Vitakinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Healing


Vitakinesis is the ability to manipulate healing. A wielder of this power will have the ability to heal themselves and heal others. This is an incredible power as a wielder can sense the health of a person, if they have an injury, disease and what the cause of their bad health is. Healing powers are shown on a bunch of different tv shows and movies but does not depict all that comes with the power.

Uses Of Vitakinesis

There are a variety of different uses that come with vitakinesis. There are a heap of day-to-day uses for this power. Surprisingly, vitakinesis is so useful in everyday life especially with the amount of injuries and deaths that happen. Having the ability to heal people would save so many lives but can also risk having overpopulation issues if too many people are saved.


Hospitals would save a lot of money if doctors had this power as it could save having people suffer for months or years and would cut costs because they would not need the supplies, tools or machines anymore because they have healers.

A wielder will also have the ability to heal their own wounds. Say that you were in a fight or attacked, the wounds and injuries that you sustain can be healed without trouble. No hospital bills or being in extreme pain for days or weeks. It saves money and saves the excruciating pain that comes from injuries.

This power does not just focus on humans, a wielder will also have the ability to heal animals. They can feel if an animal is sick or has an injury. This can save a lot of animal lives as we can not always tell when an animal is sick or has a disease.

Limitations Of Vitakinesis

There are a few different limitations that come with this power. When wielding a power, you will always come across limitations in the process of mastering the power. No matter which power it is, there will always be limitations.

A limitation for vitakinesis is the range in which this power can be used. The closer a wielder is to the person being healed, the greater the power. If a wielder is not within a close proximity then the power will either not work or not be very effective. It also makes the powers weaker which can be bad for the person being healed as they have a slim chance of being healed.


Another limitation would be the amount of power a wielder has. If a wielder is only first starting out then their powers will be weak and will not heal a person. As their powers become stronger, so will the healing power. While in the process of healing , a wielder can only go to a certain extent before becoming tired and/or starting to feel light headed or hurting from the amount of energy that it uses. A wielder needs to build up a lot of energy before using their power as a lot of energy is needed in order to heal someone to the full extent.

The final limitation is the use of this power on either oneself or another person. Certain wielders are not able to heal both themselves and others. This is a flaw for some, but not all. It can still be beneficial to either oneself or another but still has its downside. If you can only heal yourself then it is a useful power to have just for yourself. If you can heal others then you can save lives, but if anything was to ever happen to you then you would not be able to heal yourself which is a big downside to the power. Luckily, this only happens to a rare few so your chances of this happening are slim.

Overall, vitakinesis is an incredible power that can help save so many lives. The power to heal people is amazing in itself and to wield such a power would be extraordinary.