Umbrakinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Darkness

Some people are scared of the dark and prefer the day time. Others however, prefer the darkness. There were many episodes of Charmed, the 90s television program, that focused on the control of light and darkness. What wasn’t mentioned during the show was that this is known as Umbrakinesis. Umbrakinesis is a mind control activity that allows you to manipulate the light and dark with your mind. You can control shadows and create different energy levels when you want. Advanced Umbrakinesis practitioners can actually cause entire cities, or countries to fall into total darkness, just using the power of their mind.


How to Learn Umbrakinesis

Like any “superpowers,” it’s really important to analyse why you want to learn umbrakinesis and then to ask yourself if you truly believe in it. It’s only after you’ve answered these questions that you will be able to progress to the next stage. The next stage is to get into a state of meditation where your mind is clear enough to meditate upon the light. So first of all do exactly that, meditate and once you’re calm and relaxed, then you’re ready to practice this power. Find somewhere that is completely dark. That will mean turning off all the lights wherever you are. When you’re in an area of darkness start visualizing a lit candle and visualize yourself manipulating the light of the candle flame.

umbrakinesis 2

The Next Stage

Now that you’ve had your first umbrakinesis “practice session,” you’re ready to try doing it for real. This time, be in a room or area where there is light. It’s recommended that you are in a quiet room with nobody else around you. Close your eyes and focus on what you want to achieve. Focus on influencing the light. You’ll feel it in your fingertips. Emit that energy towards the light and shadow that you want to control. See yourself moving the shadow. This will take several hours of practice a day before you’ve mastered this ability.

umbrakinesis 3

Dangers Associated with Umbrakinesis

Umbrakinesis is a supernatural power, which means that if it’s used in the wrong way, it can have negative consequences. Before you even entertain the thought of practicing the art, you need to ensure that you are not doing it when you’re in a hateful or negative mood. All superpowers are dependent upon energy, and should only be used when you’re in a positive mood. If you need to, then go back to the initial stage, and calm your mind. Ensure that you are only thinking positive thoughts when you start practicing umbrakinesis. This will ensure that you are not harmed, and that you do not hurt anyone around you.