Our Guide On Telekinesis Training: The Ability To Manipulate Matter

Telekinesis is the cornerstone ability in the world of kinetic powers, it is a power that creates a base for almost all abilities surrounding it. When you deeply look into any kinetic ability, there are always techniques that originate from telekinesis training. That is exactly it is the best power to look at first when attempting to master any other ability. 

It provides the building blocks to move forward into other powers. It also offers incredible insight into the mental aspects of learning something. This is accomplished through diligence, meditation, inner peace and mindfulness.

Several people all over the world wish they had telekinetic abilities, but most of them have been told all of their lives that telekinesis does not exist. 

The truth is anyone can learn telekinesis. You already have telekinetic abilities. For most people, their abilities are lying dormant waiting to be exploited. With effort and practice, those abilities can be brought to the surface. 

This write up is about how to spring out those abilities to the surface so you can use them in your everyday life. 

Telekinesis Girl Floating

Telekinesis Definition

Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate Matter. It allows you to control, move, modify, destroy, fix, float, push, throw and more any object you desire or have enough strength to manipulate.

Is Telekinesis Real?

The simple answer is it’s complicated. It hasn’t been proven by the scientific method, but it also hasn’t been disproved, and having so many charlatans and scammers doesn’t exactly help to process. What we can say for certain is that abilities like telekinesis are our small glimpses into something far larger than our own little lives. There is a vast and big world outside of our little blue marble about which we can only imagine specs of truth and reason.

But before we get started, let’s look at what telekinesis is all about. Unlike the movies and the comic books, you will not find anyone capable of tossing cars around like toys or lifting a couple of building before breakfast just to keep in practice. 

These types of abilities may exist in the future when mankind has evolved a bit further. For now, the best most people will see is the occasional movement of small objects. 

You may get lucky and turn out to be one of the few that can perform telekinesis on demand. For most, their abilities come in spurts and rarely perform on demand. 

You might be of the thought that telekinesis is not real because so few can perform in on demand. Yes, it true that the average person can not perform on demand because as a whole the human race has not developed morally and spiritually enough to be able to handle these abilities. That does not change the fact that telekinesis is a very real ability. It is slowly but surely starting to awaken in people around the world.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the power of your mind. You do not use your physical strength, only mental strength instead. 

This means persons with physical disabilities can learn telekinesis just as easily as the world’s greatest athlete. Physical handicaps could give you an advantage in learning telekinesis because many people with physical handicaps tend to have better concentration. 

Telekinesis Kid Levitates Bus

What is Telekinesis?

For those unfamiliar with the realm of kinetic powers, you may be wondering precisely what is telekinesis? The exact definition of telekinesis is that it is the ability to manipulate matter. It also can commonly be referred to as the ability to move objects. 

But those definitions don’t tell us a whole lot. Sure they provide a basic overview of what the power does, but they don’t do a good job in answering what telekinesis is.

Telekinesis also referred to as psychokinesis. The two words are interchangeable when describing the ability; however the power is also commonly referred to in conversation as having “mind over matter”

That’s because the ability incorporates the movement of matter which makes up practically everything in the world around us. Telekinesis is one of if not the biggest and most well known psychic ability. 

Throughout history, telekinesis has been looked at from a scientific perspective on several occasions with a multitude of beliefs having been formed over that time on the question is telekinesis possible?

Many scientists disagree on if telekinesis is possible; what is clear in the scientific community is that for this ability to occur, it would break a lot of rules of physics. 

There is still a lot of telekinesis proof out there. A lot of people online claim to have the ability, and some have even made videos showcasing themselves using the power. 

But a clear answer to is telekinesis possible has not been garnered. It will always remain a heavily debated topic despite the telekinesis proof out there along with the sources supposedly disproving the power.

The abilities popularity in today’s world can mainly be accredited to its presence in pop culture. The list of films and television programs in which the ability is showcased by characters is a long one. 

These displays of telekinesis often lead to avid viewers looking into the ability and thus the power growing more and more popular. One of the most popular showcases of telekinesis was in The Matrix movie series. This series was immensely popular worldwide, and its release in 1999 saw telekinesis become well-known in pop culture.

Matrix Telekinesis

Outside of The Matrix telekinesis has also appeared in other famous movies such as The Mummy, Carrie, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Forbidden Kingdom. 

Telekinesis has also made its name known to children throughout the ages in its showing in cartoons. This knowledge learned at a young age can also be accredited to the overall insight the general public has into this power. 

Some tv series where telekinesis has been showcased are Ben Ten, Danny Phantom, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and the list goes on.

Though not always accurate to establish real-world capabilities and limits, telekinesis’ display on the screen has provided most people with enough knowledge to answer the question of what is telekinesis. 

Answers would often differ between people depending on where they have seen the ability being used or if they’ve researched the power in the past.

In this article, I will be attempting to provide a great answer to the question of what is telekinesis, what it does, and how it can be used. In a nutshell, telekinesis is the ability to manipulate matter. Because matter makes up the world, this allows for almost any object to be moved and held through sheer mind power. 

The extent to which objects can be moved falls within the powers limits which will be discussed later in this article. Limitations to this ability apply to things like the range in which it can be used and the weight of objects that can be moved.

How To Learn Telekinesis?

In a second you will read my detailed step by step training guide for learning Telekinesis, but training and learning are two different things. All though you can do something it doesn’t mean you understand it. 

Take your phone for example, you probably know a lot about it, how to use it, all the different apps, how to browse the web etc… but if someone were to tell you to create your own phone from scratch could you do it? Or to create all the different apps? Most likely not… unless of course your profession is doing exactly that and you’ve already learned it haha.

And its the exact same with Telekinesis. So please take extra time and effort into truly understanding what telekinesis is and how it works. The only advice I can give in this aspect is to really place a lot of importance on your meditation and mind because achieving enlightenment is extremely subjective and what helped accelerate one’s success could be a life-threating poison for another.

Telekinesis Starwars Training

Telekinesis Training

Telekinesis is an ability that requires rigorous training to be mastered. As a beginner, there are several steps in your telekinesis training to position yourself for success in learning and mastery over the ability.

1) Meditation is the groundwork for all Psychic Powers.

 This practice is a reoccurring one when attempting to learn almost any power. This is because of the mental serenity one must have before being able to put a power into practice. With any power, a clear mind that can be moulded is needed to perform the psychic ability.

This is because absolute focus is required if you wish to use any mental power. You must have the capacity to push aside distractions and focus on one standalone thing. You must be able to clear your head entirely and see nothing apart from what you require. 

Without having this capacity you will never be able to move on to the next steps in telekinesis training and thus will be unable to learn the ability as a whole. 

If you have never meditated before, then this is the perfect time to start.

First of all, you will need to find a quiet and comfortable place to sit. Make sure there won’t be any distractions and that the room is at an adequate temperature so you won’t become discomforted by heat or cold air. 

From this point, you can then sit in any position you choose and close your eyes. Once closed you need to clear your mind. Don’t think about anything at all, just picture yourself sitting there calmly and at peace.

From personal experience, I would advise you to start by meditating for around 10 minutes twice per day. As a beginner, it will naturally take you a while to get into your zone and unlock “flow”. Keep increasing the time as you practice meditation till you’re capable of entering your meditative state anywhere, anytime and be able to pass a few hours without even noticing it.

Telekinesis Meditation Training Yoda

2) Build the subconscious mind through Visualization.

Once you have a clear mind you can move off to the next telekinesis training technique. This next technique involves visualization. Before you can move into the real world with using this power you must first master it in the mind. 

This will build the subconscious belief that you are capable of moving objects. That way you are already a master of this art in mind. From that point, the ability can then be translated to objects in real life. 

To start training in visualisation you must first clear your mind in meditation.

First picture a leaf or feather in front of you. Then picture yourself raising a hand and the leaf or feather bending to your hand’s movements. 

This practice must be done repetitively and the object in use scaled. You should focus on key elements of the object such as its texture and weight. You should be able to feel the object in your hand without touching it. As you move up in weight the objects should become more and more difficult to lift.

Once you feel you have reached the pinnacle of performance in this area you can move on to the next steps.

Telekinesis Feathers Floating

3) Learn how to Concentrate 

I believe, and science is confirming that physical reality is an illusion and we are all individual incarnations of the same God or “avatars” for short. 

Thus telekinesis is but one of many divine abilities that remain hidden or dormant within us all. I will simply give you the tools and methods needed and you will intentionally or unintentionally awaken your telekinetic powers simply be practising. 

This no-teach awakening method often snowballs and begins unlocking many other hidden abilities like healing, telepathy, orbing, ESP, remote viewing and so on. According to occult wisdom, humans are currently using 5 of our 360 senses. 

Concentration is key and of the utmost importance for anyone trying to learn telekinesis and the deeper you can concentrate, the faster you can develop your telekinetic abilities. So spend time developing your ability to concentration abilities before you start trying to do telekinesis. 

Always start your concentration exercises by finding a quiet, relaxing place to work. You want someplace comfortable, but most people do better if they do not lay down, especially if you tend to fall asleep easily. 

Take a few deep breathes and let all thoughts and tensions release from your body. When you are ready, find a spot on a wall or a small item on a shelf. Keep your eyes focused on the spot, but do not strain your eyes to look at it. 

Just keep your eyes on the object and don’t allow your mind to wander. If it does start to wander, gently bring your mind back to focus on the chosen object. Don’t berate yourself. It happens to everyone, especially when you are learning to control your mind. 

Simply pull your attention back to your object with the least mental chatter as possible. This may sound simple and easy, but very many people can not concentrate on an object for a full minute when they are starting to train. 

Your goal should be to keep your mind focused on the object without your mind wandering for a full 5 minutes or more. Take the time to get your concentration skills developed before you start trying to learn telekinesis. 

You’ll get much better results if you can keep your mind from wandering for a minimum of 5 minutes and 10 to 15 minutes would be even better. 

Can you concentrate or 20 seconds? 

It is important to note, keeping your mind focused can be extremely difficult for some people. Many of the common foods we eat are filled with Monosodium Glutamate also known as MSG. Manufacturers have gotten tricky in how they list the chemicals in their food because MSG has a very bad name in the health food industry. 

Any time you see ingredients such as “Natural Flavors”, Corn protein, soy protein, yeast extract and many others, it is nothing more than a form of MSG. This is one of the many foods that can affect our ability to concentrate. 

Don’t get upset with yourself if you don’t come close to concentrating for a full minute in the early stages. It is VERY normal. Just don’t give up. Practice makes perfect. 

Monk Meditation Concentration

4) Spin a Psi Wheel or Roll a Pencil 

The brain is a very important part in telekinesis but the part of your brain that controls telekinesis is currently inactive in the vast majority of people. 

Luckily, the brain is a muscle and like any muscle, it gets stronger with exercise. So the key to developing your telekinesis abilities is to work that muscle! Once your concentration abilities have developed, you will need an object to practice telekinesis on. 

A PSI Wheel is one of the easiest things for people to start with. If you do not have access to one, you can make one yourself. 

Another easy item for beginners is a round pencil or pen. You just need to make sure it is perfectly round, without any cap or clip that could prevent it from rolling. 

Set the object you choose on a table in front of you. Make sure the object is completely still before you start. You want to be in a comfortable position and relaxed before you start. 

Science has proven that everything is made of energy. As we all know, energy can be measured and seen with the right tools. The combination of our eyes and our brains gives us the tools we need to be able to see and feel the energy of an item. 

When everything is ready, look at your object. You want to try to see and feel the energy of the object. It may be hard to find to begin with, but it is there. Some people do better looking at the object with their eyes open while others do better looking at the object with their mind’s eye. 

Once you find the energy field of the item, take a few moments to explore that energy field. How does it feel? If you can see it, what does it look like? Is it strong or weak? Does it feel warm or cool? Does it feel soft or hard? 

Once you have a good idea of what the item’s energy feels like, switch your focus to your own body and feel the energy field around your body. Go through all the same tests you went through with your item. 

Telekinesis Coffee Shake

5) Use your Psychic Energy 

Last but not least, when you have a good idea of what both the energy fields feel like, use your mind to stretch your energy field out toward your item. 

See with either your actual eyes or mind’s eye and watch the item move. Spin the wheel if you are using a PSI wheel or roll the pencil across the table if you are using one. Get a firm picture in your mind of the object in its new position. 

Did your item move? If your item has not moved, don’t get discouraged. Very few people manage to move an object their first try when they start to learn telekinesis. Just remember that you need to build your psychic muscle and that might not happen overnight. Just continue to practice and it will come. 

Keep in mind, you are overcoming a lifetime worth of being told you can not do it and that doesn’t happen overnight. Think about it this way. How long would it take you to go from your current body to having the body of a bodybuilder? 

For most people, it won’t happen overnight and could easily take a year or more of training every single day before your muscles become that finely tuned. 

Keep practising to learn telekinesis and before you know it, you will be able to amaze your friends by moving objects around the room or you may be able to let the cat out without having to get up to open the door. 

Telekinesis Optical Illusion

Telekinesis Spells

Because of how extraordinary telekinesis is a lot of people turn to a variety of means to learn the ability. Telekinesis spells are one of these methods turned to by those who don’t necessarily understand telekinesis fully and want instead use a shortcut which they have little control over. 

In theory, telekinesis spells are done when a series of words is said along with a process of ritual undertaken. Doing this then supposedly leads to telekinesis powers being bestowed upon the individual who did the spell.

Over time a plethora of these telekinesis spells have made there presence felt online. There are websites and youtube videos that display, demonstrate and explain the spell and how it works. 

Telekinesis Spell Book

What is missing from all these sources is evidence of these working. Sure the information is there for the world to see on how to develop these powers from spells. 

But there are few cases of telekinesis spells working. Some claims have been made through that the performance of a spell must be systematically done regularly over a course of time to gain telekinetic powers.

There is still not a lot to back these claims up. It is for this reason that telekinesis spells aren’t seen as a viable means of mastering this power. 

Moreover, these spells lack the specifics for the mastery of telekinesis bestowed. Telekinesis isn’t an ability that can just be taken at face value. There are different levels of mastery in the ability that relate to how much can be done with the power along with the exact limits. 

The lack of information in this area of telekinesis in the displays of telekinesis spells takes away from the credibility of these spells effectiveness.

For this reason, I would advise to those curious in learning telekinesis that they instead look at telekinesis training techniques. You can look at telekinesis spells as a test, but if you are serious in learning the ability, actual training techniques should be looked at for reference and practised.

Lucifer Spins coins with Telekinesis

Telekinesis Limitations

Now we have discussed what telekinesis is and how it is learnt we can move on to what it is capable of. However, before looking at telekinesis’ capabilities we will first look at how the ability is limited. Every kinetic power is hampered by limitations in some form. The extent to which these limits affect the overall use of this ability depends on how the user wants to use it. 

1) Range of Usability

As with all kinetic powers and abilities, the first limitation is always Range. But this is the one special case where technically range by itself isn’t a hurdle of a telekinesis user because unlike Atmokinesis, Aerkinesis or Pyrokinesis telekinesis doesn’t require any special conditions to be able to activate or use.

So moving a piece of paper from a few inches away would feel and take the same amount of energy as moving one 10 miles away, but the limiting factor here are your other basic 5 senses, meaning if a piece of paper is 10 miles away and you have all the capabilities of moving it your past senses like vision will be what’s stopping you since in this senses, you wouldn’t be able to see the pice of paper ergo leading your subconscious mind to think you are unable to move it.

A good example testing this is of course not to drive 10 miles to place a piece of paper somewhere on a field and drive back, but to rather just shut all the lights in your room till it becomes pitch black and you can’t see the paper. Once you’re in darkness try doing moving the same piece of paper you were focusing on just a few minutes prior and you will notice how distinctively more difficult it is now.

In all the only way to break through this limitation is through practice and mastery over the ability through years of training!

Telekinesis Ball movement Range

2) Weight of what you’re trying to Lift or Manipulate

The second limitation comes from the weight of objects. Often users will only be able to move objects mentally that they could lift physically. This is because telekinesis requires a user to be in touch mentally with an object being moved. As discussed with visualization the exact feel and weight of an object are pictured. 

This means when this ability is in use the user is almost using their own strength when manipulating the object. This means they are limited to their strength. Obviously this limit can then be altered by improving oneself physically. By doing this the weight range that can be manipulated grows also.

Telekinesis Aesthetic

3) Imagination and mental Aptitude

The third limit of telekinesis relates to momentum. Telekinesis powers stretch to the imagination. Momentum can hamper this because the direction momentum is pushing is unable to be pushed against. For example, a user of telekinesis would not be able to force raindrops to move upward instead of downward.

This is due to not only the fact that it would be mentally impossible to focus on the millions of raindrops but also because the rain is being propelled downwards on a massive scale and large volumes. However, a user may be able to slow the speed of some raindrops in a small area. To get them to fly upward though would be almost impossible. 

Telekinesis Slow down Droplets

4) Control over Speed and Movement

The speed in which an object can be moved is bound by the laws of physics and thus the speed of light. However the speed an object can be moved is often related to the speed you would be able to push the object. But that doesn’t mean it’s as easy as just pushing an object. 

Let me show you a few example scenarios of what I mean:

 –  Giving a pencil a small push and then having it roll on its own is something almost all beginners can achieve. 
 – Giving a pencil a push and then steering it in any direction you want becomes vastly harder.
 – Giving a pencil a push up small uphill tilt becomes more than 10 times harder as now you are relying completely on your own telekinesis power and not getting assistance from the shape of the object or gravity.
 – Lifting a pencil of the ground and then guiding it and manipulating where it can go in all 3 directions is what is only possible to natural-born geniuses or people who have devoted their entire life to learning and mastering the skills of the mind.

Telekinesis Beginner Speed

Telekinesis Strengths

Outside of these limitations, telekinesis is still an incredible ability. Telekinesis powers in use can make life a whole lot easier. The capabilities of telekinesis extend to the imagination of the user. 

So long as the ideas fall within the limits they can be performed. With that said let us look at some simple uses that benefit using the power in everyday life. 

1) Control over all Matter

I think we can all agree just how freaking cool telekinesis is, right? The number of things you could accomplish on a grand scale with an ability to control all matter down to the very atoms… that is of course if you become a dedicated practitioner and master of it.

For the rest of us? Telekinesis is the ultimate cheat tool for our everyday life, be it to pass your phone to yourself because you accidentally left it on the counter before you went to sleep. You’re writing something at school and accidentally drop your pen, you can so easily just stop it before it even hits the ground and floats it back to yourself as if nothing happened. 

Not only that but it would be literally the coolest party trick to impress your friends or crush. You would instantly become the most interesting person in any group of people… but that doesn’t give you a reason to act better than others so make sure you keep your ego under control and don’t brag to everyone after you only learnt how to move a pencil a few inches ok?

Lastly, of course, is just how helpful it is for you know… lifting all the heavy things be it if you’re moving or cleaning the house just remember to not show off in front of your friends too much otherwise you’ll be forever labelled as “box mover” in their phone contacts.

Telekinesis Jedi Moving Objects

2) Combat and Self-protection

The next use of telekinesis powers comes in self-defence. There is conflict in life and sometimes it is unavoidable. During these occasions, telekinesis can be used as a mean of self-defence. 

It can be used to push the attacker away or throw them against an object to immobilize them. As a greater extent telekinesis can also be used to choke an individual although this is ill-advised unless in a dire situation.

There is a lot more that can be done with telekinesis although this is best to be learnt through experience.

What to be careful of when using Telekinesis

To close of I thought I’d write about some warnings you should keep in mind iv by any chance you go through the fierce training and come out as a great psychic. As a great man once said.. with great power comes great responsibility! And Telekinesis is no different to this great proverb.

1) Keep control over your Emotions

Emotions. I think this one is the most self-explanatory but telekinesis or any psychic power for that matter relies entirely on the mind. That’s why you must practice keeping your emotions under control because if for some reason you lose control it could lead fatal.

Especially because real-life telekinesis is far less powerful than that of movies like the x-men… but if for some reason you’re put through immense stress that could be a key to burst open the lock on your powers and have it come out at 100 times the strength of normal pen and psi wheel pushing.

Telekinesis Rage

2) Don’t grow an Ego

This one will mostly apply to you talented geniuses over there, that were lucky enough to be born with receptors that open far more easily than the rest of us. You must not take this gift for granted. Because once you do.. and experience that small feeling of invincibility when dealing with non-psychic people such as yourself.

That, that is when you will lose yourself and start becoming greedy and cocky about what it means to be a psychic. And that will be the same thing that will lead to your demise not soon after.

Telekinesis Robbery

2) Be careful of Governments and Labs

One thing that is for sure is that we have no clue and what exactly all the different governments and military bases could be performing and experimenting without there. And a guess that the any of the different country governments haven’t at the very least experimented in modifying the human body to try and forcefully unlock psychokinesis.

If you by any chance are able to master this ability and expose yourself, it’s very likely that you could be hearing a knock on your door from the secret police.

Telekinesis used in Wars

Final Notes;

That finalizes our informative and comprehensive guide on telekinesis! I hope you’ve learned something new or we answered any questions you might be having about what steps you should take to try and comprehend this power (we know it can get complicated sometimes).

Even though this little article has been quite lengthy it still only covers the tip of the iceberg of what telekinesis is, what it does, where it came from and how it works. This is a topic you never stop learning. This is why we hope to write more guides about this kinetic power as well as others so bookmark us and join our newsletter!