Ultimate Guide On Tychokinesis: The Ability To Manipulate Probability


Tychokinesis is the ability to manipulate probability. This is an extremely powerful ability for anybody to wield due to the extent probability effects the lives of everyone on the planet. When the word probability is first mentioned most immediately jump to gambling for references of probability. Most people list sports results or the lottery as examples of cases where probability is at play. Although this may be one area that showcases probability, there are many more. Probability effects almost everything in our lives. There is always a chance of almost any event happening to anybody at anytime. There is a chance that you walk outside today and are hit by a car, a chance that you find a $100 note on the ground or even a chance that a tornado sweeps through your city. These are just a few examples of events that have a chance of occurring.tychokinesis

However the majority of these events will not happen to you in your lifetime. But the point is there always is a chance of any event occurring. This is what makes tychokinesis such a powerful ability to hold. It allows a user to bend probability to there desire. Even though there are limits to this though the ability still applies to most events that have any possibility of occurring. This ability takes luck out of life for the user. It allows them to control how life treats them, how their days progress and even how luck effects the people around them. Tychokinesis can be used to grant others a lucky life or the complete opposite depending on the intentions of the wielder of the power.


When you first think about tychokinesis the impossible always comes to mind. You think about all of the events that occur in life and how probability effects them. These thoughts then translate into pondering what the limitations of such a power are. Because of the sheer magnitude of power this ability holds it is hard to imagine that any limits could possibly exist that could hamper experiences in using this power. However like all abilities tychokinesis does have its limitations. Although they aren’t massive limits that limit the powers use entirely; they are worth noting for those interested in learning the power.

The first limitation is connected to experience. The amount of times this ability can be used within a short period of time depends on a users experience in the power. Tychokinesis takes a lot of energy to effectively be put into practice. It requires a lot of focus in order to be done to an extent where an unlikely event becomes likely. It is for this reason the time taken to enact this power effectively differs between users depending on experience. The more time taken increasing or decreasing probability leads to users tiring quicker. This means more rest time is needed before the ability can be used again. Though this is only a small limitation, it does have an effect on the ability for those who desire to use it constantly.tychokinesis

The next limitation is related to probability. In order to manipulate the probability of an event; said event must be possible in the first case. This means that the likelihood of it occurring must be greater then 0% for the odds to actually be manipulated. This means that the impossible can’t be made possible. A user can’t do absurd things such as cause pianos to start raining down from the sky or cause a shark to appear out of thin air. Though this isn’t a big limitation of this ability. It is notable especially when considering altering the probability of things like weather conditions. A user could not cause things like flooding in the desert to occur.

One more limitation of tychokinesis is that emotions can effect the power. Although this isn’t a huge limitation it is important to account for it when using the power. Outside of these three limitations there are few other limits that restrict the use of this ability. Overall tychokinesis is a powerful power that can effect the life of its users tremendously.