Thermokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Temperature

What is Thermokinesis?

Thermokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate temperature. Some may say that thermokinesis is only limited to manipulating heat, but that is false; it extends further than just the manipulation of heat. 

Other powers that are linked to thermokinesis are cryokinesis and pyrokinesis. Cryokinesis is best known as the ability to lower atoms kinetic energy which will inevitably lower temperature; cryokinesis is mainly used to control and manipulate ice. 

With this power, you can freeze objects and people and can also give one the ability to inflict hypothermia upon a person which in some cases can lead to death. 

Although cryokinesis can be an intriguing and useful power, it also holds the potential to be life-threatening which is why I press caution when wielding this power, along with pyrokinesis and thermokinesis. 

Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire; this includes causing enough of a riot between atoms in an object that it leads to the object setting alight. 

Wielders of this power have the ability to create fire without any ignitions or entrapment keeping the fire at bay or helping it along. This power can be very dangerous when one has poor intentions; although I can not tell you how to use this power, I do encourage you to use it carefully and with the right intentions, which would be for good, not for bad.

Thermokinesis Definition

Thermokinesis is the ability to manipulate the motion of molecules, slowing them down or speeding them up, thus changing temperature in the immediate vicinity with the power of one’s mind. 

Uses of Thermokinesis

As thermokinesis is based around the manipulation and control of temperature, it has many uses in everyday life. 

To some this power will seem dull and not as intriguing as other powers such as biokinesis, the ability to manipulate bodies or neurokinesis, the ability to manipulate thoughts. 

Besides this, like all powers, they possess something greater than you and I. In this case, it holds the potential to lower or higher temperatures. 

There are plenty of ways thermokinesis can be of use in either everyday life or just on the off occasion.

Firstly we will talk about the heat side of thermokinesis. An example of what one can use this power for is to create fires, more specifically, if you were going camping and you had accidentally forgotten the lighters or matches a wielder can use thermokinesis to make a campfire. 

This would also save more money for people that camp regularly as they would not have to spend as much money on fire lighters, matches and in some cases lighter fluid. 

Another example would be making food; using thermokinesis to heat up food would be an excellent way to reduce the time that food takes to cook. 

Although to get this right one would have to be focused and train hard to control the amount of heat that one is controlling and not to under-do it or over-do it. 

The final example that I will talk about is to use thermokinesis to heat up the atoms in your body to produce a higher temperature. This would be a very useful thing to do if you are in the cold or snow as you can heat up your body to a certain degree in as not to be freezing.


Now that we have talked about the heat side of thermokinesis we will talk more about how the cold aspect of this power can be helpful. 

One who yields this power can manipulate temperature to decrease which can be used if you have ice; for example, when camping and there are no shops around that sell ice, it would help immensely to keep your food and drinks cold. 

By using thermokinesis one will have the ability to turn objects to ice or to lower body temperatures if you are overheating or would like to feel colder than your normal body temperature. 

The final use that I will talk about for thermokinesis will be for if an appliance, such as your freezer had stopped working and your food started to melt. By using one’s power it would help to keep the freezer running and cool until you can either get a new one or fix the old one.

Strengths and Limitations of Thermokinesis

With every power, there are always strengths and limitations. With thermokinesis there are not as many limitations to which have to be upheld like other extreme powers but that does not mean there are no limitations. 

With thermokinesis, range is a major factor in how powerful your ability can be. If within a close proximity to the person or object on which one would like to use their power on it will create a much stronger and stable force and is much better way for one to learn because of the closeness of the object or person. 

If the wielder is using their powers on an object or person in a far distance, the capacity of one’s ability will be unstable and hard to focus on as there would be too much range between the wielder and the object or person. 

The strengths to which thermokinesis can prosper up to is determined by different factors such as oxygenated air, which can be dangerous when heating objects up and creating fires as the oxygen can make the fire strenuous and out of control; this is where limitations for this situation comes in. 

If this were to happen, it would be easy to control if a wielder is well trained and able to control such a thing as chaotic fires. 

If a wielder has not reached this point in their training it will be a lot harder to manage and control as they have not practiced it enough and have not become familiar with chaotic fires. The strongest that one can physically and mentally reach determines on you as a person. 

There are no specifics to what each individual can uphold but this does put a limit to what one can reach using thermokinesis.

The limitations to which a wielder can come across when practicing thermokinesis are different for each element of the power that one focuses on. 

Apart from the range limitation to which was spoken about in the previous paragraph there is also the energy and weight factors that can limit the strength of thermokinesis upon certain objects and people. 

Although it is easier to use this power on a human being, there are certain limitations that have to be taken about. These include the size of the person, their ability to withhold pain for a long period of time, their willingness to participate in your progress and their medical conditions. 

If using someone to practice upon be sure to check if there are any dangers to them such as medical conditions as this can be dangerous to them and their health. 

When using thermokinesis on objects it is less risky and can still be an effective learning experience. I push caution to anyone who wields this power as there are many risks associated with performing thermokinesis. 

I do not wish to turn you away from learning this power as it is a great ability to have and can be very useful.

Overall, thermokinesis would be an amazing power to wield and is a great power to learn as it can give you the ability to do things you never thought a human being would be able to do.

What is Thermokinesis?

 In the common parlance, Thermokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate and change the temperature and either heat up or cool down and by using the power of the mind and chi energy. 

The psychic ability of Thermokinesis will allow you to change molecular speed and movements inside the object and thereby make it warmer. 

There are a variety of different techniques on how you can develop Thermokinesis and heat of the air, metal, and thermometer with the help of your psychic energy and chi energy of Qigong to draw chi energy to your hands with Thermokinesis, you will be able to heat up an entire room or even it can be expanded on a larger scale. 

Thermokinesis is one type of psychokinetic abilities and is also known as thermal control and thermodynamic manipulation. At this stage, it is important to learn how to develop this psychic ability and how to control your chi energy from your lower dan tian. 

Thermokinesis is the capability to control and manipulate temperature. Some argue that thermokinesis is just restricted to controlling heat, however it isn’t true, and it broadens the canvas then simply the control of heat and warmth. 

Different forces interact that are closely connected to thermokinesis, chiefly are cryokinesis and pyrokinesis. Cryokinesis is best recognized as the ability to bring down atoms kinetic energy which will definitely bring down temperature; cryokinesis is basically used to control and manipulate ice. 

With the help of this power, you can freeze objects and individuals and it can empower to such an extent that it bestows the capacity to deliver hypothermia upon a man which at times may be deadly fatal. 

Despite the fact that cryokinesis can be intriguing and supportive power, yet it holds the possibility of life-threatening and hazardous, this is reason, with lot of care and profound caution this power is employed alongside pyrokinesis and thermokinesis. 

Pyrokinesis is the capability to manipulate the fire; this causes sufficient unrest to atoms in an object and it prompts the object to set alight. By employing this power, it allows to create fire without any ignition or entrapment. It all depends upon you how to keep control of fire or helping it along. 

This power can be exceptionally dangerous when the intentions are not good and may be instrumental in achieving the poor goals; despite the fact that I cannot reveal to you how to utilize this power, I do urge you to utilize it with caution and with the right intentions that should invariably be good for all of us. 

How to learn Thermokinesis?

Now we have entered into an important phase, it lays emphasis on how it actually works and how do you learn thermokinesis?

Thermokinesis at its basic level is fairly easy ability to learn, this ability can easily be pursued if one is genuinely well-versed in meditation. 

Without understanding the true purpose of meditation, the inner state cannot be attained. Remember that one of the important ways of doing and gaining the inward state is through meditation. 

After instituting the basic framework, the constituent system will come down to visualization and it will prompt a self-induced placebo effect. 

You need to get into a trance-like state of meditation; it helps to regain conscious thought and to maintain tremendous focus. If you don’t have the passion and motivation to do and doing half-heartedly, surely it won’t work. 

You will have to delve into deep by visualizing your internal body structure down to the lowest level. Visualization is the crucial ability to hold an image in the mind’s eye, is one of the most significant skills to master when you are developing psychic abilities and learning techniques. 

The strong focus on visualization contributes to the movement that gradually picks up speed or slows down. It is really worthwhile when you have a working knowledge of sub-atomic structures and the awareness of how it functions. 

It doesn’t need to be profoundly introspected; rather you have to appreciate the rudiments of opposing and enticing forces that bind atoms together into molecules and molecules formed into strings of chemical makeup into discrete cells and so forth. 

If you are regularly around here, I know you’re up to big things in this world. This is the reason; I’m challenging you to master your ability to visualize, at this stage it is indispensable to know what to visualize. Surely you cannot achieve until you cannot convince yourself to believe in you, after that it will going to work. 

Even if your mind isn’t telling the truth to your body, it needs constant motivation to respond. There shouldn’t be an iota of doubt as advised by the Jedi Master Yoda, “No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” 

Indeed, you cannot accomplish anything without trying to do it first. It tells perfectly the whole story. What you have to do, just concentrate and doing it. If it isn’t working, it is fine! You have to persuade yourself it is there and your body will ultimately begin to respond. 

This is the self-induced placebo effect which was described earlier. If you believe hard enough, what you want can and will happen. The placebo effect is a powerful mechanism, this is a kind of tool to change behavior and motivate people to self-improvement and development. 

We are sharing some scientifically proven facts that you’ll certainly take into consideration. People do have different immune systems and strong and balanced immune system is required for the maintenance of sound health. 

Sometimes perfect healthy people cause damage to the immune system by convincing themselves of physical ailment but in reality they are not sick which may cause death. It’s actually the deterioration of the health. The mind-body problem is a paradigm issue which mainly arises on purely mental power. 

Use the power of your imagination and take advantage of the good it does you! Don’t accept self-pity, resentment and destruction. 

This is a negative way to use the wonderful power of your mind. Nothing is more corrosive and destructive as these are the intruders in your mind. 

To turn to one more tip, while you are in the area of considerable temperature. You might have not noticed the effects of room temperature if it transpires. 

It is very much similar to tracking the weight loss without a scale; rather you should find a place that you feel conspicuously warmer or chillier. Temperature exerts a major influence on your activity. 

You should slightly feel uncomfortable. Either you are sweating or shivering, it depends, when the external signs of thermal distress have gone, you should know that you did it. 

External thermokinesis process is essentially the same and your focus must be directed at the object and you should write down before and after temperature readings of the underlying object. 

Don’t put yourself in trouble and use the thermometer for the object you are concentrating, however, room temperature is just the fine parameter. 

I encourage you to go to the greater level of ability. Simply move forward with courage, imagination and peace of mind. You are bound to find out sooner or later. 

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