Geokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Earth


When you first hear the word, geokinesis you may wonder what that is referring to and be completely confused. Well, wonder no more. It is the mental ability to control the earth. That’s right, with geokinesis you will have the power to move the earth. If you want to cause a volcanic eruption (though please don’t) or a landslide, you’ll be able to, just by using your mind. It has been said that people have caused volcanic eruptions using this skill. One such case was the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. It has been speculated that he caused the eruption, however, it’s not actually been confirmed.

How to learn Geokinesis

When you first decide that you want to start playing around with the psychic ability of geokinesis, you will need to go outside and spend a lot of time there. By spending time outside you will understand the earth and be better equipped to start practicing geokinesis. When you’re ready, go outside and find a piece of earth that you want to move. It could be sand, or it could literally be dirt. It doesn’t matter it is. The purpose of working outside brings you closer to the earth and that will put you more in touch with geokinesis. After you’ve found a quiet place and you’re outside, pick up the dirt or sand. Really feel it. Visualize yourself shifting it with your mind. Connect with it. Basically, become “at one with the earth.”

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The importance of controlling your breathing

Just like with other forms of mind control, you need to stabilize and control your breathing. Effectively, when you’re practicing geokinesis you need to get into a meditation type start. Imagine that you’re controlling the earth. See yourself shifting it. Focus on what you want the earth to do. You will notice that a lot of energy is exerted in this stage. It’s not the type of energy you’d expect to use when exercising though. It’s the energy, or the force between yourself and the earth. It’s the connection between the two.

When the energy is right transfer that energy from yourself into the dirt or sand. During this stage of geokinesis you will notice that the sand or dirt is moving exactly what you want it to, and voila, you’ve mastered the art of geokinesis.

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Advanced Geokinesis

Although it’s not recommended, people with advanced geokinesis powers will be able to become trained in creating earthquakes. Before you shift to this stage, you need to become an advanced practitioner of geokinesis. For your own safety you should make sure that you’re outside and ensure that you are on the ground. Touch the surface of the ground with your fingers. Really feel the ground. Feel the tectonic plates. Focus on nature. Feel as if you “are the nature.” And that it’s not just something that’s around you. Breathe in and out. As you keep practicing, you’ll notice that the ground will start to shift. Keep the energy focused. For a truly powerful earthquake, find something that you’re angry about and feel that anger. Channel it into earth movement.

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