Ultimate Guide On Umbrakinesis: The Ability to Manipulate Darkness

Some people are scared of the dark and prefer the day time. Others however… prefer the darkness.

We call those who practice this dark art… Umbrakinetics! Over the years Umbrakinesis has been portrayed in countless books, texts, art, series and movies.. but what usually wasn’t mentioned is that this Shadow Manipulation, Darkness Control, Dark Element etc… is actually called Umbrakinesis.

Umbrakinesis Definition: 

The official Umbrakinesis definition is the ability to manipulate light and shadows. This energy can be drawn from any source of light or darkness. 

What is Umbrakinesis? 

Umbrakinesis is a mind-control (telepathic) activity that allows you to manipulate the light and dark with your mind. You can control shadows and create different energy levels when you want. Advanced Umbrakinesis practitioners can actually cause entire cities or countries to fall into total darkness, just using the power of their mind.

Now here is the big question I know is on your mind… 

Is Umbrakinesis real? 

The answer is yes, but only if you are determined enough to develop the ability yourself. Plus, if you do not believe in the ability itself then what is the point of trying? If you lack the patience to stay with the training and exercises, meditation and visualization, then this ability might not be for you. 

With any psychic supernatural power, it often takes quite a bit of mental and meditative effort to harness and control what it can do. 

In the beginning stages of harnessing this power, emotions can get in the way of using the ability, especially during times of frustration that can block your own energy from making umbrakinesis work. 

There is a test you could try to determine if you harness the potential for this particular ability. 

Umbrakinesis Aptitude Test

It is called a psi ball or an energy ball. Because Umbrakinesis is harnessing the energy you will draw from manipulating light, you should know how to summon your own first. 

This is a simple test that starts with a clearing your thoughts and going into a meditative state.

First, place yourself in a relaxed position on the floor, preferably crossed-legged so your energy is more grounded. 

Next, close your eyes and take ten deep cleansing breaths. This will slow your heart rate slightly and in turn, cause your energy to steady as well. 

Once you have taken those ten breaths, imagine a small ball of light starting from the crown of your head, allowing it to travel in a clockwise motion all the way down your body and all the way back up. 

This is where the energy ball comes in.

While keeping your breath and your heartbeat steady, firmly press the palms of your hands together, pull them apart slightly, then push them back together again and repeat. 

Every time you pull your hands away slightly, pull them a little further than you did before. While you do this, imagine you are summoning the energy from your own body as you form it into a ball that fits perfectly in your hands. 

If done correctly, your hands should feel like forcing two magnets together as they resist from the opposite poles. This is your body’s energy. 

If you feel this sensation, you have the ability to possess the power of Umbrakinesis. Now that you know you have the potential to harness this unique ability, the Umbrakinesis training portion comes in. 


How to Learn Umbrakinesis

Like any kinesis powers, it’s really important to analyse why you want to learn umbrakinesis and then to ask your self if you truly believe in it.

It’s only after you’ve answered these questions that you will be able to progress to the next stage. The next stage is to get into a state of meditation where your mind is clear enough to meditate upon the light. So, first of all, do exactly that, meditate and once you’re calm and relaxed then you’re ready to practice this power.

Find somewhere that is completely dark. That will mean turning off all the lights wherever you are. When you’re in an area of darkness start visualizing a lit candle and visualize yourself manipulating the light of the candle flame.

Umbrakinesis Training 

First, you should pick a set location of where you will practice your power, someplace that makes you feel safe and is still private like a bedroom. 

Like any supernatural power, it has the potential to cause damage if handled improperly. The biggest tool in your kit to help control this power is meditation. 

The first method is simply calming your body. The reasoning for this is because to manipulate the energy and state of light and shadows, your energy has to be calm first, at least until your body and mind are familiar with the sensations of summoning this power. 

The next form of meditation is the visualization in which almost every psychic or supernatural power is taught. 

Because you are using your mind to help manipulate light, you need to visualize how you are going to do it. Let’s think about this logistically: light travels in waves, so that’s how you should visualize yourself manipulating it. 

First, meditate on a single lit candle inside your mind. Close your eyes and watch how it moves on its own, see how it flickers in the dark, how the light shifts when it moves. 

Then imagine your hand or your finger manipulating it. What does the flame look like? Is it dimmer, smaller? Does it make the room go darker? 

Go back and forth with you controlling the flame and letting the flame rest on its own so you can differentiate what is the flame and what is your doing in reality. 

You’ll know when you have mastered this when you feel your heartbeat or energy shift when you see yourself manipulating the flame. Once you feel these differences, you can move on to Umbrakinesis exercises. 

Umbrakinesis Exercises 

The exercise that produces the best results is called touch to shift method. It stems off of what we did with our visualization meditation. 

Instead of focusing on how the light moves, you are going to focus on how the light feels. What would it feel like if you ran your hand through a shadow to change its appearance or harness its energy? 

Would it feel like a ripple in the water of a still lake, again stemming from waves? 

Would the light from a lamp feel warm but weightless between your fingers? 

Would it tickled the surface of your skin as you reach to change it? 

Do shadows feel cold and light feel warm

This exercise is meant to draw focus, complete attention to what you are trying to achieve. Once you picture what it would be like to touch the light or shadow, shift or change it as you saw in your mind’s eye to bring that desire to life. 

Picture your desired effect and how it would feel during the process. 

If this is repeated enough times, you will feel your own energy react to that of the light and or shadows. 

You will be able to shift the energy in the room based on what is illuminated or darkened by your own manipulation. As you practice each of these meditations, preferably in the same space every time, you should start to feel yourself reacting to light and it reacts to you, almost like it recognizes you. 

A good tip to keep in mind during this training is that it is best to practice on natural sources of light and shadow. 

Man-made light like electricity can be finicky and rough to start with as it does not have a natural movement or energy light sunlight. 

Now, I’m sure you are wondering, what comes next? How will this ability grow and what can I expect? 

Well, because Umbrakinesis is the manipulation of shadows and light, the next ability to grow as an extension of this would be Photokinesis, which is the ability to bend light. 

The thing with supernatural powers is that there is always something to learn, some way to expand your abilities to a different or more challenging level. 

It is one thing to manipulate shadow and light and harness the energy it holds, but it is another to bend it, to make things appear see-through and invisible to the human eye. 

umbrakinesis 2

Umbrakinesis Spells 

When it comes to supernatural powers, they are closely tied to emotions as stated before. 

While you have just awakened this power, you are vulnerable to the reactions caused by your emotions until you continue practicing to get a better hold on it. 

If you become anxious or overwhelmed, you may see shadows drawing in towards your or lights flickering at your spiked energy. Some may experience lightbulbs burning out quicker due to anger or sadness, it all depends on the person. 

If you do start to see these reactions in shadows or light, there is a specific spell you can do to combat this. 

Light and shadows,

I call to thee Feelings of chaos stir in me Warmth of light,

calm my soul Shadow of night,

make me whole.

Think of this spell as an instant restart to your emotions, almost like if you were to call upon the psi ball again to summon your own energy, but the calming effect lasts only for a few moments. 

If fact, I would encourage you to engage in the psi ball practice as a way to keep the intended result lasting a bit longer when you find yourself in emotionally intense situations. 

This practice will keep your energy grounded and prevent emotion reactions from occurring. We do not need lightbulbs bursting or shadows consuming bedrooms in the middle of the day. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind during this whole learning process is patience. The television shows and movies show characters learning their powers in ten minutes then saving the world with it. 

In reality, it can take time and consistency to develop a power such as this. In addition to this, you have to keep practicing daily to keep the strength and control you have so diligently created for yourself. 

Umbrakinesis is a very special and unique ability, a gift, and should be treated as one. It is something that needs to be respected and used with care. Use it wisely. 

Dangers Associated with Umbrakinesis

Umbrakinesis is a supernatural power, which means that if it’s used in the wrong way, it can have negative consequences.

Before you even entertain the thought of practicing the art, you need to ensure that you are not doing it when you’re in a hateful or negative mood. All superpowers are dependent upon energy, and should only be used when you’re in a positive mood.

If you need to, then go back to the initial stage, and calm your mind. Ensure that you are only thinking positive thoughts when you start practising umbrakinesis. This will ensure that you are not harmed and that you do not hurt anyone around you.

This is what can happen to you if you practice Umbrakinesis on negative emotions for a prolonged amount of time.

Darkness Manipulation

Wait a minute… i though Umbrakiness was Darkness Manipulation? So what is this?

Technically yes, Darkness Manipulation or Shadow Manipulation does classify under Umbrakinesis. But there is a more “fantasy” focus on Umbrakinesis, with powers more in-line with what you might see in movies or comic books, and this Darkness/Shadow Manipulation section is to cover that.

Now what you should keep in mind is that technically all these powers are very well possible and you could learn them… it just is not realistic and not something you should expect. Rather use them as your motivation on what could be possible if you dedicate yourself wholly to practice and learning.

Anyway without further ado lets study the more “fantastical” side of Umbrakinesis…

How to Manipulate Darkness/Shadows?

The first step to master Darkness/Shadow Manipulation comes with the basic exercise: Create and manipulate a shadow.

To do so get into a room and illuminate it with a candle to generate a soft light with a good reach. Your objective will be to dim the room.

Sit and focus, do not overwork, just concentrate on creating a imagine in your mind, try to see how the light particles are travelling around the candle, the room and yourself. Concentrate until you can percept the particles as what they are and feel them both mentally and physically.

Sharp your senses until you can detect a breach in between the particles, focus your energy and try to push, try to extend the breach, make it wider or broader. After, you will have to keep pushing. Do this the most you can, keep extending the breach until you feel the light is physically forced to move. At first, maybe this will be almost imperceptible but if you keep pushing the room will begin to dim.

Of course, as a beginner you won’t be able to dim the entire room, however you have reached the first step on the way to not only do so but to control this enigmatic element as well. That exercise isn’t only to start this path, it’s also very good to practice and to improve your connection with shadows.

Now that you have successfully contacted with the shadow realm it’s time to begin the study of the art of umbrakinesis. To give you a better idea of what can you do there is a list of powers used by practitioners presented below.

To improve your control it is suggested to learn and practice one skill at the time, following this will grant a better outcome. Never forget that the learning of this kind of techniques is hard and it needs patience and discipline to make the best of it.

1. Darkness Aura

The learning of this skill is essential for practitioners. It has the same principle as manipulating light particles to dim a room but now you will dark out your self. This ability is used to hide the practitioner’s presence resulting in a very useful power to protect yourself.

Step One: At the beginning, you’ll have to close your eyes to properly concentrate and to sharp your sense of energy at max. At advance, you can begin to practice it with both eyes opened. Focus on light as the form of particles that are covering your body, like water or clothes they can be removed. Visualize the energy between your body cooming out of your portals located in head, torso, forehead, hands and ankles.

Step two: Control the energy and make it flow, allow it to flow from your portals to fully wrap your body. Calm your breath and movements. The energy slowly will push out the particles of light that once covered you.

2. Shadow Orb

Creating an orb made of shadows is the first objective to accomplish to become able to create physical items or even entities fully made of shadows.

Step one: Find a comfortable position to meditate, put your open hand in front of you with the palm aiming up as if you were holding something.

Step two: Open and close your hand, doing and undoing a fist several times. Visualize how you are pulling dark material out of the environment into your hand.

Step three: As you continue you will be able to notice how a dark ball is being formed in your palm. It will be tiny and difficult to appreciate at first but with practice, it will become bigger.

3. Night Vision

As you progress in mastering the shadow element you will become able to see in places where others will struggle or even will be completely incapable to do so. However, developing this skill takes a long process and you should be patient. You may not be able to succeed in your first tries.

Step one: Turn off the lights of the room and close your eyes. You want to be in a lightless place; even better, try to block the light that comes from outside, not even the light coming from the cracks of the door can enter the room. Keep your eyes closed until they get adjusted to the darkness.

Step two: Open your eyes but don’t focus on seeing. Just let them get used to the dark even better. Thanks to your connection to shadows thing will slowly become clear.

Step three: Use the energy centred in your torso to create a dark aura. This will help you to improve your vision.

Step four: Feel the places and items that physically bend or shift against your aura. The aura will connect with your vision eventually and this feels will become into visual sights when they make contact with the barrier of your aura.

4. Shadow Camouflage/Cloak

Directly connected to Darkness aura is a skill that gives its user the capacity to hide by using the shadows in the environment. Depending on the level, the user can hide even in someone else’s shadow.

Step one: First fire on a candle that illuminates a part of your room leaving dark parts as well. Stand in the lighted part first and focus on creating a dark aura on yourself.

Step Two: Once you did start to walk slowly into the shadowed part of the room, focus on keeping the dark aura form at your best.

Step Three: when you reach the dark part start to picture how the dark aura you’ve created begins to melt and mix into the shadow of the room. Focus on stepping in slowly while you notice how your feet appears to vanish into it.

5. Shadow Portals

Now that your manipulation of shadows is stronger you will be able to it to move quickly from place to place thanks to the creation of portals. This is an extremely dangerous practice and it shouldn’t be practised without being adept in umbrakinesis.

Step one: Create a shadow where you are standing and simultaneously create a shadow aura for yourself. Mix your aura with the shadow you’ve created before and step inside. Now you are entering into the shadow realm. Keep a calm and slow breathing to help you to keep focused, this will help you to maintain control on yourself and to avoid getting lost.

Step two: Imagine a shadow at the place you want to be. Just as you did making two shadows before at the same time. Now walk through keeping in mind the shadow exit you pictured. Eventually, you’ll be able to walk through the realm unto the exit shadow without crossing physical space.

6. Animated shadow

An umbra element user can create many things from shadows, even animated beings that can think by themselves. A useful tool to create powerful allies but it can be very hard to manifest them and even harder to keep them in the physical realm. A high level of concentration and stamina is required to bring life from shadows.

Step one: First create a shadow orb, focus on picturing a bird or a dog, it’s easier to give form to something basing it on a common thing, It doesn’t have to be big or detailed, just to have a shape that allows it to move.

Step two: imagine what kind of personality it will have, don’t overthink, everyone has their own ideas on personality, you just have to plasm that idea into your shaped shadow.

Step three: Now that you had canalized that idea you need to transfer it into the shaped shadow. Concentrate the energy that flows from your head and your chest, the sources of mind and soul. make that energy to flow through your arm up to your hand and from your hand to your shaped shadow. At first, the animated shadow will only shake a little or won’t move at all. As you advance, you will be able to create more complex animated shadows from your environment and even from your own shadow.

7. Light Absorption

A shadow user can manipulate the light of the environment to gain an advantage as well. This can be translated into gaining energy, generating new shadows faster, creating a better fighting scenario or weakening Light users.

Only Step: as you did at the beginning you will have to picture the breaches that exist between the particles of light. Now focus on gathering shadows on those breaches with the idea to form a ring and eventually trap the light inside. Finally, you’ll have to control the ring and move it to drag the light inside.

8. Shadow Attacks

A user of shadows can make use of them to attack as well thanks to the control that permits them to manifest the shadow element in several forms and shapes from melee weapons or simply an aura, to cover their body like a hard armour, to projectiles to attack from distance.

Step one: Focus on gathering dark matter along your body, use your mind and your energy portals to control it and to give it shape, while more matter you gather and compact then harder will be the weapon.

Step two: To make a melee weapon imagine the kind of weapon you desire. It’s recommended to be familiarized to that weapon in its physical form first. That will make it easier to form and to use. Once you complete it you have to focus on harden it and to keep it strong.

Step Three: To projectiles, you have to have great control over your energy portals located in your hands. Gather dark matter in the palms of your hands, close them if you want to compact it and if you want to control better the amount of it. Once you’ve had enough compacted shadow you need to shoot it by the strong release of concentrated energy from the palm of your hand.

9. Shadow Creation, chain kind item

The creation of a long, hard and thin item that are useful to attack, defend and bind is possible for dedicated umbrakinesis’s students. Such items as chains, tentacles or threads are difficult to use due to the need of solidifying a large item just enough to make it strong but flexible and depending on the item itself the parameters can be different.

Step one: you need to gather a huge amount of shadow element around your arms like it was hanging off it. Picture it like a fireman’s hose that needs to be extended depending on the situation. In higher levels, you will only have to gather the shadow element.

Step two: Think on the item you want to form. A chain is difficult because of the chainrings forming and the hardness, at the beginning the chain won’t have the same strength from the bottom to the tip. As for tentacles you have to notice that they are like a living extension of your arms so you have to focus on controlling them while you keep the length and solid shape.

10. Healing

Although many think of shadow element as an evil and destructive one, the Umbrakinesis grants access to skills like healing. This is like this because of the connections that exist between shadows and the other elements, they co-exist. However this is maybe the hardest to learn, it requires concentration and a calm mind to do so.

Step one: Meditate and let the energy flow freely across your body, then create shadow aura and keep it in harmony with your inner energy flow. do it until you get used to the feeling of to rivers flowing at the same time.

Step two: Now then, lead the energy to a part of your body that feels tired, the meaning of this is to refill the energy lost in that area with energy extracted from the environment. Use a picture to help you out, for example, a glass of water or a cup of tea.