Ultimate Guide on Chlorokinesis: The Ability to Manipulate Plants

Chlorokinesis is the ability to manipulate, change and occasionally generate plant life of all forms. This includes flowers, seeds, trees, moss, grass and more. The ability goes by many names, some alternative names are; plant manipulation, phytokinesis, botanokinesis, agrokinesis along with several more. This ability is not very common in pop culture making few appearances in television or movies.


Botanokinesis vs Biokinesis

This is a very intriguing topic to many as biokinesis and botanokinesis have a big similarity. For those that don’t know, biokinesis is the ability to manipulate biological life or DNA. You can read further on it by looking at the page linked earlier. You may be wondering what makes these two abilities similar. Well it is a fact that plant life is a living organism. Which raises the question, shouldn’t biokinesis users also be able to manipulate plant life?

Well there are biokinesis wielders that claim this to be true, however after talking to many people who claim to wield both abilities, it is clear this is false. Plants may be living organisms however for an unknown reason they cannot be manipulated by people who know biokinesis. This is why botanokinesis was founded and differs from biokinesis slightly to allow manipulation of plant life.

botanokinesis 1

Strengths and Limitations

Before talking about this abilities strengths, lets first take a look at some of the limitations. This power has the same limitation that most abilities have, range and speed. Plant life may only be manipulated if it is in eyesight and speed is dependent on experience and distance. The further away the plant life is from the individual using botanokinesis, the longer it takes to alter or manipulate. It may also take users longer if they have little experience with the power. Beginners may only be able to manipulate small plants slightly over several minutes.

Now lets delve into the strengths of botanokinesis. This ability is more of a passive power to wield as it doesn’t bring the life or death factor with it. Unless you consider death and resurrection of plant life as part of the life and death factor. The main strength of this ability is it allows you to grow plants as will. This can be important to maintenance of nature.