The Complete Guide on: Akashic Records Reading for Beginners


Opening the Akashic Records of one’s self is a tremendous feat. Gaining access to the invisible yet powerful vibrations that control the flow of the universe may sound like science-fiction, but it is not. Before you begin on your journey, I highly advise you to stop and take a few deep breaths. The journey you’re about to embark on will change the course of your destiny, and the destiny of those around you. Every time you begin or end your reading session, accompany it with a few preparative deep and conscious breaths. This will set your intentions straight because you’ll be able to dedicate your full attention to what you read.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The History of the Akashic Records What Are the Akashic Records?
  3. The History of the Akashic Records
    1. In Ancient India
    2. In Mayan Culture
    3. In Western Culture
  4. In Religious Contexts
    1. In Christianity and Judaism
    2. In Islam
  5. The Benefits of Reading the Akashic Records
    1. Learning from Your Past Lives
    2. Getting Definitive Answers to Your Questions
    3. Gaining More Confidence
    4. Having a Sanctuary
    5. Getting a Glimpse of Future Possibilities
    6. Improving Your Relationships
    7. Experiencing True Bliss
  6. Common Myths and Misconceptions
    1. Common Myths About Akashic Records
    2. Only a Few Can Understand and Interpret Akashic Records
    3. Humans Should not Access Akashic Records During their Lifetime
    4. People Seek Answers to the Future from Akashic Records
    5. Akashic Records are Used to Control People
    6. Accessing the Akashic Records will Tamper with the Soul Blueprint
    7. I am not Gifted Enough to Access Records
    8. I am Afraid Of Hearing Negative Things About Myself
    9. Akashic Records Can Provide Information to Solve Problems Immediately
    10. Can Akashic Records Make my Future Great?
  7. The Eternal Timeline
    1. Past Records
    2. Present Records
    3. Identifying Current Patterns of Negative Behavior
    4. Identifying Patterns of Negative Thoughts and Emotions
    5. Identifying Negative Spiritual Patterns
    6. Future Records
    7. Using Future Records to Fix Present Problems
    8. Revisiting Your Future Records
    9. The Pathway Prayer Process
    10. Opening Prayer
    11. Closing Prayer
  8. Past Lives
    1. The Significance of Past Lives in the Akashic Records
    2. Does Everyone Have Past Lives?
    3. Akashic Past Life Readings
    4. Past Life Regression versus Past Life Reading
    5. Akashic Records and Karma
    6. What Should You Look For In Past Lives?
    7. How Your Present Life Will Fare as a Past Life
  9. Find Your Purpose
    1. What Makes Purpose Important
    2. The Personal Records
    3. The Spiritual Purpose
    4. The Personal Purpose
    5. Being Stuck
    6. Untangling Karma
    7. The Akashic Records and Negative Emotions
    8. Reclaiming Power
    9. The True Depths of Healing
    10. Meditation
    11. How to Heal
    12. What is Healing?
    13. The Healing Aspect in the Akashic Records
    14. How to Heal
  10. How to Access and Read Your Akashic Records
    1. Rules to Keep in Mind When Accessing the Akashic Records
    2. The Role of the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones
    3. A Guide to How You Can Read Your Records
  11. Reading for Others
    1. The Difference Between Reading Your Akashic Records and Reading Someone Else’s
    2. What to Do If You Cannot Get a Person’s Consent
    3. How to Conduct an Akashic Reading for another Person
    4. Things You Can Do to Ensure the Integrity of the Reading
    5. The Benefits of Reading Others’ Akashic Records
  12. Exercises and Meditations
    1. Exercise 1: Open Your Heart Center
    2. Exercise 2: Clearing Records of Time
  13. When Your Purpose Piles Up
    1. Exercise: Unfold the Past
    2. Exercise: Viewing Past-life Records
    3. Rewrite Past-life Experiences
  14. Eleven Powerful Akashic Prayers to Transform Your Life
    1. 1. The Prayer of Permission
    2. 2. The Prayer of Alignment
    3. 3. The Prayer of Going Forward
    4. 4. The Prayer of Responsibility
    5. 5. The Prayer of Expulsion
    6. 6. The Prayer of Energy Patterns
    7. 7. Prayer of Ancestral Influence
    8. 8. The Prayer of Heaven
    9. 9. The Prayer of the Unknown
    10. 10. The Prayer of Joy
    11. 11. The Prayer of Healing
  15. Conclusion
  16. Umbrakinesis Definition: 
  17. What is Umbrakinesis? 
  18. Is Umbrakinesis real? 
    1. Umbrakinesis Aptitude Test
  19. How to Learn Umbrakinesis
  20. Umbrakinesis Training 
  21. Umbrakinesis Exercises 
  22. Umbrakinesis Spells 
  23. Dangers Associated with Umbrakinesis
  24. Darkness Manipulation
    1. How to Manipulate Darkness/Shadows?
    2. 1. Darkness Aura
    3. 2. Shadow Orb
    4. 3. Night Vision
    5. 4. Shadow Camouflage/Cloak
    6. 5. Shadow Portals
    7. 6. Animated shadow
    8. 7. Light Absorption
    9. 8. Shadow Attacks
    10. 9. Shadow Creation, chain kind item
    11. 10. Healing

Preparing your heart is as important as preparing your mind when accepting the information, you’ll read, along with practicing the exercises. While the roots of Akashic Records are buried deep in ancient practices, there is a lot of recently discovered information in this book that will help you gain access to your records smoothly. You’ll gain new knowledge about stuck emotions that are vibrating at bad frequencies, and you’ll gain knowledge about transforming them into higher and more joyous vibrations. You’ll begin by finding lingering wounds in your past, not just in this life, but past lives too. The healing process is difficult, but once people find their way through Akashic Records, it becomes much easier than people think. Introduction to karma and karmic patterns will help you gain enough insight into the historical roots that could be binding you in plateaus of low vibrations. While the information presented here won’t instill the power of change within you, it will make sure that it maximizes and amplifies the efforts you make to transform yourself. Joy is one of the main motivations for people to access the Akashic Records, and for a good reason.

You’ve probably tried to attract joy, and the results have been mostly underwhelming. And that’s normal, at first. Once you awaken the true power of joy within you through the Akashic Records, you’ll be able to see how vibrations and energy can easily influence you and your environment. The more time you spend in the Akashic Records, the more you’ll be able to properly sense joy. Attracting joy will be no problem because you’ll understand the very basic dynamics that control it, through your direct access to the Akashic Records.

Using the energies and vibrations flowing through your Akashic Records will give you the potential to manifest your deepest and most genuine desires. This manifestation is the product of seeing the world from a non-linear perspective, which opens up a world of opportunities blocked by a web of illusions. The limitations imposed upon you are, sadly, all internalized, designed to stop you from seeing the full truth. It is your responsibility to remove these restrictions through the Akashic Records.

Growth isn’t the end goal. You’re bound to grow with or without the Akashic Records. Stopping the flow of time and energy is impossible, but unique individuals can add to and improve upon the collective vibrations that bind us. The challenges you will encounter will not be easy, but each entanglement you unwind through the Akashic Records will be your ally.

Not everyone can comfortably talk about why they love themselves. Sadly, most of the time, people don’t love themselves as much as they need to. No external force can make you love yourself, whether you’re in a relationship with a loving person or if it’s your family that loves you. Bearing the load of karmic patterns and past traumatic events makes it very hard for people to accept and see themselves for who they truly are. Being afraid of discovering your true self because you may not like what you find is much worse than whatever you may discover. You can always use the Akashic Records to attract the change you deem necessary for your personal happiness and joy.

Be prepared to discover within you a whole new world, accessible through the Akashic Records. There is more to you than you may ever have thought. Many people spend years thinking that what is on the surface is all there is to explore. The great depths of our souls and energy are way more intriguing and interesting than the surface, with limitless variations. Allow yourself to accept the truth provided to you by the Akashic Records and take hold of your destiny.

The History of the Akashic Records What Are the Akashic Records?

When starting your spiritual journey, you need to have enough information to be in the right mindset. You need to quench your curiosity about the things you have long thought were beyond your understanding, and it does not help that there is little information that can be found on the Akashic Records. This is why you need to turn to professionals who have already acquired enough knowledge about the Records to guide you. The Akashic Records are based on faith, so you need to open yourself to this experience and let go of your doubts.

The word “Akashic” is an adjective derived from the word Akasha. In Sanskrit, the liturgical language of Hinduism, “Akasha,” has various meanings. Some of its shades of meanings include “space,” “ancient matter,” and “heavens.” However, these words do not tell us much about the nature of the Akashic Records. Put simply, the Akashic Records include every thought, intent, and deed that ever occurred in human history. It encompasses the records of other realities and dimensions. Every soul has its own records, in which its past, present, and possible future are inscribed. It is worth mentioning that the records of each individual change as they develop. Although they include future possibilities, Akashic Records do not function like a fortune teller. The possibilities depicted in the Records only allude to people’s choices. So, if you have ever wondered if you have a choice on how your life unfolds, be assured that the answer is yes— only your own choices shape your future. The Records are only there to help you reach a favorable outcome. Just think of the Akashic Records as a grand library that contains all the knowledge you need to better your life and reach harmony.

The Akashic Records contain vast knowledge about every occurrence in human history. That is why you can think of them as the records of humanity itself. Since the dawn of time, the Records have been presented to keep track of every source of life, including animals. They record every emotion you have ever felt, every thought that has ever crossed your mind, and every decision you have ever made. Yet, that does not mean that the Records judge

your choices or shortcomings as a human. They are only there to record your journey, to aid you, and help you to have a more gratifying experience as a human. The Akashic Records are based on a very interesting concept—the concept of reincarnation. To fully use the Records, you need to believe in that principle. Our world consists of perpetual cycles of death and rebirth. When you die, your soul, which has a specific vibration and essence, is reborn. The Akashic Records have inscriptions of your past lives too. By accessing them, you can learn of your past identity and make use of the experiences from your previous lives.

The Records have two main parts: a stagnant part and a developing one. The stagnant part refers to the essential design of the soul. Think of this design as the perfect state in which someone’s soul can exist. The other part, the developing one, records all the lives the soul has gone through. During these lives, the soul wakes up or learns of its genuine uniqueness. In this process, the soul can finally make sense of its essential design and find peace and tranquility. Therefore, reincarnation pertains to the Akashic Records.

You might be wondering where the Akashic Records are stored. This is a valid question that shows your willingness to believe in the Records and benefit from them. To answer your question, the Akashic Records are thought to exist in an ethereal, non-physical plane known as the “Akasha.” The Akasha flows through everything in our universe. It flows through nature, matter, and our souls. The Akasha is somewhat like the Force in Star Wars; it encompasses everything. However, the key difference between the two is that the Records do not give you any physical power like telekinesis. The power the Akasha Records gives you is much subtler and understated. They give you a mental and spiritual power to forge your path and find your essential design—to tune your soul to reach its most perfect state.

This begs the question; should you have special powers to access the Akashic Records? The short answer is no—you do not have to be a psychic to access your records. In the past, the Akashic Records were only accessed by shamans, psychics, and some philosophers—people highly attuned to their souls either through psychic powers or plain faith. However, this has greatly changed. In

the past few years, there has been a surge in the number of people able to access their records and make use of them. This might be attributed to the state of consciousness that humanity has recently reached. We have become more attuned to our souls, so accessing the Records now is not as hard as it used to be 100 years ago. Some people think that accessing the Akashic Records can be done only when they are not fully conscious. Some claim they accessed their records in dreams or when they were not conscious. Others point out that they accessed theirs through meditation or a deep trance, both of which involve a state of semi-consciousness. Some say that having a near-death experience is the only way to access the Akashic Records. Yet, this is too extreme and rather unnecessary. You do not have to be on the verge of death to access your records. They are yours, which makes them your birthright. You never have to put yourself in unnecessary danger to read them. Yoga, meditation, and other similar techniques may help you reach a deep state of focus and tranquility. One of the most potent methods used to access the Akashic Records is the Sacred Mayan Prayer. Although the Sacred Prayer can help, it is not sufficient on its own. Opening yourself to the experience and being willing to believe are key to successfully accessing the Akashic Records.

The History of the Akashic Records

Something as potent as the Akashic Records can never stay undetected for long. We can find evidence and various mentions of the Records that date back to ancient civilizations. Records have become a key player in many cultures and societies. However, because the Akashic Records are sometimes referenced to by an array of other names, it’s hard to deduce that all those names actually refer to the same concept—the Akashic Records. Despite what some might think, the Records do not oppose or contradict any religion. The Akashic Records are not a religion on their own. We can find mentions of the Records in Hinduism and even Christianity. In Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian civilization was perhaps one of the first civilizations to mention the concept of the Akashic Records. Evidence of this belief can be easily found in ancient scrolls and texts encoded in hieroglyphs. By discovering those scrolls and decoding them, we can understand how the ancient Egyptians perceived the Akashic Records. The scrolls mention that the priests, or people who could tap into spiritual power, accessed and read their records. Not only that, but they also read the records of others. Of course, that put them in high regard; they were greatly revered by everyone, and even pharaohs sought their counsel. They also interpreted dreams based on the knowledge they gained from the Records. Even ordinary people, who could not read the Records, believed in their existence. The goddess, Seshat, was known as the “Keeper of the Library” or the “Keeper of the Great Book of Souls.” Ancient Egyptians also called the Akashic Records the “Repository of Thoth.”

In Ancient India

Just like ancient Egyptians, the ancient Indian sages of the Himalayas believed in the existence of the Akashic Records. They believed that every soul had its own records in which its whole life was depicted. They also thought that if people could focus enough, they could access the records and read them. This belief has extended to today’s readings of palm leaves. Palm readers believe those leaves include parts of the Akashic Records and that everyone has a specific leaf on which parts of their Records can be seen.

According to the beliefs of Hindu mysticism, the Akasha represents the material used to record deeds, thoughts, paths, and emotions. It is thought that Akasha is also an essential component of natural elements, such as air, water, and fire. In this sense, the Akasha encompasses everything, keeping all elements connected and in sync.

In Mayan Culture

The Akashic Records was an open secret in the Mayan culture. Even regular people knew of the records. Those who were able to read them, the high priests and priestesses, shared the knowledge they gained from the Akashic Records with other people to help them forge their path and reach a higher level of knowledge and serenity. Perhaps one of the greatest contributions the Mayans made in connection to the Akashic Records was their creation of the Sacred Prayer. The Sacred Prayer helps anyone access and benefit from the records if they are in a deep state of focus and spiritual attunement.

In Western Culture

Eastern civilizations and cultures are not the only sources of information on the Akashic Records. Western culture caught up around the 16th century. The famous seer, astrologer, and physician, Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus, wrote mysterious verses of poetry that predicted future events. He even predicted the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the September 11th attacks. It is often thought that he might have accessed the Akasha Records by employing means that stem from Greek visions and Sufi mysticism. One of the first explicit mentions of the Records in western societies was in the late 19th century. The Russian occultist, thinker, and writer Helena Petrovna Blavatsky said that Akasha could create much energy, whether physical or otherwise. Rudolf Steiner, the known Austrian clairvoyant and philosopher, maintained that people could go beyond the material realm to gain more truth and knowledge about themselves. Perhaps the greatest proponent of the Akashic Records was Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet. He held many sessions where he answered people’s questions and offered them suggestions to heal based on his access to the Akashic Records. Contrary to other beliefs, he thought that the

Akashic Records were found on Earth. He proposed that people were ready to make use of the records and forge their destiny. Interestingly, during one of his sessions, the Records revealed that he would fall sick if he continued his readings. He did not heed the warning and died just a year later.

In Religious Contexts

In Christianity and Judaism

The Akashic Records are mentioned under different names in Judaism and Christianity. They are called either the Book of Remembrance or the Book of the Living. Mentioned in the Book of Revelation and the Hebrew Bible, the book of the Living is used to record the names of people who have forged a righteous path for themselves. Those whose names are found in the book are spared from the last judgment. The Book of the Living is mentioned at least six times in the Book of Revelation.

In Islam

The Akashic Records in Islam are known as the Book of Decrees or Preserved Tablet. The Preserved Tablet includes all the thoughts, events, and intents that have ever existed since the dawn of time. The core difference between Islam’s interpretation and other interpretations of the Akashic Records is the belief that everyone has an angel who records their deeds. According to this belief, an angel is assigned to every individual and follows them, recording everything they do.

The Benefits of Reading the Akashic Records

After this healthy dose of history and general information on the Akashic Records, you may now wonder about how they can benefit you. Well, accessing and reading the Akashic Records can prove to be a life-transforming experience. The vast knowledge found in the Records can point you in the right direction and give your life a much-needed purpose. Here are some merits of accessing your Akashic Records:

Learning from Your Past Lives

We have established that the concept of reincarnation is closely tied to the Akashic Records. The Records depict your soul’s entire history, including your past lives. It is natural to be curious about who you were in your past lives, as such a discovery can help you know who you are now. By reading your Akashic Records, you can learn more about yourself and find your life’s purpose. Also, some aspects of your past lives might be affecting your current one. For example, you might have been plagued by poverty in a previous life, and that poverty is now an aspect of your current one. In a similar vein, certain phobias that seem to have no known source or triggers can be a sign of a problem in one of your previous lives. By identifying what is blocking you from having a fuller, richer experience, you can clear these blocks and feel more self-assured.

Getting Definitive Answers to Your Questions

Perpetual curiosity is a big part of the human experience. We questioned, doubted, and searched for answers. However, finding definitive answers to your big questions can prove difficult. After all, you are a mortal who does not possess vast, divine knowledge. What if I told you that you could tap into that knowledge and get answers to your burning questions and more? Accessing and reading the Akashic Records can be just the thing you need. You can learn from the Masters and Teachers of the Records about the secrets of the universe and finally find the peace you have always yearned to feel.

Gaining More Confidence

All humans experience moments when negative thoughts dominate their lives. This natural yet scary part of existence can hamper your plans and make you doubt yourself. These moments of self-doubt

can cause you to underestimate yourself or even quit the activities you are most passionate about. Because we need reassurance occasionally, we need to trust in something bigger than ourselves— something that holds all knowledge. The Akashic Records can help reassure you of your worth and talents. The confirmation the Records provide might enable you to go on with your life and identify your soul’s essential design. Not only will this enhance your quality of life, but it will also help you make informed decisions based on your soul’s identity and talents.

Having a Sanctuary

We all dream of having a safe space, a refuge, or a sanctuary where we can have all the time in the world to reflect and grow. Akashic Records offer the perfect place to do so. They are, in themselves, a sanctuary where you can just take a few minutes to relax and forget about your everyday worries. Nothing is hurried in the Records; you are not tied to someone else’s schedule. It is a place where the concepts of time and space disappear, allowing you an organic reflecting experience through which you can know who you are and who you will be. This is perhaps why many people who have accessed the Akashic Records return to them multiple times a day for meditation and reflection. It is a place only governed by serenity and knowledge.

Getting a Glimpse of Future Possibilities

This is where the potential of the Akashic Records shines. Because the Records contain information about the past, present, and future, it includes all the possible paths your soul can take. Accessing and reading your Akashic Records can offer an enlightening experience. Instead of wondering about the future, with all its vagueness and unknown paths, you can have all the possibilities stretched out before your eyes. The Akashic Records do not function as a crystal ball that shows you your future, as only you can shape your destiny. But the knowledge they encompass can help you create the outcome you want based on your informed choices. For instance, Edgar Cayce could have stepped back from his Akashic readings to avoid health issues, yet he chose not to. The possibilities the Records show you are just events that might occur according to what you choose. The insights they offer are informative, nonetheless.

Improving Your Relationships

Sometimes, we just wish we knew more about how we could improve our relationships. If you are one of the people who find it hard to form and maintain human connections, reading your records can help you overcome this problem. By gaining information about your past lives, you can identify what is blocking you from having healthy relationships, healing and forgive rather than flood yourself with negativity. And you can gain more insights about your loved ones, which will greatly help you improve your relationship with them.

Experiencing True Bliss

The Akashic Records exude an immense amount of light, and such light can feel heady to average humans. Just by standing at the gateways of the Akashic Records, you can get a glimpse of this light, entering a state of full rapture. This state occurs due to the amount of divine energy you are subjected to when you read your records. During this process, you should feel more in sync with your soul and the divine nature that surrounds you.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

Some common myths and misconceptions surround Akashic Records and are mainly driven by a lack of knowledge. In this chapter, we will discuss these myths in detail and why people should embrace Akashic records for their moral, spiritual, and psychological fulfillment.

Common Myths About Akashic Records

As you have read in the previous chapter, Akashic Records consist of a record of what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. These are powerful and intuitive tools, comprised of life- changing information that can help readers connect with various records. According to the records, time is flat, and something that happened many years back could also happen to you today or tomorrow.

Everything has its Akashic Record, which can also be called “A Book of Life.” However, certain myths embody some beliefs, and some misconceptions are mistaken and wrong with Akashic Records. Different myths and misconceptions overlap sometimes; hence the two terms will be used interchangeably in this chapter.

Only a Few Can Understand and Interpret Akashic Records

The greatest myth surrounding the Akashic Records is that only a select few individuals who are “holier-than-thou” are anointed by God to understand the Records. According to this myth, Records can be understood by a few people gifted with the talent of interpreting them to others. This myth is based on self-worth, where other people often want to view themselves as better than others. This myth posits to the effect that if you are not chosen, then you are not worthy.

The truth about this myth is that we all have an Akashic Record that has been part of our lives for a very long time. The Record originates from the same source that all others do, showing we all come from the same energy. Therefore, since we are all complete and have access to get all the things we need, if we choose carefully, we are more or less the same. No people are more worthy than others. To dispel this myth, the counterargument heavily draws from equality, which states we are all equal before God. This makes it possible for everyone to understand the meaning of Records without seeking assistance from the “chosen ones.”

Humans Should not Access Akashic Records During their Lifetime

There is also a false belief which states that humans should not access Akashic Records during their lifetime. The myth says that humans have only the privilege to peer inside the Records when

they die. A closer analysis of this myth shows it does not make sense since it defies logic for the source to create records about our actions, deeds, thoughts, and other information about our lifetime only to be used when we are dead.

The purpose of the information stored in the Records is that it should be applied to our life so it can help us make informed, life-changing decisions. Records should help us learn and master different skills and techniques that can improve our lives instead of accessing that information only when we are dead. We are provided with the tools that can help us make aligned and appropriate decisions throughout our lives instead of waiting to die first and then applying that knowledge. Likewise, we live once, therefore, so we should use the knowledge that we acquire to improve our lives.

People Seek Answers to the Future from Akashic Records

This is a misconception that purports that people can ask the Records for answers about the future. Sometimes, the answers you will get do not necessarily come to fruition as suggested or described by the Records. When you consult Akashic Records for answers, you should always remember that you are the master of your destiny. Thus, you should be in control of your life and know that the Records are there to tell you the most likely outcome of something based on the trajectory of events you are already within.

The records are not synonymous with prophecy, but they just act as guidelines that can help you decide based on the outcome of a similar situation that has happened. The same trajectory can also happen, and you can use it to create your new path. However, you can use the Records to redirect your possible outcomes from a specific scenario rather than depending on the Records to provide you answers. The records are effective because they help you project the likely outcome of something based on experience. Here, it is the experience that can help you deduce probable answers from the things yet to occur.

Akashic Records are Used to Control People

Another misconception is that Akashic Records are a form of mystery used to control people. In other sectors of different societies, these records are viewed as a cult controlled by sects and religions to have power over other people. Certain religions seek to control

other people so they can gain power and make more money, but Akashic Records are not like these sects. These are records that can be relied on for life-changing purposes and other related needs. Therefore, if you use the Records for spiritual, moral, and psychological guidance, then no one can control you. The only person who can control you is the one whom you permit to do so. For instance, if you join a religious cult, you are effectively giving the leaders some power to control you. Otherwise, you are fully in control of your life, and no one else can control you if you do not allow it. Akashic Records present the users with the opportunity to make personal choices in life with no undue influence from other people.

Accessing the Akashic Records will Tamper with the Soul Blueprint

Some people believe that they are not allowed to access the Akashic Records because they will tamper with their soul blueprint. According to this myth, the guide gives you the soul blueprint that can lead to the implosion of the whole world if you tamper with it. However, there is no reason you should deprive yourself of access to something that is already written or recorded. There is a purpose for anything that is written, and the Records are no exception. It is the living who can read so we can see that the Records are specifically meant for us to be read.

You can choose your path in consultation with your guides who have a responsibility to guide you in your path towards the growth of the soul. The guides are only there to help you, and there is no judgment or any hierarchy that can scare you. You can get as much support as you want from the guide since you have free will. When you access your Records, your reality will not be compromised. Everything will be joyful and fun as you learn. Information is not cast in stone and you have the power and will to change it so it can suit your needs. You can choose the information you want, which will help create the best life for yourself. You can get help from others, while you choose the information that has true meaning to your life. Thus, accessing information from the Records will not tamper with your soul blueprint but, instead, gives you its power and strength so you can realize your goals and aspirations.

I am not Gifted Enough to Access Records

This myth emanates from the inferiority complex among different people. Whereas everyone can access the Records, there is someone who is saying that they are not gifted to do the same. The question is, says who? You should also ask yourself why you feel that you are less than what you are worth. The belief that you hold for yourself can make you feel that you are not gifted to access Records, but the truth of the matter is that this has nothing to do with the records. Some people lack self-confidence, and these are the people who believe that certain things are impossible.

Accessing your Records should be a matter of personal choice, and nothing can stop you. This helps you to identify your talents and divine gifts, which require belief and a willingness to allow the connection. To create this connection, people need to work on the relationship. Your willingness to be connected will determine your connection with your Records. The primary thing you should work on is overcoming an inferiority complex that can make you feel you are not gifted. Only then will you be able to access your Records and change your life.

A positive attitude leads to behavior change, which, in turn, can shape your perceptions and world view. Some people simply believe that they cannot do something because of fear. Instead of thinking you are not gifted enough to access the Records, you need to have a positive attitude. To overcome the fear of the unknown, you should give remind yourself that nothing is impossible.

I am Afraid Of Hearing Negative Things About Myself

It is natural to have this kind of negative intuition about yourself, but the truth is that you are not as bad as you think. Some people fear opening their Records for fear of hearing bad things about their past and their contributions to the world. This fear factor is mainly induced by a lack of self-confidence, and this has contributed to the downfall of many people. All the same, you should know that every person has a purpose on this planet, and your contribution cannot be like every individual. The fact that you matter should help you overcome the negative perceptions that you may have about yourself.

Records mainly focus on love and truth. These two components play a pivotal role in shaping our integrity and how we relate with others

in society. Therefore, you should accept your personality and remember that Records are done out of love to help you realize weaknesses so that you can clear them. The Records are also aimed at giving you the power to create a pleasant path where you choose right over wrong. Essentially, we all aim to be righteous, and this can be achieved if we are in a position to learn from previous mistakes so that we avoid following the same path again.

The judgment about self is outdated since it can only slide you more into shame. When you ask questions of the Records, you should not always expect positive comments. In real life, constructive criticism is vital since it helps us to realize where we are lacking. When you know your weaknesses, you are in a better position to improve yourself and become a better person.

Akashic Records Can Provide Information to Solve Problems Immediately

There is also a false belief among people that Akashic Records can provide specific information to help the user to immediately solve problems. In one way or the other, every person experiences confusion as well as frustration with life such that they seek divine intervention to overcome the challenges. Some people believe that if they turn to the Records, they can get immediate answers that can solve their problems.

Indeed, you will get support and answers to the questions and problems you are experiencing in life, but you should not expect everything to be sudden. The purpose of Akashi Records is to help you self-introspect so that you can get the truth of what you want from yourself. You can bring your questions to the Records, and what you should expect to get is not a rapid response but guidance that can help you overcome the challenges that you are be facing. The response that you will get helps to open your heart and soul to other alternatives that can help you resolve the challenges that you are facing. There are different problem-solving strategies that you should apply to get long-lasting solutions to the challenges that you may be experiencing at any given time. While you can get the assistance that can help you solve different problems, the ultimate solutions come from your heart, which knows what is good for you.

Can Akashic Records Make my Future Great?

Akashic Records are specifically concerned about your intuition now, and there is often a false belief that they can predict your future and make it great. The records have nothing to do with acquiring unique skills that can transform your future, but they simply help you learn to trust yourself. Lack of trust is the major contributor to failure among people. Therefore, trusting yourself is a major stride towards the attainment of your desired goals in life.

Records do not expand your psychic abilities. They can only help you cope with fear, while at the same time realizing the disbelief within you that can impact your desire to live happily. Records can help you to open up to any opportunity that comes your way. Records are also amazing in that they help create self-awareness about different things that can affect your life. Since the Records constitute spiritual practice, you should use them to seek guidance so that you can pursue your dreams with confidence. To be on the right track, you should show some willingness to change your mind so that you can have a different world view.

As you have observed above, Akashic Records are an amazing tool that can be used by anyone with an open mind. You can open the records and ask anything about your life. Records can uplift your soul to another level, especially when you discover the hidden truth about your personality. They are life-changing, and they can help you shape your destiny. Indeed, none but ourselves can determine our destinies, so Akashic Records are the best good starting point if you want to achieve greatness in your life.

The Eternal Timeline

As explained in the previous chapter, the Akashic Records contain every thought, intent, or emotion you have ever felt in this life or your previous ones. The Records also contain possible future outcomes, which is why you may be tempted to access and read your Records. The Akashic Records of the past, present, and future create what is known as the “eternal timeline.” This timeline can be easily traveled through the Pathway Prayer Process. However, before learning how you can access the records, you must know the distinction between past, present, and future records.

Past Records

Your soul might choose to be reincarnated for many reasons. Some just want to fix some of the mistakes and patterns of their previous lives, while others want to come to enjoy the bliss that life experiences can offer. It requires many reincarnations to reach your soul’s essential design or most perfect state. Nonetheless, your willingness to open your records shows that this life might be the turning point for you. Indubitably, your past lives can affect your current one through your recorded karma. In Sanskrit, the word usually means “deed” or “action,” but karma usually goes beyond that. It encompasses your thoughts and emotions too. Traumatic experiences or negative thoughts and emotions can create blocks in our current lives. This, of course, can prevent us from enjoying our lives to the fullest. So, many people seek to open their past records to identify the source of the problems they are facing. Yet, first, you need to investigate present life clues that point to the possibility that your past lives are impacting you now.

Look at your current patterns of behavior. Usually, current patterns are a result of old ones. For example, if you cannot seem to shoulder the responsibility of your work and jump from one job to the next every few months, this could indicate that you had issues with stability and responsibility in your past lives. This also applies to addictions and negative thought patterns. Often, people who are plagued with negative thoughts, or immerse themselves in negative patterns, have destructive past life patterns that reoccur. To put a stop to such patterns, you need to open your past records to find the root of the problem.

Similarly, chronic physical or medical problems, like arthritis, can signal past life traumatic events or accidents. For instance, if you are suffering from chronic pain that refuses to be cured, no matter how many treatments you get, you may discover that it is the result of a severe injury you sustained in one of your past lives. Your financial situation can also be influenced by your past lives. By investigating the patterns of poverty dominating your life and accessing your records, you might be surprised to discover that you suffered from the same circumstances before and that the pattern is just repeating itself.

Another aspect that many are interested in investigating is their relationship problems. Unfortunately, not everyone has it easy; some cannot form or sustain any meaningful relationships. If you are one of those people, rest assured that there is nothing wrong with you. Past karma can be a plausible cause for your dissatisfaction when it comes to personal relationships. The thoughts we feed ourselves make up the energy that flows to the Akashic Records and inscribes your development. Your past self might have focused on negative thoughts about love. They might have felt that they were unworthy of it or that it was a source of weakness. Those thoughts are now recorded in your past records and continue to influence your current relationships. However, there is no reason to fret, as you can fix the problem by uprooting its cause.

It is easy to misunderstand how karma works in the context of the Akashic Records, but you must know that it does not refer to judgment or punishment. It is simply a record of how your past lives were lived. In fact, your past records contain millions of positive experiences that you can learn from. Even traumatic incidents and experiences provide a great chance of growing and reaching your soul’s most perfect state. There are three reasons for karma: repetition, retribution, and compensation. Repetition refers to a behavior pattern that keeps recurring. However, every time it does, it becomes more dangerous. For instance, if someone had minor problems with overeating in one life, such a pattern may be repeated in their current one, causing more severe results like eating disorders. Retribution, on the other hand, refers to negative or difficult past relationships. Negative aspects of relationships like

abuse and mistrust in a past life might create a pattern that perpetuates and impacts your present relationships. Finally, compensation refers to things you lacked in your previous lives and are trying to compensate for in this one. This compensation can, nonetheless, be dangerous. If you were poor in a previous life, you might compensate for this now by overspending. Certainly, overspending is negative compensation and a pattern you need to eliminate from your life.

So, how can you fix something that has already been recorded? Well, the process is called “rewriting your past records.” However impossible this may sound, you need to know that you have full control over your records and can rewrite your past ones once you gain enough enlightenment. You need to start by focusing on the one aspect you want to view. For example, you can focus on your relationship issues. Your Akashic Records will then let you view the past event that led to your problems. Now, by viewing and understanding that experience, you can rewrite it. To do that, envision a better conclusion to the situation. Let’s say that you cannot find a partner now. By viewing your past records, you may discover that you had a difficult relationship with your spouse in one of your past lives. You can then change the outcome of this relationship by envisioning that you started listening to each other more and fixed your marriage. Doing that should remove the blockage you have been suffering from and allow you to pursue healthy relationships.

Present Records

While accessing your past records can help you heal and remove blockages from your life, reading your present Akashic Records has many more benefits. Every moment is recorded in detail in the records, and your soul is always vibrating and providing your records with enough energy to inscribe everything. What does that mean? It means that your current behavior, thought processes, and emotions are continuously recorded and will most certainly affect you in the future. By the time you read your past records in one of your next lives, your current choices will have led to either a satisfactory life or a lacking one. This is why it is extremely important to control yourself and enforce positive thoughts and emotions.

Identifying Current Patterns of Negative Behavior

Opening your present Akashic Records can shed light on your current patterns of behavior. It can show you both your positive and negative patterns. Although you cannot exactly rewrite your present records because they are always changing, you can change your behavior in real life. In this sense, the Akashic Records are only there to help you recognize destructive patterns and fix them. For instance, you might be struggling with alcoholism and remain oblivious to the fact that it has become a real problem. Your present records can help you see this from a different perspective, allowing you to finally acknowledge that you indeed have a problem. You can then use this knowledge to better your life and enhance your soul’s vibrations.

Identifying Patterns of Negative Thoughts and Emotions

You are the sole entity responsible for your happiness, and you are the only one who can choose to live happily. In this spirit, your current thoughts and emotions have a big impact on your future. The way you perceive yourself is of utmost importance. If you are always having negative or self-deprecating thoughts, you can open your present records to investigate the problem and find more clarity on the issue. We are not going to advocate the power of positive thinking because it has already been proven effective, but you really need to assert your self-worth and boost your self-esteem if you want to change your life. Because the Akashic Records are very sensitive to everything we think, feel, or do, we need to always think positively, even when faced with difficult situations. For example, choosing to focus only on the worst aspects of your job is bound to be inscribed in your records and may even cause problems during your next reincarnation. Instead, you can focus on its positive aspects, whether that is an experience or monetary gain. When assigned a difficult task, instead of thinking, “I can’t finish this,” you can say to yourself, “It is certainly a difficult task, but I am sure I can do it.” Apply this to every aspect of your life, and you will reap amazing benefits.

Identifying Negative Spiritual Patterns

Your spirit may be encumbered by the difficulties you are facing or the everyday worries you must deal with. However, this does not

mean that there is no way to fix this. To combat this, you must focus on your negative patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions, using the previous points for guidance. By doing that, you will be effectively healing your soul and helping it transcend old worries and grievances. This, in turn, will increase your soul’s vibrations and help it reach its divine ideal faster. In the long run, this process will unlock many worthwhile future opportunities that you would not be able to make use of otherwise. Acknowledging that everything you do can affect your future, as well as the next reincarnations, can help you adopt a new outlook on life, helping you indulge in fresh experiences and utilize positive thinking to your advantage.

Future Records

Akashic Records open up a world of possibilities, as you can use them to gain more foresight about the future. A lot of people think that accessing their future records is dangerous because they might risk seeing something bad happening to them down the line. They prefer to stay blind to their future. The experience of seeing your future, while hard, can be truly enlightening. You cannot get this information elsewhere, and by remembering that your records are essentially your birthright, you can understand that they mean you no harm; they are only there to guide you to your divine ideal. Nonetheless, because your soul’s energy and vibrations are writing your present records now, your future records are ever-changing. Nothing is set in stone, and this realization might put you at ease. Even if you end up seeing an unfavorable outcome, it does not necessarily mean that whatever you have seen will take place. All you can see by accessing your future records are mere possibilities until you decide to act on them.

Using Future Records to Fix Present Problems

Getting a glimpse of the future is not a means of tormenting yourself. Although seeing a traumatic event down the line is certainly dispiriting, the Akashic Records are just trying to nudge you in the right direction. They are giving you the chance to change your destiny. The possibilities you can see now are merely a reflection of your current choices and actions. They are the most logical outcomes that can stem from your present behavior. For example, if you have been recently overworking yourself, one of your future

possibilities might include health or relationship problems due to your busy schedule. The Records will alert you to this and help you find the root of the problem. Through this process, you can identify negative current patterns that you might have been previously unaware of. This way, you can take active steps to eliminate such patterns and change future outcomes.

Revisiting Your Future Records

As you change your current patterns of thoughts, behavior, and emotions, your future Akashic Records will change too. As we have previously mentioned, the future records reflect your current actions. So, it makes sense to revisit them occasionally, to gauge the way your future will shape up to be, based on the new changes you have implemented. Of course, if you have made a drastic change, your future records will be greatly altered. You might even notice that some scenarios have disappeared completely and been replaced with new, more positive ones. Yet, if you cannot sense a big change in your future records, you need to give yourself time. Sometimes, changes take a while to affect your life. Although your future records may seem stagnant now, rest assured that they are just waiting for the change to take effect. So, try to check your future Akashic Records as often as possible to see all the new possibilities recently added to your records.

The Pathway Prayer Process

The Pathway Prayer is a means of accessing the Akashic Records. It was developed by Linda Howe, who holds a Ph.D. in spiritual studies and is the founder of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies that was established to encourage using the Akashic Records for empowerment. Considered the most effective and simplest method of accessing one’s records, the Pathway Prayer is very easy to use, which makes it great for beginners who want to consult the wisdom of the Records. What also makes this method very potent is that it can work when you want to read your own records or someone else’s. So, this layer of versatility is certainly appreciated. The Pathway Prayer has two parts: an opening prayer and a closing one. The opening prayer consists of requesting the direction and guidance of the Masters of the records, the Teachers, and the Loved Ones. In the closing prayer, you thank the Akashic

Records for the provided insight. Most importantly, you need to use your legal name when chanting the opening prayer. The third paragraph should be repeated thrice. The first time, you need to use the personal pronouns “me” and “myself.” In the second and third time, make sure to use your legal name instead of the personal pronouns highlighted between brackets. According to Linda Howe (2009), the text of the Pathway Prayer is as follows:

Opening Prayer

And so, we do acknowledge the Forces of Light
Asking for guidance, direction, and courage to know the Truth As it is revealed for our highest good and the highest good of Everyone connected to us.
Oh, Holy Spirit of God,
Protect me from all forms of self-centeredness
And direct my attention to the work at hand.
Help me to know (myself) in the Light of the Akashic Records, To see (myself) through the eyes of the Lords of the Records, And enable me to share the wisdom and compassion that the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of (me) have for (me).
The Records are now open.

Closing Prayer

I would like to thank the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones for their love and compassion.
I would like to thank the Lords of the Akashic Records for their point of view.

And I would like to thank the Holy Spirit of Light for all knowledge and healing.
The Records are now closed. Amen.
The Records are now closed. Amen.

The Records are now closed. Amen. (p. 165)

Past Lives

Beyond the physical actions that contribute to our existence, have you often pondered a more intricate explanation of how we came about as human beings? Perhaps it’s the innate curiosity of the human mind and the belief that there must be something more to our being other than the hard facts that we know about the cycle of life. We are born, we go unknowingly through a life filled with a myriad of possibilities until we eventually perish. Simple truths that no one, no matter their beliefs, can dare to challenge. However, to some, the idea of this isolated existence in which every human walks their own path in life alone does not seem convincing enough. They believe the realm of spirits to be far more connected than what our earthly minds could possibly understand.

Many eastern religions that originated in Asia, like Hinduism and Buddhism, are based on the dichotomy of body and soul. Just because a person dies does not mean that their soul follows; instead, it continues in some other form or shape. Building on the concept of soul continuity, modern religions emerged, such as Theosophy, which was established in New York in the United States sometimes during the late nineteenth century.

Theosophy, and other later religions, teach that every single human thought, action, or feeling that takes place on earth, whether good or bad, is recorded in a metaphysical memory system known as the Akashic Records. Beyond merely keeping records of the aggregate doings of mankind, the Akashic records are thought to have an immense effect on the way we live our lives, our relationships, and the kind of future we attract. Those who subscribe to the validity of the Akashic Records argue that accessing one’s records can divulge information about their past lives, hoping that it might help them to have more control over their destiny, based on the lives they are leading.

Accessing the records is no longer exclusive to certain individuals; regular people can seek guidance to do so on their own. In this chapter, we are going to focus on exploring past lives through the Akashic Records. So, if this is your first time reading about the records, remember to keep an open mind to get the most out of your reading.

The Significance of Past Lives in the Akashic Records

Based on the belief that the human soul is indefinite, and that the Akashic Records holds data about what has been, is, and will be, you can learn about your own past lives through accessing the records. Getting to know about your own soul’s past, where it has been, and the lives it held can help you identify why you have certain feelings, or how you cultivated specific behaviors. You must have heard the saying that you cannot know where you are going unless you understand where you came from; by allowing you a peek through the past, the Akashic Records can help you to go through life with more conviction. To put it in a more romanticized manner, past lives are the chance for your soul to get it right.

By living multiple lives, your soul is on an eternal journey to continuously improve until it can finally reach a state of higher being. Buddha himself is believed to have had close to a thousand lives before he reached enlightenment. This underlying glorification of redemption is not foreign to all earthly religions known to us humans. When it comes to matters of the soul, nothing is absolute. Maybe it is our egos that initiated the idea of the continuity of our souls, our own rejection of the possibility of being done, and stopping to exist once and for all. The idea of past lives, however, references fluidity and a kind of immortality that surpasses our physical bodies.

Does Everyone Have Past Lives?

This must be one of the first questions that crossed your mind when you first heard about the Akashic Records. You must have heard about the theories of reincarnation and how many people strongly believe that they used to be someone else in a past life. Although you might think that such people have an exclusive connection with other worlds, if you pay closer attention, you can find tons of rather tangible clues that support the validity of this claim. Think about the feeling of familiarity that you experience when you meet some people for the first time. Why do you think you seem to “connect” without any prior interactions? What about the concept of deja vu? You go to a place you have never seen before and meet people you never knew existed, yet somehow it all feels like a playback of a memory stored somewhere deep in your psyche.

There are never any clear explanations about these unnatural phenomena, no matter how they are commonly dismissed as mystic occurrences. Furthermore, the special bond you have with another person, or affinity towards a place, is more evidence that your soul has already met or visited them before in another life. It is not an easy thing to wrap your head around if you haven’t been down that road before, where you choose to entertain your inquisitive mind. However, when you buy into the idea that everything holds a meaning, you can discover a lot by simply opening your eyes and preparing your senses to analyze what is happening around you.

Akashic Past Life Readings

Now that you understand more about the theory of past lives, and how you can benefit from such knowledge, you must know what to expect from Akashic past life readings. Maybe you are at a point in your life where you feel so overwhelmed by the noise around you that you decide it is time to look into yourself. Many people waste so much time trying to control circumstances and outward events that they do not have any power over, and only a few reach the realization that all they must do is focus on themselves. Seeking to access the Akashic Records is a way of adopting the notion that your past, present, and future coexist together somewhere that you can reach, to find abundance and good fortune in your life. Once you decide to go through with this plan, you can choose to do a guided quest, as mentioned above, or you can take it upon yourself to request accessing the records. Later, in other chapters of this book, you will be introduced to a step-by-step guide on how to access the Akashic records and have your own reading. However, for now, we want to focus on the role that past lives play in the Akashic readings. Reaching your past lives can be very useful when you are looking for answers that do not exist in your current life, why certain fears are holding you back, or pinpointing some patterns in your relationships with your loved ones.

You have the option to visit either:

  1. Your Most Recent Past Life
    This is the life that is closer to our definition of time or to the life you have right now.
  2. Your Most Significant Past Life
    This life is the one that seems to have the greatest effect on your current one. For some reason, the experiences that transpired in that life resonate rather strongly with what you are going through now.
  3. Your Soul’s Past life of Choice
    This past life is the one that your soul freely chooses to revisit. You might not get the chance to know why, but if you like, you can come back to it later in future readings to look for answers about this specific past life. As we mentioned earlier, there is a reason and meaning behind everything, so it is always a good idea to dig deeper. It will help you get to know more about yourself and your soul’s travels.

Past Life Regression versus Past Life Reading

In past life regressions, you get the chance to experience your past lives in a fuller way by going under the hypnosis of a specialized therapist and get to live vicariously through that period. Although it is more intricate and offers deeper insights, past life regressions are relatively expensive and usually take multiple sessions before they can be fruitful, not to mention having to endure the inconvenience of being hypnotized. Past life readings, on the other hand, give you access to your past lives in an easier way. You might take longer to reach the same depth as with past life regressions; however, to normal people, it is usually enough to put them in contact with their previous lives. Both past life regressions and readings share the same purpose, to help you use the information you uncover in your present life.

Most experienced readers warn their subjects about getting sucked into a past reality and losing their grip on reality, reveling in the what- has-been. They can lose their way in their current life and get caught in a state of limbo where they are neither here nor there. If you are going to attempt either, you must identify your intentions and commit to them and avoid being sidetracked despite the temptations. You must understand that past lives are in no way an alternative to your present life; instead, they allow you to learn from past lessons and make better choices, living a more fulfilled life.

Akashic Records and Karma

To better understand how the Akashic Records tap into past lives, you need to learn about the principles of Karma. In Buddhism and

Hinduism, your actions and doings dictate how your life turns out. The good you do will eventually come back to you in this current life, as well as any future ones. This means that any misfortunes you are encountering, or your constant struggles can be due to a karmic consequence of actions that you committed in one of your past lives. People wishing to be relieved from the wrath of Karma resort to the Akashic Records to find what the things are that they need to make right as a form of retaliation. You must be wondering if this means that you are but a spectator to your own life, as your fate is already written, and you only get to “watch” it through some archived records. If that is the truth, then what is it that you are doing here, and what is your purpose?

You must understand that we are free beings, and you have the chance to turn your life around should you wish, and that is what will be mentioned in the Akashic Records. The records are more of an observatory tool, they do not influence your actions and thoughts, but instead, they simply store them. Even if you are still on the fence about the Akashic Records and how real they might or might not be, believing in Karma will serve you well in your life. If every person believed that what they put out into the world will imminently reflect on their own life, humanity would have been saved a whole lot of pain and suffering. Take a moment and entertain this thought, you do not necessarily have to believe in Karma per se, call it what you may, but do yourself a favor and give it the attention it deserves.

What Should You Look For In Past Lives?

Just like your own present life, your past lives are full of many details that lack value or significance. During a past life reading, especially when you are doing it for the first time, you can be flooded with millions of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. If you stop to take notice of each one, your precious reading time will be wasted. You need to prepare for your reading session. List several issues that you wish to find answers for in the Akashic Records. Limit your inquiries to a few brief open-ended questions until you get more used to the readings. For example, request information about your fear of heights, or the roots of your timid nature. By focusing on specific topics, you will have a better chance of enjoying a more informative reading session. During the reading, apply the basic rules of meditation

where you only get to observe irrelevant thoughts and feelings and then let them go without entertaining them. Once you gain enough knowledge to reach the Akashic Records whenever you wish, articulating your queries will become much easier, and you will be able to find what you are looking for every time.

How Your Present Life Will Fare as a Past Life

Given the principles of the Akashic Records that we have discussed, and the characteristics of past lives, you can probably now see the responsibility you have to ensure your present turns into an amiable past for your future self. Unlike in your past lives, you now know enough about the consequences of your beliefs and deeds in this world. So, how can you use this to your future self’s benefit? What should you do to get rid of any tensions and unpleasantness that might travel through to your future self? The answer is quite simple; you need to be more conscious. Starting right now, repeat it over and over until thinking, acting, and speaking consciously comes naturally. Think of it as improving the cards that your future self will be dealt. You will be giving yourself a head start by laying a strong foundation of honesty, kindness, and joy.

Choose to lead a good life, be of service to others, and do not lose your way amidst the noise of today’s world. Use what you learn in your past life’s readings to avoid making the same mistakes that you are trying to fix in your present. Notice what from the past has had the biggest impact and direct all your energy towards making it right for your future self. Although this is a logical progression of using your past lives to only improve your present, not everyone can come to it naturally on their own. That is why it is important to highlight it here so that you can understand how to build on your knowledge of your past lives and carry it forward.

Thinking about your life as an extension of other lives can be so empowering. When the world seems overwhelming, and you feel like you have no idea where you are going, you can always find comfort in knowing that, in a sense, you have been there before, you have figured it out once, and you can do it again. If you are going to walk away with anything from this chapter, be it the fact that you are more than your human mind can possibly fathom. Your life demands and deserves to be respected. So, hold that thought tight as you read on

because we are about to get into the practical part of this book. The coming chapters will show you how to apply the theory to find your purpose and heal using the Akashic Records.

Find Your Purpose

Not every organism longs for a purpose, but almost all organisms find it automatically, except for humans. Trees, for example, exist in their own plane of energy and consciousness, breathing, exhaling, and branching into magnificent shapes. Their energy planes overlap with ours on numerous occasions. But their purpose hardly ever changes. They are always trees. Humans, on the other hand, can easily get lost through overlaps with other planes, organisms, situations, and inner energy. Finding a purpose can sometimes be a rocky and intense ride through various planes of consciousness and vibrations.

What Makes Purpose Important

Before you try to use the Akashic Records to navigate the realms of personal and spiritual purposes, you need to make sure that you know why you’re looking for a purpose. When you’re using the Akashic Records, you’re trying to go deeper into many profound elements of your current life and older ones, and you’ve come to this plane to transcend and purify. This means that you always have to maintain a constant state of honesty with yourself. There is absolutely no way to find any karmic and truthful purpose without being completely connected to your true self.

Knowing your current and perhaps future purposes will help you stay focused and grounded. You will be able to see the precious elements and forms of energy that matter the most in your life, and many of those elements will begin showing themselves to you through vibrations, karma, or different forms of energy-based revelations. Once you’re able to stay focused on one purpose for a long time, the energy intensifies, this simple purpose that you found for yourself suddenly becomes a passion. This burning energy can flow through your body and soul, unshackling you from the restrictions placed on you in past lifetimes.

It’s easy to recognize people who have known their purpose for years. They emanate energy and aura to those who are close to them. It’s the clarity obtained from the sharpening of their passion and purpose that makes them unstoppable. This kind of clarity isn’t just used to advance a career or in learning a new skill, but also having the right kind of synchronized vibrations to see the paths that are most suited for them.

The Personal Records

The Akashic Records contain all the paths, energies, frequencies, purposes, and summation of information that you’ve learned, not only this life but also other lifetimes. These records are full of infinite vibrations that resonate throughout planes that transcend space and time, expanding the energy of the universe. For people who are looking for a purpose, they’ll want to access a specific portion of their Akashic Records to facilitate finding their path. This section is known as Personal Records.

You can think of your Personal Records as an infinitely branching tree that casts branches of the entire previous summations of your previous experience and the energy and information contained in your future. Accessing Personal Records may reveal your past and current influences, in addition to the true direction of your soul on earth. While having a purpose is commonly thought of as consciously having it at the front of your mind, most of the our soul’s purposes that compel us are not clear in the conscious plane of thought.

It’s these deeper roots of purpose that you’re trying to find, those that make you feel like you should wake up in the morning and see what each day has to offer.

The Spiritual Purpose

Among the pursuit of earthly purposes, many forget that the spiritual purpose is essential in their endeavor. It being in the background, people often think that pursuing it is an unnecessary effort. But, the only kind of purpose that can allow you to release yourself from the shackles of guilt and inner turmoil is the spiritual purpose. Without this kind of inner peace and tranquility, your other pursuits and endeavors are bound to have less energy and vibrations that drive you forward in your life.

The spiritual purpose is closely linked with the sense of attachment you have to certain people, places, or memories. Consciously directing it will allow you to finally get rid of the habit of finding yourself in loops of self-loathing and destruction, just as constantly picking at a wound will only make it get worse. Your personal purpose is finely tethered to your spiritual purpose because psychology will always be a non-detachable part of your Personal Records.

The Personal Purpose

The personal purpose is like an infinite river that passes through every small or big experience in your life. You may want to know the kind of career or skill you’ll learn, but have you ever thought about the kind of emotional and mental life you’d like to lead? People easily start to have tunnel-vision when they’re thinking about their future and the kind of life they want to lead, focusing only on the small, practical aspects instead of the major spiritual and emotional ones.

Listening to your soul as it guides you to get rid of the fears and worries holding you back is the easiest way to find your true purpose. If you let the fears of the current and past lifetimes put invisible and subconscious shackles on you, it will be hard to move forward through your personal purpose.

You’ll learn how to love yourself and have the courage to finally peek into a future where you don’t feel threatened by guilt and worries. Your relationships and love lives are all a part of your personal purpose. You may not notice it, but it’s a personal purpose that can dictate how you perceive current and past relationships. It’s not the type of relationships that matter, whether it’s professional, romantic, or even platonic. What truly matters is how they connect with your personal purpose in this current life. Remember, you’re not trying to force your way into the Akashic Records, you’re only trying to find a way to listen to what these Records have been talking to you about for thousands of years.

Being Stuck

One of the major obstacles that people face when they’re trying to find their purpose and talents is becoming stuck in the past. This is directly related to Karma, which you’ve probably heard of through your interactions with others or reading about other religions. It seems that Karma is one of the energies that a lot of philosophies and religions hinge on. A lot of people resort to the Akashic Records to remove ancient roots that are grounding them from moving forward. It’s impossibly hard to find a true purpose if you keep thinking about the past and let it control you.

The task of shedding your ego may seem quite overwhelming when you think about it at first, but it’s no harder than removing the illusions of the past. You need to think about what Karma brings to your doorstep as an opportunity; is it negative emotions? Feeling stuck? Loopy thoughts? They’re all potential gates to unraveling what’s truly holding you back from being in touch with your true soul. Tapping into the Akashic Records for solutions will help you make interesting shifts in your life. The final goal is to transcend your Karma, eluding what’s been hindering you for many lifetimes.

If you’re not familiar with Karmic entanglement, it’s the sum of all the Karmic connections you have connecting to your Karmic patterns.

This entanglement is the accumulation of past experiences through family, nation, tribes, and other patterns that can reflect your past lives’ Karma. You need to understand that your personal experiences aren’t the only things that affect your Karma; it’s actually pretty easy for people to get entangled in Karmic patterns that occurred in the past just through the linkage of their heritage.

Untangling Karma

Feeling like a victim to earthly circumstances isn’t going to help you find your purpose. In fact, it will only hinder you as you’ll be looking through a very narrow field of vision. Once you feel that your life is completely out of your control, you won’t be able to muster the required strength to face your Karma and change your path. There is a very big possibility that what’s stopping you is Karmic entanglement produced by your past life. A common problematic effect of karmic entanglement is losing your true self of individuality and independence, as your soul becomes entangled with other big and diverse groups.

This is easily observable when you start looking at people born into certain religions, or those who take on a belief system quickly without thinking about the consequences. They can easily become karmic entangled. Fighting this may seem like a harsh battle, but you’ll suddenly feel lighter once you become untangled of the vibrations that are bringing you down, and that will allow you to think from a higher plane that can help you change your perspective. Once you manage to get into your Akashic Records, specifically the Personal Records, look for karmic entanglements associated with your family, race, belief system, and similar associations. Letting yourself be held down by such associations will only cause you to be upset with yourself, hindering your energy from vibrating properly. You are responsible for what you feel and the energy you produce, so make sure you take into consideration not getting too entangled or absorbed in the lives of others.

The Akashic Records and Negative Emotions

You need to understand that you do not have room to house all the emotions at the same time. This means that when you are in a state of constant fear or worry about certain things, you’re taking away a big portion of the space that happiness is supposed to occupy. But, it’s also not that simple; this occupation can cause many lingering strands of energy that can affect how you think for a pretty long time. Being constantly stressed and worried takes away from your happiness, but also blocks and incapacitates your ability to be able to identify happiness in the future.

From a medical standpoint, fear and stress can deal a lot of damage to the physiological body. Unfortunately, this kind of damage can find a way to translate and transfer this damage to the soul. This isn’t vague advice, telling you to stop being worried, it’s never that simple. But you should be conscious of the vibrations and energies that you are allowing your soul to absorb. Your inner energy is not fragile, but it can be molded quickly into something dangerous if you leave it to circumstances.

Akashic Records heavily emphasize our ability to retrieve our divine essence from the shackled constraints we put on it. You may not notice it now, but over time, you’ll notice how the connection to a certain story or narrative can cause you to feel unpleasant feelings. And this means that it’s actually a choice. You need to be careful not to polarize yourself on such a wide spectrum, and you shouldn’t detach yourself from everything to avoid feeling unpleasant feelings. Recognize your emotions and try to find the deeper causes that make you feel such unpleasant feelings. After all, the outcome of those feelings is dependent on how you respond to them.

Reclaiming Power

While you’re viewing your Akashic Records, you’ll find a lot of ways to respond to information. The key to reclaiming your power is to control how far it affects you. Letting your feelings blow out of proportion means that you are not tackling another issue. The energy that you’ve been blocking from circulating in your body is disrupting the natural and tranquil rhythm of other frequencies. If you find yourself getting too angry over matters you know very well

shouldn’t bother you much, then your soul is trying to release a lot of negative energy it has stored for a while.
Once you see your emotions through the Akashic Records, you’ll find that it is quite easy to analyze and solve a lot of situations that once gave you a hard time. Your energy shouldn’t be zapped suddenly when you face a new problem, as long as you stay conscious and on top of your emotions. Don’t let your inner victim take away the power you have to resolve issues. Sadly enough, this inner victim has probably zapped your energy in countless other lifetimes, but once you’re able to see through this destructive pattern, you’ll be able to balance the situation entirely.

Our society barely gives us time to think and act at our own pace, and this can cause you a lot of problems when dealing with your inner self. Utilize the Akashic Records to access a timeline that can never be affected by others. You’ll be able to use your new-gained energy to create joy and whatever you desire in your life. It’s pretty common for people to stop in their tracks once they feel victims of circumstances that they are not responsible for, thinking that it’s fate or destiny that has forced misfortune upon them. Use the Akashic Records to get out of this destructive loop that keeps you from being able to look forward and regain control of your destiny, instead of being enslaved by it.

The True Depths of Healing

Self-realization is the key that can unlock your healing process. Transcending karmic patterns is the true spiritual purpose that can help you attract joy and other pleasant feelings to your life. It’s not easy to avoid being tempted by the webs of illusions that this earthly world offers. This is where self-realization comes into play. It will allow you to go into your Akashic Records to heal the wounds of the past and connect further with your soul. The current narrative could be part of the illusions that plague this world. If you want to follow your true narrative, you’ll need to recreate it from the beginning. You’ll feel more powerful and in control of your life as you begin to reshape your karmic patterns.

The Akashic Records are going to be your main link to the divine essence within yourself. This bond that you create will keep on providing you with gifts, talents, wisdom, and the power to help

others see things for their true nature. While using the Akashic Records isn’t the only way to achieve what you desire, it’s still the quickest because you’ll be healed and unhindered by the illusions of life. Staying focused on your Karma, while viewing your Akashic Records, will start a process of constant healing that gradually intensifies the more you reshape and resolve your karmic patterns. Your vibrations will noticeably become more intense as you begin transcending over the earthly plane.


Meditation is one of the foundations of spiritual preparation before accessing the Akashic Records. The first step is defining an intention. Using a laser-focused intention will keep you on to your mark throughout your whole journey through the Akashic Records. Since you’re still starting out, try to simplify your intention to keep it direct and easily recognizable later on. You can choose something that happened in your childhood but is still bothering you, but it shouldn’t be a traumatic or heavy experience. Set the unwinding and untangling of this event as your target as you enter the Akashic Records.

Once you’re sure about the intention, start relaxing your body through deep breaths and closing your eyes. The second most important step is going into higher planes than the one you’re currently existing in. Starting from your heart, slowly try to expand your sensations to engulf your surroundings. Your consciousness expansion can’t be sudden; it should be gradual because you can easily get distracted if you don’t move at a reasonable pace. Your consciousness has the potential to infinitely expand, and it’s been doing it for quite some time now; before being born, during sleep, meditation, and death.

You’ll begin to feel calmer, the more your consciousness expands. If you start doubting whether you’ve reached consciousness expansion or not, redo the process. If you suddenly feel like you see things from an outside perspective, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore your Akashic Records. Begin to slowly unwind the event and recognize where responsibility lies. You’ll notice that there is extra space to let in joy. Feel the happiness and rejoice amidst the vibrations of joy.

How to Heal

Turbulence and times of distress go hand in hand with living. At one point in life, you will get to live an experience, no matter how big or small, that it is going to be a turning point. It will be like a wake-up call where you feel it is time to take the reins of your life and start to seek healing. Healing from abusive relationships, from traumas caused by losing a loved one, or perhaps from shock after miraculously surviving a fatal accident. In most cases, they are the monumental events that you witness in your life that force you to hit the pause button and realize it is time to actively try to get past them and move on with the life you always envisioned for yourself. However, in other cases, healing is not triggered by obvious transpiring. Instead, it can be a feeling of unsettling and lack of fulfillment from the life you are leading, so you decide to do something about it. As we discussed in previous chapters, accessing your Akashic Records can be of great help during your healing process. Uncovering key information about your past lives and what your soul has been up to will lead you to the root cause of some of the issues you are dealing with in your current life. Many people are at first drawn to the Akashic Records out of curiosity; however, they tend to continue this practice after they see first-hand how their healing journey has improved and come into fruition. In this chapter, we will talk about healing, what it means, how can you achieve it, and the role the Akashic Records play in this sought-after state of mind.

What is Healing?

The healing that we talk about here is not a physical one, but rather it is the kind of healing that takes place on a deeper subconscious level. It is the healing that fixes the metaphorical heartbreak and wounds of the soul. Although this spiritual healing depends on energies that you do not get to see, when you reach it, it will turn your whole life upside down. When you are healed, you will start to see the world through different eyes. You will learn how to deal with your pains and overcome future ordeals because you already have the tools you need to heal yourself, and you simply recall them. As we move forward, you will get to learn that acceptance and love are the cornerstones of healing. All experienced healers will tell you that unless you approach the Akashic Records with acceptance towards whatever you might find, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of this powerful experience. The Universe operates in great precision with everything that happens, and these things happen for a reason. It is your responsibility to make sense of your life experiences, and that is exactly why you need to suffer in the first place and then go looking for ways to heal. It is believed that the Universe uses pain to grab your attention and let you know that you are straying away from your destined path. But just because the records are already there and you are expected to walk through a certain path, it does not mean that your pain is inescapable, and you are destined to endure it for eternity. As we explained in previous chapters, you are free to rewrite the story of your present life should you wish.

The Healing Aspect in the Akashic Records

Based on what we learned so far about the Akashic Records, your healing powers already exist within, all you need is some guidance to tap into these powers and put them to motion. When you go to an Akashic Records reading, the reader is simply using the records as a medium to invite the healing energy that exists within the Universe to come through. So, you can think of the Akashic Records as a tool used to enable you to reach healing. What is magical about this process is how your mind will quickly pick up on the healing information that it perceives during a reading. You will feel like you have been there before, and you know exactly what you should do. What happens during the readings is that you are unearthing

capabilities and knowledge from your deep subconscious towards the shallower conscious, so you can utilize them in your present life. Learning that you used to be a queen in medieval times can be a good enough reason to convince you to change your self-demeaning ways, which are costing you a lot of pain and sabotaging your relationships. What is even more interesting is that the healing you seek through the Akashic Records can work the other way around. You might need to work on healing your previous selves so that they can reflect on your present one.

The records will shed light on burdens and heaviness that weighed you down in past lives and traveled through into your life today. In such cases, you will have to focus on working in the past so that you can give yourself the best chance to enjoy a fully healed future. The Akashic Records are more purposeful than you think, they will allow you to see what you need to heal the specific pains that you are suffering from at the time you reach out. Given how overwhelming the amount of data they hold, it would be useless to subject you to their immensity; instead, they are there to help you and walk with you while you do the work to heal. The idea is fascinating and stresses on the fact that when it comes to healing your soul, all you really need is “yourself” with all its complex layers manifested in different dimensions.

How to Heal

Now that we have reached the meat of this chapter, it is time to look at the different ways of healing that the Akashic Records can guide you through:

Find Answers About Your Life

Among the millions of questions that run through your mind daily, there are more pressing ones that command your attention and are important enough to urge you to go look for answers. Such questions might be about your origins, who your ancestors were, and how everything is affecting your life. You could also be wondering about your love life and whether you should initiate a relationship with a certain person. The answers to these questions can only exist beyond our physical world. The Akashic Records can help you find what you are looking for; it is the only place where you can find information about your lineage and evidence of whether your

potential suitor is your soul mate or not. This will give you the leverage you need to cure past traumas or cut ties with an unsuitable partner so you can reach contentment. Maybe you thought that you were bound to go through life blindly making monumental decisions that will impact all areas of your life. However, now you should know that you have the choice to call upon the powers of the Akashic Records and tip the scales in your favor.

Clear the Mess

Like all people, you must be guilty of allowing negative feelings and energies into your life. Maybe you have been resorting to violence and inflicting pain on others as well as yourself without meaning to, or for reasons beyond your control. By looking through the Akashic Records, you can finally have the answers you need to identify the source of this behavior so that you can have a chance to fix it. Many people who suffer from similar behavioral disorders often find that abuse has been part of their past lives, and they have never come to terms with accepting it as a flaw that they must deal with. It is a unique opportunity to clear the mess that has been accumulating and replace it with more amiable qualities so that you can heal to be the person you know deep down you are.

Unlock Your Potential

As we mentioned earlier, maybe your healing journey is not one of correcting wrongs, but instead, it is about accessing your full potential. Living a limiting life that does not honor the potential that you, as an individual, are uniquely blessed with can be your ailment. You will realize from the Akashic Records just how special you are and how many areas in your personality are yet to unfold. This powerful knowledge of your own capabilities will liberate you from the self-imposed prison that is boxing you into a less fulfilling life than the one you are entitled to. It is funny how sometimes we need some external medium to give us a clearer look and make more sense of what lies within the deepest corners of our beings.

Befriend Your Soul

There is no chance of living in harmony unless your mind, body, and soul are aligned. Balance is the most powerful law that is governing our existence; when it is interrupted, you immediately feel that there is something wrong with your life. Your problem can be described as a simple imbalance.

However, the same cannot be said about the magnitude of this turbulent relationship that you have with your soul. Through the Akashic Records, you will get to understand how compared to your soul, your body is an infant. Your soul, on the other hand, has been accumulating wisdom through its journey, so you need to seek amendments. Show your soul the respect it deserves and do not ignore it as a mere “voice from within,” learn how to listen and benefit from its lessons. You will go through different situations where your mind has come to a certain decision, but your soul is not quite on board; this is exactly the time where you will feel the pain that you have to attend to. Do not fight your soul; learn to let it have its way so that you can move forward in your healing journey.

Open Your Eyes to the Possibilities

Once you acknowledge the vastness of this Universe, and the endless possibilities that it has to offer, you will be less likely to accept defeat and will be inspired to heal and start anew. During Akashic Records Regressions, you can get to live through one of the many possible lives that you can potentially enjoy, or you had at some point. This transformative demo will compel you to see your present life as a blank canvas that you get to paint and repaint, however and whenever you wish. You will stop seeing yourself as a victim of the circumstances you are surrounded by and can choose to explore the myriad of possibilities that are waiting for you.

Have Affirmation That You are On the Right Path

While the possibilities you have are infinite, your body, unfortunately, is not. Time is not on your side, so if you want to make sure you go as far as you can in your healing journey, you will need some affirming signs. This time, the Akashic Records can provide some signs to let you know if you are indeed on the right path. By pulling future records and opening a window into your future self, you will be able to make better decisions in the here and now. This comforting knowledge will be good enough for you to feel like you are doing your best and are trying to make sure that you are living up to what is expected of you.

Cultivate Positive Energy

Energy is ever moving, and that constant state of flowing is always changing in nature and characteristics. You want to make sure that you always make way for positive energy to flow through your life. This is an important part of healing, knowing how to attract the right kind of energy when you need it the most. Given the elusive nature of energy, this can be one of the hardest parts of your journey. However, once again, the Akashic Records can lend you a helping hand by showing you exactly where energy tends to get trapped so that you can clear the blockage and help it travel through. When you learn how to access your records easier and faster, this mission, that seems impossible at first, will become much more obvious to you, so that you can pinpoint immediately where you need to get to work.

Realize Your Strength

You cannot say that you are completely healed unless you have fully grasped your own strength. You will need this realization to lean upon whenever you want to undergo further healing. The Akashic Records will confirm that you can harness your strength as you did before and as you will continue to do well into the future. It is how your healing process can come full circle.

Stop Patterns From Your Past Lives

If you remember, we have talked extensively about past lives in chapter 4 of this book, and how they affect the healing process. When the Akashic Records uncovers old and lingering patterns, you can have a clearer idea about your pain areas. It is important to note that learning how to master the skill of scanning through your past to make necessary healing changes will need some time, patience, and courage to dig through the old files.

Feel Like You Belong

The connections you get to feel with the Universe and all creatures, human and otherwise in this life, is what accessing the Akashic Records will reveal to you. As a human being, you will always want to feel like you belong to something bigger, and this is a healing power. Knowing that you are not alone and that you have all the support that you might ever need can be an agent to recovery, and you will be able to heal completely.

Healing is an ongoing process; you do not get to do it once and think that it should last you a lifetime. It takes commitment and a lot of work to be able to create a healing practice that can work for you time after time. Every day you are living, there is potential pain waiting to disrupt your peace and take over your life. Unless you know how to deal with this pain, and how to approach it fully knowing that you already have all the tools you need to conquer it, you will be standing in your own way. If you are going to be attempting an Akashic Records reading, you should know that you must be well prepared for what you might learn. Many people go for it reluctantly, underestimating its powers, and end up being either disappointed thinking “it does not work for them,” or they go into a state of shock after being overwhelmed by its intensity. In the next chapter, you will get to learn everything you need so that you can be prepared for accessing and reading your Akashic Records.

How to Access and Read Your Akashic Records

You might now be curious about how you can finally access and read the Akashic Records. The process of reading your own records and reading someone else’s can be vastly different. However, this chapter focuses on reading your own records. Before you start using the Pathway Prayer to access the Records, you need to follow some simple rules to make sure that your readings go without a hitch.

Rules to Keep in Mind When Accessing the Akashic Records

Alcohol and Drugs Hinder You

Not only do alcohol and drugs distort your perception of reality, but they also affect your soul’s vibrations and aura. When you are not fully in control of yourself, your energy field will be distorted. During any reading of the Akashic Records, the reader’s aim should be uncovering the truth. Nonetheless, this cannot be achieved if your perception is not in its optimal state. Also, it is quite disrespectful to enter the Akashic realm in such a state. Remember, you will be in the presence of the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. Although they have only pure love for you, you should not take the gift they are giving you for granted. So, it is best to steer away from drugs and alcohol at least twenty-four hours before you attempt a reading. We, of course, are excluding prescription drugs from the rule. You need your prescription medicine to stay in tip-top shape, so it makes sense to continue taking it even if you want to attempt reading your records. Rest assured that any prescription medications should not have any impact on the quality of your experience in the Akashic realm.

Names are powerful entities, and you should not underestimate the power your name possesses. All names have varying vibrations, and by using your legal name, your records will know that it is indeed you and allow you to seek knowledge from the Akashic realm. When trying to open your Akashic Records, you should always use your full legal name, not any variation that you go by daily. This means you should avoid using nicknames as well when opening the Records. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you have recently gotten married and had to change your last name and take your husband’s, you might still feel that your name does not truly reflect who you are. Because your new last name has not been fully integrated into your soul and identity, you might opt to use your original surname instead. Similarly, if you have recently contemplated getting a divorce or feel unsatisfied with your marriage, you may also use your maiden name without any consequences.

Immersion When Reading the Records Is Crucial

When you open the Akashic Records, your state of consciousness shifts as you go deeper than ever before. Therefore, you should spend enough time in the records to get to that state of consciousness. Take the time to observe what you can see, hear, or even smell. The Akashic realm offers a new exciting experience, so you should make the best out of it. Aim to stay around 15 minutes to a full hour in the Akashic realm to get a feel of it. Nothing is stopping you from spending more than an hour in the Akashic realm. However, your readings should not interfere with your productivity or life in general. The Records are there to guide you, not distract you. To prevent yourself from getting side-tracked, keep your sessions between 15 minutes and one hour for maximum benefits.

A Mix of Rituals Is Not the Best Approach

You might be already practicing other rituals; reading your records should not be affected if you do not mix rituals. Some rituals, for example, require that you ingest psychedelics or other drugs to take your perception to the next level. Yet, as mentioned in a previous point, drugs, alcohol, or any substance that alters your perception can be dangerous when you are trying to read the Akashic Records. While you are certainly free to pursue other rituals as well, it is always better not to mix them with a reading of your records, especially if their rules go against those of reading the Records. Even if their rules do not contradict with each other, keeping your reading sessions and other rituals separate always yields better results.

Some Questions Work Better than Others

When you are trying to access your records for the first time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Akashic Records offer a new realm of vast knowledge, so you might not know which questions to ask. Some forms of questions work better than others. Yes/no questions do not work well because the Lords, Master, Teachers, and Loved Ones do not give definitive answers, lest they sway your opinion. While you may want to ask those knowledgeable beings about what you should do, they will never give you a straight answer. If you ask a yes/no question, they will probably follow your question with even more questions! By doing this, they will take you on a journey of self-

reflection through which you can find the answer on your own. In this sense, it is always better to ask questions that start with how, what, or why. Let’s say that you are having doubts about your current romantic relationship and are not sure whether you and your partner are ready to get married. Instead of asking, “Should we get married?” you can say, “What will our marriage look like?” or “How will getting married affect our relationship?” Such forms of questions usually enable you to get better insights and helpful answers.

The Role of the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones

Throughout the book, the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of the Akashic Records have been mentioned a few times. Although you might now be able to guess what they do, you still need to fully understand their roles before reading your records for the first time. Not only do they have different roles, but they have different natures too.

The Lords of the Records

The Lords of the Records is the highest authority in the Akashic Realm. They are the keepers of the Records and their protectors. They are entities made of light, and their sole goal is to enrich humanity and improve people’s lives, helping them reach their divine ideal. Because they are responsible for keeping the Akashic Records safe, they have the power to either accept or reject people’s entrance to the Akashic realm. However, the Lords do not do that to strip people of their right to read their own records but rather because they might not be ready to do so.

Reading the Akashic Records requires a huge deal of spiritual power and flexible thinking, which might not be feasible for everyone in the present moment. Moreover, when you ask a question, they can choose to withhold information if they think it is unwise to give you such information at that moment. The Lords do not reveal themselves to you, but they pass the information to the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones who, in turn, help guide you. Everyone’s Akashic Records are guarded by the Lords, which means that the Lords are not assigned to you specifically.

The Masters

The Masters are also beings made of light. As opposed to the Lords, every Master is assigned to a specific group, meaning that the Masters do not have a universal responsibility like the Lords, but they rather focus on individuals. Even if you have been reincarnated a dozen times, your Masters remain the same. For this reason, you may sense that they feel familiar when you are in their presence. Think of the Masters as your soul’s keepers; they just want your soul to grow, gain more experience, and learn specific lessons. According

to your needs, when you open the records, the Masters can call for the help of certain Teachers and Loved Ones who can help you with your endeavors.

The Teachers

Teachers are a bit different from the Masters or Lords when it comes to their prior history. It is usually claimed that they have been normal human beings in another life before they chose to help other souls reach their divine ideal. As elaborated on in the previous point, the Teachers are called upon by the Masters based on your needs. So, this means you can have different Teachers each time you open your records.

Teachers are lesson-specific, meaning that, once you learn a lesson, they will leave, and other Teachers will take their place to teach you a new lesson. The Teachers’ identities when they were alive are a subject of debate, as some experts believe that they were ordinary people who just happened to have great spiritual power while others believe that they were influential figures. Regardless of these opposing opinions, the Teachers prefer to keep their identity a secret because they believe that this information is irrelevant to your soul’s journey to growth.

The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones were certainly regular people once. Not only that, but they were also tied to you before their death. Your Loved Ones might be deceased relatives, friends, or even acquaintances. It does not matter how brief your relationship was when they were alive; you must know that your Loved Ones intentionally chose to guide your journey. Similarly, to how the Teachers act, the Loved Ones also think it is better not to uncover their true identities. However, they may do so if they think it can be beneficial during a specific reading. Your Loved Ones are not usually present all at once; they take turns to support you during every reading.

A Guide to How You Can Read Your Records

Understanding the Pathway Prayer and the role of the Lords, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, it is finally the right time to access your records and take control of your destiny. Keep in mind that, given the right preparations, the process of reading your records should be easy. To make sure that you can access your records currently, follow the next few steps.

Finding the Right Place

As you advance, you will be able to access your records anywhere, anytime. Yet, for the purpose of this chapter, we are assuming that it is your first time opening the Akashic Records. Thus, this will require finding a quiet place where you can concentrate. It does not matter whether the place is indoors or outdoors if it offers you a sense of privacy. You can also burn some incense to set the mood and help yourself relax. If you have any pets or children, make sure that they cannot disturb you during your reading session. Moreover, you can play some classical music if you prefer not to stay in a completely quiet area.


This step is crucial if you want to get an accurate Akashic reading. Meditating is a great way of centering and grounding yourself. When you enter the Akashic realm, you want to be free of your daily worries, and to achieve this; you need to keep your mind blank. For some people, it may prove hard to just pull the plug and relax. Nonetheless, by practicing meditation for a few minutes before each session, you can reach a state of inner nirvana that will help you communicate well with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. Reading the Prayer

The Pathway Prayer creates a bridge through which you can reach the Akashic realm. When reading the opening prayer, try to read the first and last paragraphs out loud. When the Records are finally open, do not ask too many questions at once. As it is your first time to read the Akashic Records, you must get a feel of the Akashic realm, which means you should not ask any questions at first. Just try to take in as much as you can, then close the records after 15 minutes.

Focusing on a Question

After you get a feel of what the Akashic Records have to offer, you can reopen them after ten minutes or so. Now, it is the right time to ask your question. As explained previously, steer away from any yes/no questions and direct requests for advice. Also, you need to focus on one question at a time. Because you have past, present, and future records, you must decide which part of the eternal timeline you want to look at. Having this clarity is important if you want a seamless reading. Remember, your Akashic Records are always present, so do not worry if you cannot collect your thoughts now. You can just return to them later when you have more clarity on the questions you want to ask.

Grounding Yourself after Every Reading

Your consciousness shifts when you access the Akashic Records. You may think of it as a trance of some sort. Therefore, it is vital that you return to your normal state of consciousness when you close the Records. To come back to yourself and resume your day, you need to find an activity that requires your full attention—something that you cannot do mindlessly. You can do some stretches or exercises, cook, talk to a friend, or play with your pet. Under no circumstances should you skip this step. Grounding is an extremely important part of every reading session.

Practicing Your New Talent

Yes, accessing the Akashic Records is a talent. Everyone is born with the innate ability to access their records, but only those who practice enough can get a correct reading every time. For this reason, you need to open your Akashic Records as often as you can, especially during the first month. You can also practice your new ability by reading other people’s records, which we will talk about in detail in the next chapter. In any case, do not ignore your Akashic Records for too long, as you need to get used to the shift of consciousness the process requires every time.

Keeping a Journal

Because you will learn many things during your time in the Akashic realm, you need to document your experience in detail. Keeping a journal is a great way of doing so. Not only will your journal allow you to describe your experience in that realm, but it will also help you keep track of all the feelings you may have. Furthermore, you can jot

down the answers, future possibilities, and guidance you received during your readings. Also, feel free to write down any other questions that you want to ask during your next session. This will help you identify the past records that need to be rewritten, the current patterns you want to change, and the future possibilities that you want to either avoid or make use of.

Reading for Others

The Difference Between Reading Your Akashic Records and Reading Someone Else’s

There are some core differences between opening and reading your own Akashic Records and helping someone else by reading their records for them. When reading for others, there are some guidelines that you must follow. Such guidelines are vastly different from the guidelines we have established in the previous chapter. Reading the records of another person is both an honor and a privilege, so you should be ready for this responsibility. Here are some of the guidelines you can follow to give a successful Akashic reading:

Akashic Records hold a person’s every thought, emotion, action, and intent. They are the records of their life, and they also contain the records of the past ones. As you can infer, letting someone else read your records can make you feel vulnerable because you are trusting them with every detail of your life. Therefore, it is extremely important not to force reading on anyone. You need to get the person’s explicit consent if you want to give them an Akashic reading. Also, do not try to manipulate them into giving you permission. In fact, it is even preferable that your clients or loved ones come to you asking for a reading, not the other way around.

As you gain more experience, you may be able to discern others’ needs and find out that they indeed need a reading. Ultimately, it is not your choice. If the other person shows some hesitation, it means that the Lords of the Records do not think it is the right time for that person to know more. Regardless of the person’s final decision, you need to continue providing love and support.

Discretion Is Key

This one goes without saying, but we need to make sure that you are aware of the secrecy any Akashic reading should involve. As mentioned previously, a person’s records contain a depiction of their whole life. When you are chosen to help someone else know more about themselves, you become their secret keeper. For this reason, you must prove to that person that they had made the right choice

when they trusted you by upholding a code of secrecy. This means that you should never divulge any information about the readings you give others, even if you are not disclosing strictly private details. Sometimes, you might want to tell people about your growing experience and how you are using your talent to help others. Yet, it is better to keep it to yourself unless the person agrees to share the details of their sessions. Put yourself in their shoes; would you like it if someone else shared your most private details with strangers? Clarity Matters

People who give others Akashic readings often report that they do not fully understand the information or images they are presented with. Well, rest assured that this is completely normal. Because you are reading another person’s records, not everything you are going to see or hear is going to make sense. Nonetheless, it is your duty to inform the other person of what you have seen. You’d be surprised that they might be able to make sense of it. In any case, it is crucial that you remain gentle, supportive, and respectful when presenting the information. Keep your readings free of judgment and make them a safe place for anyone who needs your help.

Minors Are Easily Influenced

You should never try to open a minor’s Akashic Records because they are still being shaped. If you attempt to give a minor an Akashic reading, you risk influencing them and changing their future in some way, especially if you opt to open their future records. Moreover, this involves an even bigger moral dilemma—the issue of consent. Minors do not have the mental maturity required to consent; this is why any attempt to get their permission is considered coercion. So, what should you do if a minor’s parents ask you to open his or her records? The short answer is that you should say no. Nevertheless, you can instead get their permission to access their own records if they have any questions about how they can improve their parenting methods. This way, you can still help the parents and respect the minor’s rights at the same time.

Your Emotions Can Get Entangled

Objectivity is vital when you are giving someone else an Akashic reading. As you are going to be presented with intimate information about their lives, you must view this information and relay it

objectively. Try to eliminate your own emotions from the equation to avoid upsetting the other person. You also should not give the person direct advice based on what you have seen in their records; you should allow them the freedom to choose how they are going to use the information you have given them. If you notice that you keep getting upset, or even angry, when people do not act on your advice, then you should take a break from giving others Akashic readings until you feel you can approach the sessions with impartiality.

You may find that you are either met with resistance or hesitation when asking others to open their Akashic Records. While this may signal that it is not the right time in most cases, the resistance or hesitation you might face can be easily remedied. If you cannot get a person’s permission to read their records, there are two things you can do.

Reassuring Them

The easiest thing you can do is to alleviate any doubts the other person might be having. The person’s resistance to letting you open their records could stem from some misconceptions they have about the Akashic Records, in general. They may think that they are not real or that accessing the Records will put them in unnecessary danger. You first must understand where the other person is coming from to help them get over their fears and doubts. In most cases, having a sincere talk about the nature and merits of opening the Akashic Records will convince the person to give you their permission.

Opening Your Own Records

If you have hit a dead end and cannot get the other person’s permission no matter how hard you try to reassure them, then it is time to step back and respect their wishes. However, this should not stop you from continuing to give them your support in every way they need. Opening your own records is a great means of doing so. By opening your records and talking to your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, you can ask them how you can help that person reach their divine ideal. Your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones will provide you with effective ways of helping the other person’s soul

grow and learn new lessons even if you cannot open their records now.

How to Conduct an Akashic Reading for another Person

After following the above guidelines and reassuring the person of the safety of opening their Akashic Records, you can now proceed to access and read their records. You need to use the Pathway Prayer Process mentioned in the third chapter. Nonetheless, the way you read the Prayer is going to be a bit different. Here is a breakdown of the full process:

Preparing Yourself

When you are trying to open someone else’s records, you should always prepare yourself first. You need to let go of your worries, especially if you are usually plagued with thoughts of inadequacy. The core difference between reading your own records and reading another person’s records is that you might suffer from stage fright when it is time to conduct a reading. To fix this, you must put the other person’s needs first, meaning that you must focus on how the reading will benefit them instead of dwelling on your own emotions. You can meditate for a few minutes to alleviate stress and become ready to start the session.

Opening and Closing the Records

Because you want to put the other person at ease, the way you read the Pathway Prayer must reflect that. The first paragraph of the opening prayer should always be read out loud to signal your intention to open the Akashic Records. On the other hand, the second paragraph deals with the personal feelings of the reader – you — so it should not be read out loud. By reading the second paragraph, you actively call upon God to protect you from selfishness and help you stay focused on the reading. You should keep in mind that the third paragraph is where the biggest change lies.

Based on the previous chapters, you should now be aware of the importance of using the person’s legal name when opening their records. Yet, because you do not want to make the person feel out of depth, you can use their first name or even nickname when reading the third paragraph out loud. Then, you can read the paragraph again by subvocalizing it, using the person’s legal name. Finally, the

last line should always be read aloud, as it signals that you have successfully opened the Akashic Records. While the opening prayer is different when giving another person reading, the closing prayer is the same. So, after you get the information you need, read all the lines of the closing prayer out loud to show your gratitude for the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.

Grounding Yourself

Your consciousness shifts as you open the Akashic Records, then it shifts again to its normal state when you close them. You may notice that, after closing the person’s records, you still feel some residual emotions from the reading. As you enter the person’s records, you experience their past lives and troubles firsthand. Therefore, you could still feel a bit disoriented even after you close their records. Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about. By finding an activity that requires your full attention, or what we call a grounding activity, you can let go of all the residue the reading session has left.

Things You Can Do to Ensure the Integrity of the Reading

Find Somewhere Quiet

Your goal as an Akashic reader should be finding the truth, and this requires a quiet area where you can stay focused. If you are conducting the reading in your house or office, make sure that the area is free of distractions and noises. On the other hand, if you are conducting the reading in the person’s house, you must ask them to prepare a quiet area beforehand. If the Akashic Records are open, you have to make sure that nothing can distract you both. So, as you can see, every Akashic reading requires some serious preparations.

Be Careful When Giving Remote Readings

Not having the other person in the same room does not mean you cannot open their records. You can still conduct remote readings either online or on the phone. However, you must ensure that your technology is up to the task. You must make sure that your phone or laptop is fully charged. Also, you need to check your internet connection to avoid any connection issues during the session. According to what the person needs, they may ask you to record the session, so make sure that you have a functional camera around.

Get Finances Out of the Way

There is no shame in charging a fee for your readings. In fact, you might be able to turn your talents into a profession as you become more advanced and attuned to the energy of the Akashic realm. If you have already chosen to charge a fee, make sure to collect it before you start the reading, just to get it out of the way. This way, you can focus solely on accessing the other person’s records and helping them reach their divine ideal. However, we do not recommend that you charge a fee directly after you open your own records for the first time. Because you need enough practice to be able to justify charging a fee for your readings, offer free readings for the first two or three months.

Have a Ready Set of Questions

Just like when you are reading your own records, you need to have specific questions in mind when reading the records of other people. Of course, you will not be able to come up with a list of questions

you need to ask on the other person’s behalf without discussing it with them first. Thus, you need to ask the person to prepare the questions they want to ask. In this spirit, you must elaborate on the difference between question forms and which ones work better than others.

If you still get a list full of yes/no questions, you can discuss with the other person how you can paraphrase such inquiries and change them into questions that start with why what, and how. Similarly, you need to let the other person know that they will not be able to ask personal questions about someone else unless they share a relationship with that individual. In any case, the information they will get about the other person will be limited to the context of their relationship.

Repeat the Pathway Prayer

Despite your best attempts, you may still feel like there is an invisible barrier between you and the person’s records. Additionally, your emotions may become entangled in the reading, negatively impacting your impartiality. If this happens, you can read the Pathway Prayer again to get rid of any negative energy or tension you might be sensing. The Prayer’s job is to clarify your aura and help you see the truth, so whenever in doubt, repeat the Prayer, and then continue where you left off.

The Benefits of Reading Others’ Akashic Records

Gaining More Experience

The more time you spend in the Akashic realm, the more experience you gain, and the easier it becomes to shift your consciousness when needed. Not only will this enable you to help others reach their divine ideal, but it will also improve your own personal readings down the line. As time passes, accessing and reading your records will become easier. Not only that, but you will also be able to get an accurate reading every time. So, even if you do not get any monetary gain from it, reading other people’s records can help you become more experienced with the Akashic realm.

Becoming More Attuned to Others’ Needs

As you conduct more and more readings for others, you will notice that you are becoming more attuned to their needs. You will be able to relay the information you have been given as gently and respectfully as you can. Moreover, your perception will go beyond this physical realm, as you will be able to see other people in the light of the Akashic Records. This means you are going to be able to love all souls equally without any prejudice. Also, you will get rid of any judgmental patterns of behavior you might have had in the past and replace them with unequivocal love and acceptance.

Exercises and Meditations

Accessing your Akashic records will help you in keeping alignment with your real purpose. Once you connect with your soul and understand the reason behind your existence, it will be easier to find an avenue of escape from the worrisome, egotistic, fearful mind. Different meditation exercises are mostly designed to teach you the most beneficial questions you can ask to strengthen your connection with your Akashic records. This way, you will have a deeper connection, which will provide you with the guidance you are seeking. You can tailor these exercises to fit your life, experience, and desires. These meditation exercises can help you in all aspects of your life; personal, professional, and even with your romantic relationships. However, they are worthless if you can’t open your mind and heart to the truth and guidance, they will help you unlock.

Exercise 1: Open Your Heart Center

This is the first exercise you must dip into in order to escape the mind that reverberates with fears, troubles, and doubts. Silencing your mind will enable you to be more open to all the information and power you will unlock by accessing your Akashic records. Beginners who aren’t used to meditation or opening their heart centers can still master this technique with some simple steps, such as letting their muscles relax until they can no longer feel their bodies and start to feel their minds quieten. Be grateful for the progress you achieve until you reach a point where you are no longer distracted with a random train of thoughts and doubts. All you need to do is to be present now with comfort and ease while taking deep unhurried breaths.

  1. Try to breathe in and out as calmly and slowly as possible. With each passing breath, try to let go of your worries and allow your thoughts to drift away.
  2. Notice where your train of thought leads you without interrupting it or trying to force it to focus on any thought. Just be attentive to how each thought makes you feel while it’s being lifted out of your head.
  3. Close your eyes and take another deep breath. This time try to visualize your thoughts drifting away like a weightless cloud until they disappear into the void.
  4. Take another deep breath and try to relax your face muscles as much as you can. Make sure that your shoulders and back aren’t rigid. Try to let go of any tension in your mind and body by simply breathing deeply in and out.
  5. While you are relaxing even more, try to gently let your mind drift down into the center of your heart. Let your mind float peacefully into your heart center where tranquility and serenity emanate. At this point, you should start to feel a sense of divine love vibrating deep within your heart.
  6. Allow the spark of divine love to slowly turn into a flame that ignites every part of your body and soul.
  7. Immerse your body in the peace and light that radiates within your heart, filling you up.
  8. You should feel a sense of familiarity and comfort that radiates from your heart center throughout your whole body until you start feeling connected to your eternal spirit that is open to receiving guidance and inspiration.
  9. Whenever you are in a state of agitation, or if you need the calming experience, resort to the peace within. This is your eternal source of tranquility that never ceases to exist.

Exercise 2: Clearing Records of Time

To be able to clear the records of time and space, it’s important to identify the times of your life where you often felt challenged. You need to be aware of the pattern of all the days, weeks, seasons, events, or even years that you feel brought you the most challenges that you can’t seem to get over. You can seek the help of your Record-Journal to write down these events in clear notes to connect the dots to reach a clear pattern you can work with.

  1. Start with the behaviors, thoughts, and emotions you felt at those times. Make sure to list all the tough ones you are trying to get rid of and clear out of your records.
  2. At the same time, start listing all the empowering and pleasant thoughts and emotions you would like to replace your negative energies with.
  3. After you have identified a clear temporal pattern of all the negative emotions you want to clear, visualize a clock with all the time periods you have in mind. This is when you might start noticing a lot of images or writings of the events you are trying to erase, unfolding before your eyes.
  4. Without hesitation, see yourself wiping out all these images, thoughts, and writings until your clock is as clear as crystal.
  5. Make sure to pay close attention to the words that will start to appear in your mind. Concentrate on erasing all negative words that might penetrate your thoughts. Then, try reinforcing positive emotions and energies, such as pleasure, relaxation, fulfillment, happiness, and blissful achievements. Visualize your clock with colorful hues and joyous images of yourself while you are experiencing your life in the way you desire.
  6. After you have filled your clock with the happy moments you aspire to, it’s time to rewrite all the dreadful past experiences you would like to change. Write down in your Record-Journal all the hardships you have gone through and the emotions they evoke within your heart.
  7. Write down how you would like to approach these hard times and the different beliefs and attitudes you think would help.
  8. Be kind to yourself while you remember all your mistakes. Implement self-empowerment, positive self-evaluation, and peace of mind. Move forward from self-loathing and all the cruel thoughts you have constantly criticized yourself with.
  9. After you have drawn a clear path of all the experiences you want to rewrite and the different approaches you would like to take, begin to meditate with slow deep breaths.
  10. Visualize a clear image of the place where you consistently go through these bad experiences. Envision yourself erasing all the dark shadows that roam in it with the affirmation in mind that you are letting go of all and any toxic attachment you might have once held towards that place.
  11. “I am free and comfortable, I have a history, but I’m not my history.” Repeat these words in your mind or even out loud while you imagine the place in question.
    12. After you start feeling a wave of tranquility soothing your body, begin to visualize a more vibrant and happier version of the place, ignited by a beautiful warm light that is clearing all the darkness that once lived there.

When Your Purpose Piles Up

Each passing lifetime brings us different experiences through which we are directed to our purpose. Exploring these experiences and satisfying our purposes are our only gateways to emotional growth and, consequently, the evolution of our souls. These experiences slowly form a map to our soul to guide us forward in life. With passing time, we become more complex in terms of our minds, emotions, and reactions. It becomes harder to understand our feelings, motivations, and even our true selves. Therefore, you find so many people suffering from distorted self-images that push them to doubt their own perception of reality.

A critical part of record investigation is understanding the complex layers to ourselves. To heal and move forward, we must peel back these layers. This will not only help us in understanding our purposes, but it will also guide us to grasp a clear idea of who we really are. This journey of exploring one’s soul truth will eventually give them the long-awaited healing for past and present pains.

When a certain unhealthy situation, emotion, or reaction persists, then it should give us a clear sign to start looking into the past to be able to understand the present. In these situations, looking into the causes and reasons why your karma is insisting on coming back is the only smart move. Only then can we begin to grasp the right way of looking into our souls to break free of these negative cycles. While some patterns are harder to unfold, you can still change your past, present, or even your future with a simple act. Once you manage to do the powerful shift of power and energy, you will be able to start getting rid of more problems and negative emotions with each step of this illuminating journey. Being less burdened with the difficulties we had in our past will allow us to be more open to the changes our future is holding, to become empowered and liberated.

Exercise: Unfold the Past

After you have understood the power held by unfolding the layers of complex reactions and emotions to understand our true selves, you need to start pinning down where it all seems to go wrong. This exercise might be taxing, but it is necessary for healing and being able to move forward.

  1. Close your eyes and take deep long breaths.
  2. Let your mind wander to the moments in your life where you felt frustrated, sad, and agitated without understanding the reason behind your misery. After accessing your records and unfolding the different layers to your emotions, most people find that there is one evil root behind all their misery. This is when the puzzle pieces should start coming together.
  3. In your head, create a map of all the different difficult events and your reaction to them. Pay close attention to the repeated hard times. Do you get the feeling that there is a certain energy that is blocking your path to happiness? Do you get the feeling that there is a certain event that you are compensating for? Paying its price?
  4. Determine what the obstacles are that are standing between you and your happiness, wealth, finding true love, the creativity you long for, and even the healing you desperately need.
  5. Start identifying the pattern that is forming in front of your own eyes.
  6. With each deep inhale and exhale, allow yourself to move from these hard moments.
  7. Right here is when you should focus all your attention on relaxing your body and emptying your mind.
  8. Looking into the records of the past, present, and future is easy when you understand that all time is happening and vibrating at the same time.
  9. Focus all your attention on opening the source of every trouble you have gone through, each negative feeling you have experienced, and every evil thought that has made its way to your mind.
  10. You will come to notice that there is a certain event that your mind seems to circulate back to despite your effort to move on from it.
  11. Once you have defined that certain event you can’t seem to ignore, let your mind explore it further, unfolding each aspect to it.

Exercise: Viewing Past-life Records

This exercise is designed to help you access the Sacred Temple and your Akashic Record Screen to witness an event from your past life. This isn’t about just any random experience that already happened in your past life. It should be connected with your focused intention.

Make sure to attentively follow the script after you have prepared your mind, heart, and soul to be open to any type of information on your Screen from your Akashic Records guide. This is a meditation process that encompasses two different phases, rather than just a one-time exercise. You can revisit this exercise whenever needed to tackle the same experience more than once, or different experiences that you would like to explore further before you begin with the second part of this experience that involves rewriting and changing what needs to be altered. You can use this technique to heal all sorts of traumas, emotional scars, and negative energies in your records.

  • Just like any meditation exercise, start by putting your body and mind into a state of relaxation. Begin to count from six down to one. With each descending number, remember to take a deep breath as you begin to feel yourself diving deeper and deeper into a state of tranquility. Without forcing yourself, let your mind float gently to your Sacred Temple, where you usually find great comfort and peace while feeling deeply connected with your soul.
  • Think of your Sacred Temple as a pool that you slowly dip your body into with each passing number you count. With each breath you inhale, focus on a certain part of your body. With each exhalation, focus on relaxing these body part muscles.
  • Six: Relax your face muscles, letting go of any tension, especially in the forehead and eyebrows area.
  • Five: Focus on loosening the muscles of your tense shoulders.
  • Four: Feel your deep breaths filling up your abdomen area like an inflated balloon. Then exhale slowly to feel your stomach slowly going back to its original state, just like deflating a balloon gradually.
  • Three: Let go of any tension in your lower body, appreciating all the times your legs have supported your weight.
  • Two: As your body begins to dive deeper into relaxation, try to let go of all your concerns, worries, and fears. Let your mind drop into your heart center to be able to feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • One: As you feel your body and mind slowly floating in your sacred temple, ride this warm wave of relaxation to get glimpses of your past life to be able to heal your current life.

Rewrite Past-life Experiences

This is the part of the same meditation process where you can utilize the information you have collected from the first part to break the negative cycle and release any energy you would like to let go of. This part would depend on rewriting the records of any event and its results, even if they were experienced for long periods during your past life. During this part, you should focus on giving yourself a new explanation or a different approach, one which can empower you in those situations to change the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness you felt in the past.

  • Get to your favorite location where you can find the peace and quiet you need in this journey.
    Start your meditation session by relaxing your body and mind to have direct access to viewing the screen you have already unfolded from the previous exercise.
  • Count again from six down to one until your body enters the same state just like before.
  • This time, you have the chance to unfold the event in question differently. Instead of unfolding the layers of a traumatizing experience that leaves you weak and shaking, you can approach it proactively to have the upper hand.
  • Instead of revisiting the event with doubt and fear, embark into the experience with confidence filling up your vessel to have the power to change what you need in order to rewrite your own past, present, and future.

Eleven Powerful Akashic Prayers to Transform Your Life

You don’t have to necessarily say Akashic prayer to be able to reap the healing and transformative benefits of Akashic records. But, when you’re still starting your journey, prayers can do wonders for your body and soul, giving you profound results that can take years to get with other types of meditation. The Akashic prayers and exercises mentioned in this chapter are taken from both ancient and modern Akashic sources.

1. The Prayer of Permission

“As I stand in the light produced by this divinity, I’m humbly offering my body as a vessel for energy to flow within and through me. Please accept my request to access the Akashic Records.”
This prayer is used daily before attempting to access your Akashic Records. While it may not be required, it’s quite useful because you begin to humble yourself and lose your ego to be able to see clearly. Remember that your Akashic Records contain an infinite amount of information and energy; it’s advisable to prepare your mind and soul to stay focused and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

The permission you’re asking for isn’t exactly directed to an outside external force. You’re only trying to communicate to the divine that’s already within you. You may be unaware of such divinity at first, but as time progresses, you’ll begin to feel its presence inside you as you access the Akashic Records.

2. The Prayer of Alignment

“Source, universe, soul, spirit, and the divine, please hear me as I request to be guided through the brightest and highest of vibrations. Let me understand what the truth truly means. Whatever I receive, let it be my greatest aid in this life.”

It’s important to align your goals as you go through the Akashic Records. You need to ask yourself multiple questions about true intentions and reasons for the journey. This prayer will also remind you that you are a being that can transcend the worldly webs of illusions.

The directions you are asking for do not mean that you won’t be able to find the way yourself once you’re in the Akashic Records. They

are like a totem that you keep looking at through your journey to remember what made you come here in the first place. The prayer will help you avoid getting trapped in loops and illusions created in the past, in addition to centering your direction throughout the journey.

3. The Prayer of Going Forward

“Mother, Father, Gods, Ancestors, Ancient Ones, help me sever the bonds of past lives. Let my wounds heal with time. Give me the courage to release this entrapped energy within me and let the light into my soul. I will replenish my old stagnant energy with overflowing energy. Let the river of light pass through every crevice of my soul.” This prayer will allow you to borrow from the energies of your family and the divine beings that surround the space around you. Your soul can absorb different forms of energy from multiple sources. Use it to your advantage while you’re in the Akashic Records. While the energies around you are infinite, the odds of using all of it are slim. Borrowing from the divine beings inside and outside will help you synchronize the flow of energies through your soul.

4. The Prayer of Responsibility

“I no longer follow the paths that allow me to forfeit responsibility. I thereby choose not to blame anyone else for whatever that ails me, in the future, past, and present. I am the creator of my own human experience. I control the power to create my own divine experience, and I will never shift this responsibility to someone or something else.”

One of the main problems that we face as we try to resolve our deepest issues is shifting the blame for what we go through. And this will never help you move forward. What’s happened has happened, and there is absolutely no need for you to relive it and think about it, consuming your energy. Take responsibility not for hurting yourself but as acceptance for what you’re feeling. Whatever happened in your past is probably something you’re not responsible for, but it’s your responsibility to change how you react to it.

5. The Prayer of Expulsion

“God, Goddess, Mother, Ancient Ones, I need your help to cleanse myself of energies that do not belong to me. My body, aura, and energy field are filled with energies, and I know that they carry no

benefit to me. Help me release this energy and send it to the divine field, where they could be put to better use. Let me fill my spirit and body with the most personal and divine energies.”
Carrying the energy of others without knowing can place a big burden on you. Piling up of energies inside your soul will keep you from being able to achieve higher frequencies of vibrations. This doesn’t mean that impersonal types of energy will negatively affect you. On the contrary, some energies can be transferred from other people to aid you in your journey in the Akashic Records.

The type of energies you carry can belong to people who died thousands of years ago. Soldiers, kings, maids, children, and many other people who are connected to you through karmic patterns can leave a life-long imprint on your energy. It’s up to you to release and expel these energies to get a new opportunity to create your own complete and perfect form of energy.

6. The Prayer of Energy Patterns

“I humbly call upon the powers of Archangel Michael and the Akashic Divinities of the Realms. It’s only with your help that I can untangle the webs of shadows that elude my understanding. Help me clear the interferences of karmic patterns that surround my thoughts and vibrations. Cleanse the energies brought upon infinite dimensions through infinite planes. Allow me to mold my own karmic patterns through higher vibrations. Let those energies flow away into the infinite space, forever.”

This prayer is more of an expulsion type of prayer rather than protection. The energies that negatively interfere with the Akashic process can sometimes be too strong to expel. Remember, the mass of this energy can be insurmountable, which is why you may need to call upon the power of high divine beings. Their generosity is simply astounding. Once you recite this prayer, you’ll immediately notice how the low negative vibrations are escaping from your body.

Karmic energy patterns are known to be troublesome because of their ancient powers. While you may be able to reshape those patterns according to what you want to attract, it will probably take some time if you choose not to ask for help. This prayer is recommended for beginners because karmic patterns are best approached with extreme focus. The Akashic Records can and will

show you how energy patterns can interfere with your soul’s path. But changing those patterns to something else will be up to you.

7. Prayer of Ancestral Influence

“Hear me, please, Akashic beings of the divine. It’s your help that I need to break the chains that have enslaved my soul for hundreds of years. Let me rejoice in the new light, unrestricted by chains that have been passed down to my soul. My body aches as it absorbs multitudes of awareness that weigh more than it can handle. Let my consciousness absorb all my ancestral heritage, and let it be aware of past and future generations. Let only the negative bonds be broken and leave nothing but the energy of oneness with the divine.” The ancestral family influence flows very deep through every soul on earth. It’s impossible to reject all the energy brought through a bond that spans eternity. But it’s still possible to reject and expel energies that do your soul harm. This prayer will help you take control of the energies that you draw from your ancestral origins. Every soul is different, but you’ll find good and bad ancestry links within every single soul.

This task isn’t an easy one, which is why you’ll be using the powers of the Akashic beings of light. They are ancient forces that control the flow and mass of energy though infinite plateaus of the spiritual world. They will help you notice where your points of ancestral vulnerability lie. Unshackling yourself from the negative bonds of ancestors will make you feel light and able to create new spiritual memories for yourself.

8. The Prayer of Heaven

“As the power of the divine flows through me, I know I can create with grace whatever my heart desires. I will manifest the powers of creation to let my deepest desires of heaven on earth come to existence. My purpose is to become one with the universe, and to ultimately flow as energy through its endless creations.”

One of the strongest powers of the Akashic Records is its ability to manifest “heaven on earth.” Concentrating energies of endless magnitudes allows the divine being to create and attract what truly resides in the deepest parts of their soul. The Akashic aligning of energies allows you to compel the low-vibrating energies to change their vibrations according to your will. The type of energy you can

emanate through this prayer will help you affect your external surroundings.

9. The Prayer of the Unknown

“Father, Mother, God, Divine One, Ancient Beings, let me know what I need to know to stay safe. If it’s not possible, then please let me release the energy associated with my fear of the unknown. I will finally move free of worries and doubts as I relinquish my fear of the unknown.”

One of the worst restrictors of humans is their fear of the unknown. By nature, humans are usually unaware of the effect of the energies that the future carries for them. This fear of the unknown can hinder your progress and stop you from reaching your goals because you’ll be paralyzed by fear. When you’re in a disturbed state, use this prayer as you enter the Akashic Records because it will help you stabilize the low vibrations.

10. The Prayer of Joy

“Divine beings of light, please let me see the pleasures of this world in their truest and purest form. Remind me how to enjoy the simple acts that I once used to rejoice in doing. Let the rays of the sun softly tickle my skin, and the wind to gently blow my hair again.”

If there is one thing you should be looking for in the Akashic Records, it’s your own happiness and that of those around you. Fortunately, accessing the Akashic Records reduces a lot of the stressors you have, removing a huge burden that can keep you from being happy and joyful. Many people think that achieving happiness is a task like the one given to Sisyphus, where a boulder must be pushed for eternity, falling down every time it reaches the top. But in fact, achieving happiness is much simpler.

Accessing the Akashic Records through this prayer will remove the cynicism and pessimism people have as they feel emotionally down. They’ll understand that there is no such thing as a permanent state of energy, and it can be constantly modeled and reshaped according to an individual’s will. Do not fall prey to the belief of not being in control of your conditions. Try to take responsibility for making yourself feel happy as long as you breathe. Yes, you may not permanently stay happy, but at least you’ll be able to stay at a very close baseline.

11. The Prayer of Healing

“Mother, Father, God, Goddess, Ancient Ones, Divine beings of light, please hold my spirit as I try to heal the damage that has been done unto my soul. Let me receive the clearing energy on multiple dimensions and allow me to use all the energy you’ve given to me to fix what has been broken. Let the light find its way into the ancient and current wounds and drive it from within to restore my soul and body into its most perfect state.”

This prayer can be used daily, and it’s especially important if you feel that you’re down and unable to resolve the problems that plague your day. It will allow you to borrow the power of divine beings that can help guide the energy through what ails you. Whether it’s an emotional or a physical wound, you will still be able to heal it quickly if you let the Akashic Records restore the vibration to its original and perfect state.


It’s not easy to carefully balance the spiritual and worldly desires, especially if you are engulfed in personal wars that involve both spiritual and material elements. It’s easy to see whether someone is living in harmony and tranquility or in instability caused by the many contradictions they have to accept to go forward. The link between the spiritual and material worlds is in the Akashic Records, transcending time and space, dealing with vibrations and energy. Your eyes may be able to carefully observe the present, but it’s the Akashic Records that allow you to see beyond the present and into the past and future.

The material provided here shall be your ammunition as you grapple between the different and contrasting worlds of your life. Use the Akashic Records to integrate the domain of the spiritual world into the material one. You can rest assured that the happiness and joy you’ll attract will be infectious, as you’ll be sensing not only your energy but also others’. The wisdom you’ll gain through accessing the divine will show you the true direction of your soul, which is to embark on a journey of honesty, truth, and goodness.

Finishing this book means that you are truly invested in bettering your inner soul. Never lose this momentum as time goes by, and make sure to always invest in it, attracting what you truly desire. Awakening your true power will allow you to use this force for healing wounds, embracing yourself, and helping others. You’ll notice that other people will see the change of your energy, even if they can’t exactly put their finger on what has changed.

Your vibrations will be peaking and transcending the low plateaus, which may surprise you. You’re probably not used to feeling the intense glow of your inner light yet. As time goes by, you’ll find yourself becoming more comfortable in higher plateaus as your body and soul adapt to the higher vibrations. Live your life as a child of the divine, and never create a rift between your soul and body by trying to hide your spirituality and higher vibrations.

The Akashic Records will finally give you a chance to relinquish the harsh and restrictive limitations that have been placed on you by a world filled with illusions. The Akashic Records are never exclusive to one part of our spirituality. Instead, they involve our past, current, and future lives as one, interconnected through multiple planes of energy. One strong wound can be buried deep enough to span several lifetimes. Healing one’s self through Akashic Records ensures that spiritual wounds aren’t healed superficially.

Since we’re living in a world that’s hyper-focused on survival, it’s hard to find room to be able to focus on one’s spirituality. Therefore, you should use the methods mentioned in the book when you’re completely sure that you’ll be able to pour all your attention into accessing the Akashic Records. It may be hard to accustom yourself during your early trials, but once you truly see for yourself how effective the Akashic Records are, you’ll be able to easily find the concentration needed.

Whether it’s addiction, loss, relationships, or spiritual fatigue that you’re trying to heal or fix, look it in the eyes through accessing the Akashic Records. All the solutions you find in the Records are personal and unique, and this information won’t work on someone else’s problems, but you can still help others access their Akashic Records and find their own solutions. You may initially fear the radical transformation that can happen from using the information in the Akashic Records, but it shouldn’t take you a lot of time to rejoice in happiness after fully understanding it.