The Ultimate Complete Guide to Empaths (& How to know if you are one)

What is an Empath?

Empaths are people who will intensely sense the emotions of other people or beings near them, and they will sometimes feel these emotions even more profoundly than their feelings.

They are extra sensitive to the senses and dispositions of the people around them, which makes them more aware of the suffering and joy of others. This gift can be painful, but it can also be incredibly rewarding because it facilitates a deeper connection with other people and other parts of the universe.

Most people will feel empathy to some extent, which is the feeling of understanding the pain (or other emotions) of someone else without necessarily having experienced that same situation yourself. It is being able to deeply thrust yourself into some else’s position and become connected to them.

Empath Types

There are several empath types and I’m going to give a brief overview of 6 of them bellow.

Psychic Empath

There are several types of empaths, so while psychic empaths will all experience the absorption of emotional and spiritual energies around them, each person experiences these energies differently and even from various sources.

Emotional Empath

An emotional empath, for example, can sense the emotional vibrations of others, while a physical empath can feel when people are physically experiencing certain sensations like pain.

Intuitive Empath

An intuitive empath is like an emotional one, but they see the deeper connections of the feelings beyond just the surface-level emotions. They are great at knowing when people are deceptive because of their deep intuition.

Dream Empath

Another type is a dream empath that can sense what dreams mean. They learn about others and themselves through dreams and instinctually can piece together what it all means.

Plant Empath

Plant Empaths will feel emotional states of plants and make for great botanists and farmers.

Animal Empath

Animal Empath are able to keenly sense emotions of animals and not just your household pets but any wild or exotic animals too. They make great veterinarians, zoo keepers and nay other professions that works with animals.

Earth Empath

Similarly, earth empaths have extra sensations related to nature and can sense things like natural disasters before they occur.

You may fit multiple of these categories to varying degrees, but these categories show how diverse psychic empaths are.

Empaths have a unique gift of feeling the emotions of others deeply. These skills are beautiful, and they allow people with such a gift to better their lives and deepen their connections with the non-physical world.

Even if you don’t think you are empath right now you will likely build empath skills with practice and attention to your otherworldly senses.

How many empaths are there in the world?

The ability to sense energy is not something that everyone has. Research has shown that only approximately 20% of the world is labeled as highly sensitive, a label under which empaths loosely fall.

Furthermore, approximately 3% of the entire population qualifies as having an empathic ability. This means that you are a minority in the world, but you can still use your talents to impact the rest of the world in a big way. Sometimes you do a lot just by focusing on those closest to you.

Difference between Empathy vs Sympathy?

Empathy is unique from sympathy. Empathetic people can envision themselves in the same conditions as the people around them, and they can understand that person’s perspective. It is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and sensing their emotions.

Empathy is more connective, while sympathy is more distant. Sympathy doesn’t require you to understand someone else’s perspective; instead, it merely understands people’s feelings without experiencing them.

People with empathy can go far beyond mere sympathy, and they can let themselves into people’s endeavours with pain, joy, or any other emotion. Empaths have a special relationship with empathy in ways that ordinary people do not.

Empaths can do much more than just sense the visual or verbal cues that someone is in pain or experiencing other intense feelings.

They can feel other people’s emotions even when they aren’t outwardly apparent, which means that these people are extra sensitive to the feelings of others, which can make it difficult to navigate social situations and relationships without an understanding of how empathy works.

What Powers does an Empath Have?

You are probably wondering whether the only thing you will ever be good at is sensing emotion and feeling the pain of others. On the surface, it can seem as if this is all there is to an empath. Fortunately, this is not the case. Empaths are gifted with great superpowers that they can use to do good in the world. If this comes as a surprise to you, then it is probably because you have been riddled with self-doubt, unable to notice the amazing sides to your gift. Let’s explore the superpowers of the empath.

The Empath Power of Vision and Discernment

When an empath settles their mind and learns to work through the clutter of their everyday lives, they can achieve a vision that normal people cannot.

This is because such an empath can sift through the trash and pick out the important details. Empaths have a 360o view of things, and for this reason, they can make extraordinarily visionary and discerning leaders. Of course, such an empath will also have to work through their typical lack of enthusiasm for leadership roles.

When a willing empath takes on a leadership role, there is often a change for the better. They can read the people they are leading well, anticipate their needs, and put measures to cater to these needs. Because they are excellent listeners, empaths make people feel heard and listened to, which is a key quality of an exemplary leader.

Empath’s have Advanced Intuition

While other people struggle to hear their gut instinct clearly, the empath’s intuition leaves nothing to chance; it is loud, clear, and demands to be heard. In many cases, the only reason why an empath might fail to side with their intuition is that they chose to ignore it, not because it did not show up when required.

An empath’s intuition is like a well-trained army with red flags hoisted every time approaching danger. This army works tirelessly and nonstop. A empath that allows their army to flourish will easily tell you that your new partner is no good for you, even when you think you are head over heels in love with this person.

Just by looking at a person, an empath can tell when that person has good intentions or otherwise. Empaths who trust their advanced intuition can avoid a whole lot of dangerous situations.

Additionally, empath can also use their advanced intuition when it comes to making tough decisions. They can use this gift to vividly sift through the array of options presented to them and ultimately determine which particular option resonates with them best.

The Empath Psychic Ability

The empath’s psychic ability allows them to see things before they happen or even when they are happening, even though thousands of miles can separate them from the actual event.

An empath’s psychic ability will allow them to feel the pain of a loved one suffering from a hurtful situation thousands of miles away.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about someone out of the blue, and when you call them, they let you know that they were going through a tough time? This could be because of your psychic ability.

Your nature as an empath will keep you connected to this person who is continents away. At the same time, your psychic ability enables you to receive signals in the same way that a troubled person might send SOS messages in the hope of being rescued.

The Empath Power of Healing

Whether they are healing by speaking life into others or just by surrounding others with their calm presence, empaths have quite an impact when it comes to alleviating the suffering of others. As an empath who has learned to steady themselves, your mere presence can be a healing balm to others.

You only need to show up, and everyone else feels at ease. You probably know 1 or 2 of such people in your life. Their presence makes you feel safe and comfortable, as if everything in the universe is aligned as it should be.

If you do not know anybody like that, it just might be that you are that person. You might unknowingly be the calming presence in people’s lives. What a great superpower to have, to meet with a friend for coffee, fully understand the problem they are experiencing, and offer them helpful solutions.

Of course, the important thing to remember with this superpower is that you must heal yourself first. You cannot fix other people’s wounds when yours are bleeding.

Empath’s have heightened Creativity

Empaths are highly talented and creative. It only makes sense you cannot be so highly gifted and fail to make something out of it. Many empaths create music that lasts generations, make art that wows the entire world for years, or write novels that captivate millions of people.

It is rare to find an empath who does not have a creative bone in their body. Creativity is the empath’s outlet. Creativity is the empath’s chance to pour their souls out without being judged for it.

Think about it: the empath who has had to battle their emotions, otherwise referred to as demons, all their life often needs a safe space where they can express exactly what they feel. This empath will turn to a platform such as painting, singing, exercising, drawing, film-making, writing, and any other creative outlet that allows for freedom of expression.

It is no wonder that many creatives come up with concepts that have everyone else wondering why nobody thought of that before. It is simply because the mind of an empath is like a never-ending maze with surprises at every corner.

The well of creativity that an empath embodies can never run dry. And the best part is that the empath feels their art. The art comes from deep down within them, and at the same time, mirrors the emotions of the people around them because the empath can be selfless in their art.

How to use your Empath Abilities in the real world?

When used correctly, the superpowers of an empath can change lives. Whether at work or in personal relationships, an empath’s intuitive capability is their greatest asset.

As an empath, you have something that many people struggle to have: the ability to read a situation instantly without needing to ask questions. It’s easy to see that empaths have a lot of potential to impact people and communities everywhere they go.

The obvious question, therefore, becomes, how does an empath go about the process of channeling their superpowers towards the right causes? In other words, how can you take advantage of what you have to improve your life and those of others?

Creative Direction

Because of their highly intuitive nature, empaths often come in handy when offering creative direction in work projects and even in their own lives. Creativity is never usually the direct result of pure logic.

For art to appeal to its audience, there has to be an element of intuitiveness and heartfelt emotion. That is why some of the most celebrated authors of all time are usually those who write with a lot of sadness. They can draw emotions from their readers because they feel and understand these emotions.

Ernest Hemingway, a world-famous American journalist, and writer, once put it aptly this way: “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” In this statement, Hemingway was recognizing the thankless labor that is writing and at the same time appreciating that the magic of art cannot exist without feeling or emotion.

As an empath working in the creative industry, you should never shy away from sharing your opinions and views on projects. Some of them might seem outlandish or ridiculous, but the bold empath is often willing to wear their creative heart on their sleeve that wins the day and inspires others.

Nurturing Relationships

Empaths make terrific friends. They are excellent listeners. They are empathetic. They anticipate other people’s needs. They are often nurturing and rarely judgmental. One empath friend is worth 10 in the bush, so to speak.

When a empath meets a well-meaning person with whom they can nurture a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship, their friendship blossoms for years and years. It is indeed a thing to be proud of if you are an empath because you can be such a great friend to the people who need you.

Empaths are not just nurturing their friends. They extend this trait to their colleagues as well. Work environments can often be ridden with anxiety and other forms of toxicity. For someone who is not attuned to or unable to understand this negative energy, such work environments can be very distressing.

Empaths can filter through different types of energy and obtain important insights which allow them to navigate any environment mindfully. As such, empaths are likely to make thoughtful colleagues who think before they leap and try to understand where others are coming from before judging harshly.

Besides friendships and work relationships, empaths also thrive as parents. Empath parents often have so much positive energy, encouragement, and empowerment to pour into their children. After all, an empath understands

what ails their child even when the child isn’t in a position to articulate it. As an empath, whether you choose to have biological kids or adopt kids who need a home, there is a strong chance that you’ll be one of those parents who grow up to become best friends with their children.

Mediation Roles

Because they can understand people without requiring words to be said, empaths often make great mediators in conflict resolution. Their ability to detect problems before they escalate into bigger issues allows the empath to be one step ahead in times of conflict.

At the same time, they can also dig deep into a person’s psyche and understand their greatest needs and wants, thus realign the mediation exercise to do the same thing, which ensures that all parties feel like they’ve been listened to.

Activists and Advocates

As an empath, you have the potential to advocate for the unseen and the unheard because you can see and hear them. An empath’s deep connection with their surroundings enables them to have a heightened understanding of issues.

While some people will litter and shrug it off, an empath will find it highly problematic to go about life with such an obvious disregard for others and especially for the environment.

It is, therefore, not uncommon to find many empaths involving themselves in advocacy roles such as fighting against environmental pollution, being activists for human and animal rights, and even helping to bring the marginalized to the forefront. In the eyes of the empath, social injustices cannot and must never be ignored.

What’s even better is that empaths can connect easily with people, thus influencing people to join worthy causes comes naturally to them. When an empath pleads with their case, it’s almost impossible to ignore.

Detecting Manipulation

An empath’s ability to sense a person’s negative energy even when the person is trying to disguise it as something else allows them to tell when a person is lying, even though everyone else may be in the dark. An empath who has learned to understand other people’s energies without getting drawn into them can sense subtle energy shifts that may point towards potential manipulation.

Manipulators use the same book of tricks, including using body language and eye contact to create rapport with the intent of creating an aura of harmlessness. For the inexperienced eye, this kind of rapport may come across as genuine. Fortunately for empaths, inauthenticity is often detected from a mile away.

This ability allows empaths to protect themselves and those around them from predators who may be looking to take advantage. Since time immemorial, children have been implored to listen to their mothers since “mothers know best.”

This is because mothers are highly intuitive towards their children and can therefore predict danger even before the children can sense it. That is why your well-meaning mother might take one look at a girlfriend or boyfriend that you have just introduced to her and tell you that you’re about to get into trouble.

This sixth sense that mothers have towards their offspring is the same that empaths have towards most people and situations.

What are the best Jobs and Careers for an Empath?

The best careers for empaths are those that allow them to live out their full potential as healers and caregivers without burdening them unfairly with emotional and mental drain. If an empath decides to go down a more draining path but still feels fulfilled in doing what they do, they need to learn how to take care of themselves so they are not worn out constantly.

In careers where an empath is constantly exposed to the suffering of others or high levels of drama and negativity, the empath must develop healthy coping and protecting mechanisms to avoid emotional drain. Certain careers are better suited for empaths for several reasons.


Empaths, for instance, make very good artists. As mentioned earlier, they are able to feel deeply and this gives them a creative edge over everyone else.

By choosing to become an artist, an empath is essentially lighting a torch to show the rest of the world how to live. A great advantage of being an artist is that you don’t even need to show your face to the rest of the world.

You can allow your art to communicate on your behalf while protecting yourself from public attention, which can often be overwhelming.

An artist who has chosen this approach is Banksy. Banksy, now 45- years old and based in England, has influenced the world with his art while maintaining his anonymity. His debut as a street artist was back in the 1990s and to date, nobody has been able to unveil his real identity.


Freelance writing and travel blogging are 2 other career choices that are ideal for the empath who wants to explore their creative side, impact people, move freely, and recharge their minds and bodies while keeping human interaction to a minimum.

To be clear, this isn’t to say that empaths hate working with people. Rather, empaths thrive more and make better use of their superpowers when working in environments that allow their vulnerable sides to flourish without negative energy.

Online Coach

As an empath, you may also consider becoming an online coach or therapist. In both cases, you will be helping others and because there are guidelines to the kind of care you need to provide, you can help others while also safeguarding yourself.


Another path to consider as an empath is an entrepreneurship. This may sound daunting at first but let’s break down why this is a good idea.

Being an entrepreneur provides a great sense of freedom, which all empaths love. You set your own rules and your work schedule. The limitations of having a boss do not bind you. You do not need to ask for permission when to take a vacation or go to the bathroom.

Additionally, in the field of entrepreneurship, you must know what the market wants. You must be able to provide the market with something they are happy with. Something that is going to solve their problem.

This is where the empath is truly able to shine. Using their ultimate gift of empathy, they can truly dive into the market’s minds and understand their pains and problems.

And with this, can deliver a product to the market that satisfies greatly. Entrepreneurship also acts as a medium where the empath can unleash their creativity and come up with ideas and solutions, bringing great joy.

Social & Care Jobs

Other examples of safe and fulfilling career routes for empaths include charity, social work, and healthcare, especially mental healthcare. Empaths also make great veterinarians since they can care for animals deeply.

Overall, empaths do well in self-employment and in professions where they can help others. When an empath is in a profession that is a perfect match for their personality, they leave a tremendous impact that resonates with everyone they encounter.

As an empath, you may have formerly struggled with holding down a job. It is important to recognize that this may be because you had chosen the wrong kind of job, or intuitively, your soul was trying to tell you that there is something else out there much better suited you. Something your soul is craving to express. With the right career, you can change lives.

Professions for the Empath

You can find a whole list of professions for the Empath below, and always keep in mind that your profession doesn’t have to fit into this list; it can be anything you want it to be. The point is that you use your skills to live the life of your dreams and employ your abilities as an empath in all of your work.

Some wonderful possible professions for the empath are:

  • Doctor/Physician
  • Nurse
  • Physical therapist Massage Therapist Acupuncturist
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Veterinarian
  • Environmentalist
  • Horticulturist/ Botanist
  • Human Resources
  • Service Counseling
  • Writer
  • Painter
  • Artist
  • Dancer/ Choreographer
  • Musician/ Composer
  • Community Outreach
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Teacher
  • Nanny/ Caregiver
  • Elderly care
  • Hospice care
  • Bereavement counseling
  • Social Work
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Spiritual Counselor/ Guide And more!

There are so many possibilities of what you can do with your Empath skills. The use of your gifts can be very effective in any of these professions, plus many that are not listed here.

If you are a lawyer or judge in a court of law, think how valuable it would be to understand and deeply feel your defendant’s case.

As a physical therapist, you might be able to feel in your body where someone is in pain and know exactly how to help them.

As a therapist or counselor, you can provide someone with even more compassionate guidance due to feeling just how difficult and challenging their situation is.

As an environmentalist or horticulturist, you can sense and feel the needs of the land and the plants you are tending to.

The creative arts can be especially fulfilling. If you are an actress or actor on stage, you are using your skill of truly knowing how the characters feel based on your observations of human life. If you are a dancer or a poet, you use the deep power of emotion to carry it across the dance floor or the page.

If you are currently working in a career field that makes it hard for you to thrive as an empath, I strongly encourage you to think about what you would rather be doing. Look at that list again. What are the first 3 jobs that jump out to you immediately? Are you already working in one of these professions? Do you wish you were?

Whatever work you are looking for or are already engaged in, you will be better able to handle any professional experience when you let go of other people’s emotional energy and practice using your gifts for the good of all and yourself.

The Worst Careers for Empaths

The worst careers for empaths include those that require one to be aggressive and competitive, deal with crowds, interact with many people, and play by rules that are sometimes unreasonable or even unscrupulous. Professions such a politics, sales, and public relations don’t suit most empaths.

Struggles of Being an Empath

Unfortunately, the traits that make them strong can also become their weaknesses. Living in a constantly stimulating environment and the inability to distinguish their emotions from others can be overwhelming. An empath’s sensitivity and empathy come at a high cost and are often misunderstood. This looks at different struggles an empath faces.

Inability to Say “No”

Empaths have a natural desire and an inherent tendency to help those around them. They try to make others happy or feel better regardless of the situation. This desire makes it difficult for them to say “no.”

As an empath, you probably feel it is your duty and responsibility to help everyone who needs your help. When you start feeling like this, pleasing others becomes the norm. It might make you feel better initially, but in the long run, it gets exhausting.

If you keep getting stuck in situations that can be avoided by saying “no,” you will be left with no energy. It can also make you feel out of control while increasing your stress levels. Another disadvantage of an empath’s inability to say “no” is that others will take them for granted.

You end up displeasing yourself when you constantly try to please others.

Television Becomes a Challenge

Television is a source of entertainment for most people. At the end of a tiring day, who wouldn’t want to relax and watch TV?

But this simple act that others enjoy can be challenging for an empath. Since they are finely tuned to others’ emotions, empaths can feel it regardless of whether the event is happening around them or across the world. This means watching a horror movie, an emotional drama, or even the news becomes unbearable.

Susceptibility to Addictions

Dealing with one’s emotions is problematic. Imagine if you had to live your life dealing with the emotions, feelings, and experiences of all those around you as well? When an empath cannot deal with their emotions or accept their empathy, living life is typically challenging.

This is a reason why empaths always seek an escape. Blocking all the unnecessary emotions and feelings is a self-defense mechanism. This is also a reason why empaths are quite susceptible to addictions. Instead of dealing with their problem, they seek an escape.

The simplest escape route is dependence on harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or other addictive behavior. In a bid to survive and preserve oneself, an empath develops unhealthy behaviors.

See Through Others

Empaths are human lie detectors. They feel and understand what others are saying and can decide whether they are telling the truth.

This is an incredibly helpful quality that can be used to navigate human life. But it is quite painful when you know your friend or a loved one is lying to you. It can make you feel like a loner and vulnerable in this big bad world.

Even a small white lie told by a loved one can be detected by an empath. Since they are naturally hypersensitive, a small lie hurts a lot. It can also result in distrust of others.

After all, if your loved ones lie to you, how can you depend on them? Dealing with these kinds of emotions is exhausting, and it prevents empaths from forming and maintaining healthy and positive relationships in life.

Dealing With Intimacy

As mentioned earlier, a common problem empaths face is intimacy. Every empath needs quiet time. They need to get away from others to recharge their energy. This can make it incredibly difficult for an empath to spend time with the partner.

When you spend all your time with another individual, you tend to feel what the other person is feeling as an empath. When your senses are overrun continuously because of this connection, relationships become difficult. When spending time together becomes overwhelming, your need to withdraw from others also increases. In such a situation, an intimate relationship becomes tricky.

The universe is made of energy, and energy continually flows from one person to another. An empath connects with another individual, which means they open themselves up, and their energy field is vulnerable. This can overwhelm an empath, overstimulate them, and result in chronic fatigue. Since intimacy can burn out an empath, the possibility of intimacy can seem scary.

When an empath is emotionally invested in their partner, it easily clouds their judgment. This is also one of the reasons why empaths usually get stuck in unhealthy relationships. They are magnets for narcissists and other energy vampires.

These unhealthy relationships drain not only an empath of their empathy but also their energy, and compassion becomes a burden. Caring too much and being unable to shut off this compassion for others can leave you feeling tired and restless.

It also makes you feel as if you have no control over your life. These factors can harm any relationship, especially the intimate ones in an empath’s life.

Trouble Socializing

Empaths love solitude because it helps them gain a sense of balance in an extremely stimulated world. They have trouble socializing with others around them. If spending too much time in public can drain you of your energy, why would you want to do this?

The need to get away from others to recharge their energy and regain control of their emotions is why most empaths lean toward introversion. Their introversion is a self-defense mechanism. Empaths need a lot of alone time. Unfortunately, not everyone can understand this. It can also be quite tricky to explain why you need alone time to others.

As an empath, you might constantly face an inner struggle between wanting to go out and staying in. Empaths need time alone to process their emotions and stop absorbing the emotions of others. This is also the reason why they are misunderstood as introverts.

Not all introverts are empaths, and not all empaths are introverts. Striking the right balance between socializing and solitude is not easy. Unless you do this, you cannot lead a happy and well-balanced life.


By now, you have realized that empaths are constantly drained of their energy. If an empath’s energy is like a bucket full of water, every emotion or feeling they absorb from others puts a hole in this bucket.

The bucket will sooner or later be empty. Precisely this is what happens to empaths when they are out in the world. Unless an empath learns to establish and enforce personal boundaries, empathy can be overwhelming. Emotional fatigue is quite real for empaths.

Whether it is happiness or sadness, every emotion is severely magnified for an empath and surrounded by emotions, and absorbing all these emotions increases one’s emotional fatigue.

Taken for Granted

An empath’s inability to say “no” and their boundless compassion make them the perfect target for all energy vampires. Empaths are not immune to narcissists and other toxic people.

Do your friends and other loved ones approach you when they are feeling low or tired? Have others told you they feel better after spending time with you? This is because of your empathy. As an empath, you absorb all the negative emotions from others and give away your positive energy.

After a while, you will be left with nothing and end up becoming a dumping ground for emotional pain. Being taken for granted is seldom pleasant. As this becomes the norm, emotional stress increases. It can also result in anxiety, depression, and isolation.

Depression and Anxiety

It might not be true for all empaths, but it is not uncommon for most of them to struggle with a mental health disorder. Due to their high sensitivity to emotions, they deal with stress and self-doubt. Every negative emotion or feeling an empath absorbs from others is similar to getting hit with a brick.

If negative people constantly surround you, you pick up their negative energy. This negativity can fester into mental health conditions such as depression or chronic anxiety. It is not just your problems you need to deal with; you have to deal with others’ problems.

If you live your life feeling like you do not fit in or others don’t understand you, it creates a sense of isolation. This isolation can worsen your negative thinking and increase your risk of developing depression or anxiety as an empath.

Empathy comes with pros and cons. Most of the strengths that empaths have can become their weaknesses. This usually happens when they cannot deal with their empathy or have a tough time balancing their emotions.

After going through this list, you might have finally understood why you struggle daily with simple things that others seem to enjoy. This will also help you watch out for situations and individuals you need to avoid to protect yourself. Once you embrace your empathy and learn to harness its power, overcoming these weaknesses becomes incredibly simple.

Benefits of Being an Empath

Being an empath provides you with a lot of advantages. There is no need to see this personality type as a burden when simply understanding it gives you immense power in life.

Great Problem Solvers

It makes you a natural thinker who sees below the surface of things and is great at problem-solving. They are great at almost obsessively seeking answers and solutions and will never stop looking until one is found.

This is a great advantage for those close to them or working with them. If there is a need for an answer, the empath will go above and beyond to seek it out. They also understand the deeper emotional angles to problems that most people would probably not notice or pay attention to.

Empathetic Personalities Are Great as Leaders or Team Players

When it comes to working in groups, they have a great ability to make others feel included, valuable, and listened to. This can make them great leaders if they decide to follow such a path, but at the very least, it will allow them to work great in groups with other people.

Since empaths can be shy a lot of times, leading might feel intimidating to them, but if they decide to follow that path, they will have a great and positive impact on other people they work with.

They also make great counselors since they know how to listen and feel out a person’s situation and give the unique advice that person may be needing at the moment.

Wide and Varied Social Circles or Groups

Empaths typically find it easy to relate to nearly anyone because of their dynamic and varied personalities and moods. No matter who the person is, they can find a way to relate because they are so multifaceted.

This causes them to have friends from many different walks of life, who may not even get along with each other when they meet. The empath in the group can be seen as the glue that holds everyone together with their unique talents and gifts for perception and relating to others.

Having a wide circle of unique friends allows the empath to become a well-rounded person themselves with many different areas of knowledge or interests.

This is because they are constantly absorbing from others and learn to become better people by interacting with their friends. Having a large group of varied personalities to be friends with will make them even more unique and multi-faceted.

This will, in turn, increase their intelligence and capacity to relate.

Empaths Have Extremely Vivid and Often Lucid Dreams

Empaths tend to have amazing dream recall and, when developed, can become conscious of their dream state while sleeping. Since they are amazing at seeing the metaphorical messages within things, others may often ask them for help interpreting the meanings behind their dreams.

Empaths can look to a dream they had and recall vivid details, often related to emotions felt within the dream, and decipher exactly what their subconscious is trying to say.

This gives them a unique talent for connecting with their subconscious and healing themselves and others. They are also very great at interpreting the symbolism in other people’s dreams and pointing out what metaphorical significance the dream imagery may have.

For this reason, people may seek them out for advice on what their dreams or visions could mean and concrete pointers on what to do with the knowledge gained from dream symbolism.

A Creative and Magnetic Personality

Everyone is impressed by and drawn to creativity, and empaths are often artists. This will mean that other people gravitate towards them, even if they cannot explain why.

This gives empaths a distinct advantage because they have the power to choose between many willing candidates for friendship or love. As long as they are careful to be selective about who they allow to be close to them, this is a great strength that will come in handy for the entirety of the empathetic person’s life.

If the empath is shy, they may resent this attention at first before they understand the power it gives them. As they grow to understand their personality type and the gifts that come along with it, they will begin to see this as a great blessing to be grateful for. Being magnetic to other people gives the empath a unique chance to help many people in the world and be a positive influence.

This is only possible if the empath does not deny their special gifts and instead lets them shine forth. While jealous people may attempt to downplay this or make the empath feel insecure, this won’t affect as long as the empath stays strong in their true selves and the strengths it brings.

They Have the Capacity for Strong and Unshakeable Bonds With Others

Since people find it very easy to open up with these personality types, even about secrets, this makes for a lot of potential for incredibly deep friendships. People feel called to pour out their hearts to the empathetic personality, and as long as this safety and trust can go both ways, it will create amazing relationships.

As long as you captivate their hearts, you have their attention. Empaths are drawn to people who speak from real-life experience rather than purely academic knowledge. When you have an empath’s attention, you can sense that they are truly seeing and hearing you, which contributes to why others are so drawn to them.

Synchronicities and Frequent Déjà Vu Experiences

Empaths are in touch with the realm that is not seen, which can lead to many amazing events that cannot be pure coincidence. The more aligned with their true selves, the more the empath will experience these magical events. This can lead them to appreciate and embrace their nature deeply, rather than feeling down about it.

Some people may feel intimidated by these experiences, having doubts about whether believing them is a good idea or not. They may also feel pressure from others to deny their intuition or experiences simply because others are not always capable of understanding them. This is a battle that every empath will face, but knowing how to trust yourself regardless of the pressure outside of you is an absolute must.

If you want to thrive as an empath, it is important to shield yourself from negative energies. Empaths are susceptible to excessive stimulation, exhaustion, and sensory overload.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is recognize when you are overstimulated and are experiencing any form of sensory overload. Start paying attention to when you absorb negative energy from others. By shielding and protecting your energies, you are essentially cleansing your aura.

Your empathy is like a free Wi-Fi network. Anyone within the range of the signal of your Wi-Fi network can connect and use your data. Learning to make this network protected and selective is the simplest and securest way to ensure your energy field is not depleted. This looks at practical techniques you can use to shield yourself from unwanted energies and emotions.

Avatar Water Bending Practice

Exercises and Training Techniques for Empaths

Shielding Visualization

Shielding is the quickest and most efficient way to protect yourself. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the word shielded? Probably medieval knights who were holding a shield to protect their bodies.

Well, a shielding meditation does the same thing to your energy field. You are creating a barrier around yourself that prevents other energies from entering your aura. You can use this technique to block toxic energy and increase the free flow of positivity.

Bring up your protective shield whenever you are uncomfortable in a situation, place, or around an individual. Surround yourself with positive energy.

The great thing about this shielding visualization is you can do it whenever you want to, wherever you are. To get started, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. While you do this, visualize a wonderful shield of bright white light surrounding your body. It extends from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, covering every inch of your body.

Keep visualizing this shield, removing any unwanted energies present within and outside your body while blocking further toxic energy. Once you feel calm and centered, open your eyes, and end the meditation. Remember: This protective shield will stay with you throughout the day or until you need it. Call upon it whenever the need arises.

Protective Meditation

There will be instances when you need a little extra support to get through the day. In such cases, use the protective jaguar meditation. It is ideal for situations when there is too much negativity bombarding you. The jaguar is a patient, fierce, and protective guardian who keeps away toxic energy and individuals.

Close your eyes, take in a couple of deep breaths, and calm your mind. Once you are in the perfect meditative state, call upon the jaguar’s spirit to guard you. Feel the jaguar enter your energy field.

To do this, visualize the majestic creature in your mind’s eye gracefully patrolling around you. While the jaguar is patrolling your energy field, it protects you, keeps away unwanted energy, and enhances your energy.

Make your visualization of the jaguar as clear and precise as you possibly can. Visualize its eyes, graceful movements, powerful body, rippling muscles, and sleek movements. While the jaguar is encircling you, you are protected and safe. It will keep all things negative away from you.

Place your trust in this creature, and thank it for its protection. Whenever you need it, you can call upon it, and it will protect you. Feel the power of this meditation, and let it stay with you throughout the day. Once you feel calm and secure, open your eyes, and get back to your usual routine.

Energetic Boundaries

Whether it is your home or office, create an energetic boundary around your personal space. It helps reduce any stress you experience and prevent negative energy from entering your sacred space.

If you are constantly stuck in a crowded or emotionally challenging environment, fill your outer space with family photos, protective crystals, or plants. These objects help establish a psychological barrier similar to the effect of noise-canceling headphones.

Connect With Nature

Empaths are drawn to nature and love it. Nature makes them feel safe and at home. It gives you a chance to connect with your inner self without any worries or prejudices. The way water clears negativity, spending time in nature has a similar effect.

Reconnecting with nature helps heal the energy deficiencies you are experiencing. It also helps eliminate negative energy and replaces it with pure positivity.

Walk on the grass and stand barefoot for a while. Let your feet be in direct contact with the earth and its healing energies. Being barefooted has a grounding effect on an empath. Maintain direct contact with the ground until you feel settled and restored.

Do not forget to express your gratitude once the earth’s healing energy has helped you. Keep doing this daily, and you will see a positive change.

Telekinesis Girl Visualisation


The life of an empath is by no means easy, but the gift of psychic empathy is not a small one either. It has been said that great power comes with great responsibility.

Such is the case of an empath who has been gifted a rare ability to see into others. With this ability comes the need to ensure that the psychic empath remains fair to themselves while positively impacting others with their gift.

Empaths struggle with this balance all their lives, especially because they are often dismissed as too emotional or too sensitive when they bring it up.

With this guide, you are now better positioned to articulate who you are and what you are capable of instead of simply worrying that you overreact to situations.

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