start the practice of meditation, it’s recommended you go to a quiet room. It’s also recommended you do the practice sitting on a chair or cushion. Avoid doing it on a bed because you might get asleep due to the relaxing effect on your body and mind.

Close your eyes and start focusing your attention on your breathing. One inhalation and one exhalation mean one cycle. Count at least 20 cycles.

Once it’s done, try to void your mind of any thought that comes to you. Keep in mind that for the majority of people, this is very hard; don’t get discouraged if you can’t do it on your first tries.

It is recommended for beginners to do this practice for about 10/15 minutes twice a day, one in the morning and one at night.

The objective of this exercise is to teach you how to control your mind. You need to build a quiet mind capable of high concentration levels to be able to go on the next steps of meditative practice.

2. Start awakening your power through Visualization

The following exercises are the next step you need for your mastering of psychic abilities.

Once you have calmed your mind by doing the previous step, now it’s the time to give form to its substance — I recommend doing this practice in an obscure room, and also avoid air currents.

With your eyes closed, try to imagine a burning wax candle in front of you — for this you can imagine it on a small nightstand.

Imagine you can see and feel, the light and heat the flame generates; this is very important, the more realistic your visualization, the better.

You can try this exercise imagining a match, a light bulb, a bowl of hot soup, it’s up to you.

The objective of this practice is to help you feel all the details of the energy form you want to deal with. This means that for better results, you must resolve a specific type of energy you want to learn to manipulate.

This exercise will also help you to improve your concentration capacity, a key factor for success in this way of life.

Ergokinesis Exercises

After at least four months practicing persistently the above exercises, testing your visualization skills with different objects, and gradually increasing your training time, you can move another step.

Being in your usual meditative posture and after having your mind relaxed, try the following:

Imagine again the burning wax candle over the nightstand. As I said before, imagine all the details perfectly.

Now imagine the flame is gradually getting hotter, and each time it gets a new heating level, it also gets bigger — the hotter it gets, the bigger it gets too.

Try to limit the max flame size to about that of your index finger.

After some minutes, try to perform the opposite action. The flame gradually decreases its heating level and size down to its initial normality.

All this process must be made only with your mental power, in a relaxed manner, without muscular tension!

You can also do this exercise imagining a small light bulb connected to a device or directly to the power source of your house.

Just imagine the electrons circulating through the light bulb are increasing in quantity and speed each time. As the electrons circulate this way, the light bulb also increases its brightness. Then just do the opposite action to return to normality.

You can use different types of energy sources for this practice, it will depend on you.

After at least six months of practice, now it’s the time for the most difficult part of this training: try these visualizations with real objects.

This will be the same described process, but this time, you’re going to use a real burning wax candle or whatever object you have been imagining the practice with.

You must be persistent! This is not an easy task, and it could take you about one year or more to see results, depending on your mental abilities.

Once you have reached the desire results, you can try to conduct the energy (depending on the type) from one point to another. You can try to see in your mind, for example, how a spark of a flame jumps to a piece of paper and so on.

Just a quick warning: don’t work touching directly the physical objects you want to energy-control. Work only between secure borders, with your mind, or you can suffer accidents. Remember that fire, electricity and any other type of energy can be dangerous, so be careful!

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