Cryokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Ice

In this guide you will learn how to master the ability cryokinesis also known as Glaciokinesis, you probably already know but if not it is the ability to manipulate ice by slowing down atoms and molecules surrounding you. It helps to have thermokinesis when learning cryokinesis, but if you don’t that’s fine as it can be learned without it. 

Crack open a drink, oh sorry it’s warm? Let me get that for you, and now keep reading…

What is Cryokinesis?

Cryokinesis is the ability to manipulate ice and cold temperatures. In layman’s terms, cryokinesis is the ability to lower the kinetic energy in atoms which then lowers temperatures. 

When wielding this power the temperatures can be lowered an extreme amount. Some other powers that are associated with cryokinesis include frigokinesis and thermokinesis

Frigokinesis is the ability to manipulate snow which is one of many aspects that one will be able to achieve when wielding the incredible powers of cryokinesis. 

Although frigokinesis is only the manipulation of snow, it still holds the potential to be an amazing power to practice. When you think of snow, you typically think of little snowflakes falling from the sky and big mounds of ice on the ground as far as the eye can see. 

Frigokinesis is not just limited to the relaxing side of snow, it can range from a little snowfall to an avalanche if the wielders powers are strong enough to be at this point. 

As you can see, the power of frigokinesis is similar to cryokinesis in parts; thermokinesis is also apart of cryokinesis. Thermokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate temperature. 

This power can be extremely powerful depending on the wielder’s abilities and strengths which can also be quite dangerous if used in the wrong manner. 

Although thermokinesis focuses on both hot and cold temperatures, it is still very similar to cryokinesis in some parts. It is also a great example of what can be achieved when manipulating cold temperature; in this case, manipulating ice.

Uses of Cryokinesis?

As you should know by now, cryokinesis is based around the manipulation of ice and cold temperatures. This power can be extremely useful in everyday life. 

Cryokinesis may seem uninteresting to some but it is in fact, a really cool and interesting power to learn; it also holds the potential to be one of the strongest powers that one can wield, of course this is only if you are up to the challenge. 

To become great at something it takes a lot of time, patience and concentration. Once you reach the point where you can manipulate and control this power to your greatest ability, it will be fulfilling and one hundred percent worth the time and practice put into learning and performing this power.

Like all powers, there are certain times when being able to perform this power come in handy; whether it is in your day to day life or if it is just on a rare occasion. 

There are many different uses for cryokinesis that can be helpful and beneficial for most people. An example of a day to day use for this power would be to make ice or icy poles. 

On hot days the best things to have are ice water and an icy pole, imagine going into the freezer to get some ice and finding that it is not yet frozen and is still in a liquid state. 

If this were to happen there would be need to fret if you are a wielder of cryokinesis as you will be able to make instant ice; thus being refreshed and hydrated without having to wait hours for the water to freeze.

Another example of when cryokinesis would be useful is if your freezer were to break down and stop working. 

Most foods that go into a freezer will go off if not tended to and frozen, cryokinesis would come in handy as a wielder would be able to keep the products frozen for long periods of time while waiting for their freezer to be replaced/fixed. 

Anyone that has lived or visited a very hot and humid place will know the struggle of cooling down, especially if you do not have an air conditioner. 

By using cryokinesis one will have the ability to cool their body temperature down to something more comfortable for the climate or if one does not wish to use this power to manipulate body temperature they will be able to cool themselves down with a few different options. 

This can include manipulating the air around them to turn to a light snow or creating ice to make an ice bath.

Strengths and Limitations of Cryokinesis

Along with every power, there are a variety of different strengths and limitations. 

With some of the strengths involved with practicing cryokinesis, they may seem similar to the strengths of powers such as thermokinesis; this is because of the similar focus of the powers, in some parts. 

As well as most powers, range is one of the most common limitations you will come across. When performing/practicing cryokinesis you will always have to take into account the range of an object or body of water. 

For the best results when using your power one should be in close proximity to what they are practicing on. It becomes harder and more unstable the further away you get from the thing you plan to manipulate. 

The range to which the power can be performed with ease various amongst everyone; it depends on the wielders strength, skills and the amount of practice one has put aside to learn cryokinesis. 

Another thing to take into account would be a person’s mental capacity; manipulating ice takes a lot of concentration and can be hard to do if your head is not in the right place.

Now that we have gone through the limitations of this power, let us go through some of the strengths involved in using cryokinesis. 

When first starting with this power it is best to focus on manipulating small amounts of water at a time as this will be more beneficial for the lead up into bigger bodies of water. 

Once the wielder is more competent and has gained more experience performing cryokinesis this is when the strengths of this power really start to show. 

Each person is different and will have different strengths than other wielders but this does not make you any less powerful. So far, the strongest force that one person can wield is an avalanche. 

To get to this stage of power would take years of practice, not many people have attempted or succeeded in their quest to create an avalanche. 

Although this is the strongest force one can reckon with does not mean it is what to strive towards; your goal on what you would like to achieve while practicing cryokinesis should be something that you truly believe you can achieve.

Overall, cryokinesis is extremely powerful if used in the correct way. If you are truly interested in learning a power I suggest trying out cryokinesis as it would be very useful and an intriguing power to master.

How to learn Cryokinesis?

There are two exercises you should do when getting started at learning cryokinesis, the first is getting a cup or bowl of water that has been kept in the freezer for a long enough time but not to the point where it freezes. 

Then with this simply place all your fingers in the water and hold them there for as long as you can, preferably when you get started last at least a minute or more. 

By doing this your fingers will get used to being cold and you will begin to not feel anything when you put your fingers in the cold water after you continuously do this, that is where you want to be. 

An additional piece of information is that you may feel tingles in your fingers or hand after doing this activity, but this is perfectly normal so don’t worry about it. 

When you are only starting this don’t leave it in the water to long or your fingers will freeze and you will have frostbite, allow yourself to build up immunity against the cold so when you generate it you won’t feel it. 

One last thing to know when doing this training exercise is not to run your hands under hot water after you do this, it might seem tempting but not only will it hurt immensely, it will also lessen your immunity you will build against the cold. Just allow your hands to return to their normal temperature naturally, no towels, clothes or anything to help it in drying out. 

The next exercise is similar to the first, but it is also an essential thing to do when you start learning cryokinesis. 

This training method is simple, all you need to do is get an ice cube and squeeze it in your hand for as long as you are able to. 

This has the same effect as the other method except since ice is colder than water it works more efficiently after you are able to hold your fingers in water for a long time. 

Keep on holding the ice in your hand with a closed fist until it melts completely or until you can no longer continue doing it. 

Once you can melt multiple ice cubes in a row without feeling much pain then you are ready to move on to the next steps. Just like before make sure if you are feeling the pain of coldness at the beginning to release the ice before your hand freezes and you become victim to frostbite. 

Now since you have done both these training exercises and mastered them you are ready to continue to the next steps in learning cryokinesis. 

Before moving on make sure you can hold your fingers in freezing cold water and hold ice in your hand without feeling the pain of the cold, have numbness to cold so you aren’t affected and be used to not feeling the cold when touching cold things with your hands. 

Techniques and Training to learn Cryokinesis

So after completing those training exercises, you will now be prepared to start learning cryokinesis. First, you will learn how to get cultivated water energy and then how to use that energy to perform a wide range of cryokinetic actions. 

In this first method you will be getting cultivated water energy, this is what is done in most cases when you use cryokinesis as it is the main thing you need to know. 

Ki Breathing

Ok for the first technique you need to stand in a position you would for ki breathing, then close your eyes and picture and circle of waterfalls or a hemisphere of water, whatever works for you as long as you are surrounded by water. 

Now imagine energy coming from the water in any colour or shape you wish and entering your body, spreading throughout it into every little place. 

Make sure you picture the energy spreading everywhere so you don’t miss even the smallest part. Do this for 5 minutes at a time and multiple times a day until you feel like you have cultivated water energy inside you. 

The feeling is indescribable once you have this energy flowing through your body, but when it is you will know and feel it in an instance. 

It normally takes 2-5 days of doing this technique 5 times a day to have cultivated water energy. After 5 days if you don’t feel you have this energy then don’t worry there is another technique to get it just read on to see it. 

Shower training

So if that method didn’t work and you still feel like you lack cultivated water energy then this method should work for you instead. 

First, you will need to be taking a shower, the time of day doesn’t matter just that you’re in the shower and are relaxed. 

Now close your eyes and let the water hit the front of your body, while this is happening try to imagine that this water is cultivated water energy that is flowing into your body. 

Try to change the image of water droplets into something else in your mind while you imagine this so that your mind thinks that energy is going into your body not water hitting it. 

After 2-5 minutes you should have quite a lot of the energy and will be able to move on to the next steps and start using cryokinesis. 

In the case where you still don’t feel you have cultivated water energy, keep trying these methods until they work for you, re-read over this and make sure you are doing everything correctly and aren’t missing any of the steps. 

Another thing to remember is not to get discouraged when you don’t have the energy yet, just keep trying you will get it eventually. 


Now once you have cultivated water energy you can move on to actually using cryokinesis. The best way to enable yourself to start using cryokinesis is the ice ball technique. 

Simply find a quiet and open spot, it doesn’t matter whether it’s outside or inside whatever feels most comfortable. 

Now bend your knees and sit your hands at your side facing forward, now close your eyes and imagine water flowing out of your hands like a waterfall, don’t move on until you picture this happening. 

Then once you have done that imagine that the water begins to frost over slowly from the end right up to your palms. 

Your hands may begin to feel cold at this point, but the training from earlier should have made you immune to any pain from the cold. 

Then try to push this coldness forward at an object possibly a lit candle so you can see your results. 

You may not get such good results the first time but remember to keep on doing this method every day as you will quickly master it and be able to produce this coldness at will. 

 Create ice

Since you can now produce freezing cold air you now only need to be able to control ice. 

Firstly if you want to create ice a good technique to use is to find a quiet area, bend your knees with your forearms forward and your palms facing upwards. 

Now imagine water filling your arms and then suddenly freezing similar to the ice ball technique, then tense your muscles and push forward and you should see ice begin to come out the end of your fingertips. 

In the beginning, only small portions of ice will form but in the future, you will be able to produce lots more. Now to control ice simply use the ice ball technique to produce cold air which you can use on water to freeze it. 

Now you know all of this you should have the ability of cryokinesis, congratulations.