Ultimate Guide on Electrokinesis: The Ability To Manipulate Electricity

What is Electrokinesis?

Electrokinesis is the psychic ability that allows the mind to generate and manipulate nearby atoms using energy waves and electrical currents. When used properly, electrokinesis allows the user (also known as an Electromancer) to control and influence the flow of energy waves, electrical currents and electromagnetism. For those unfamiliar with electromagnetism, it is a branch of physics which focuses entirely on the study of electromagnetic force; this interrelates between electrically charged particles.

Electrokinesis Power up

Electrokinesis Definition?

Electrokinesis is defined as the power to control electricity. Meaning you can move, direct, collect, attack or in any way you desire through only the power of your mind.

Where Electrokinesis Can Be Used?

Electrokinesis can be used/performed in a range of areas and with a range of energy sources. Where is best to perform this power is determined by one’s surroundings; if you use this power around a huge energy source, such as a power plant, the result of your electrokinetic power will be overwhelming, but be wary. 

There are always consequences for taking in too much electricity at one time; try to limit the intake. There may be some of you electrokinesis enthusiasts out there who live in rural places with only a small amount of electricity. 

Don’t be alarmed, this does not take away the chance to practice the art of electrokinesis. A smaller supply may be better for beginners as you don’t want to go full out in the beginning, it is better and more beneficial to try out these new powers on little energy sources such as a lamp or other electrical items that are easily accessible.

Thor Superhero Landing with electrokinesis

Is Electrokinesis Dangerous?

Short answer? Yes. Very. Both to you, and the people or things around you.

But that shouldn’t discourage you, as all it means is that you have to take necessary processions before you are able to have full control over your own power. Clear things to be careful and look out for when practicing is to take it slow, don’t go charging into a lightning storm with bottles for you to catch some for later.

I explore more in-depth on what are the best steps in learning electrokinesis in a safe environment, so keep reading 🙂

Limitations of Electrokinesis?

Like all powers there are strengths and limitations to what can be achieved which can vary by person to person, why should it be any different with electrokinesis? 

The level of strength and power that is achievable when performing electrokinesis is determined by you. The stronger you are as a person (mentally, not physically per sey) and the more you believe in the power are two of the biggest factors in how much energy you will be able to absorb and control. 

Another factor will be how much time is put away to practice; electrokinesis can still be achieved at a high level without disconnecting yourself from the world or in other words, try not to practice all day every day. 

When there are strengths there will always be limitations to which one can uphold. There are two different kinds of limitations, one is the limitation to your body and the other is the limitation to the energy source in which you will be manipulating electricity. 

The limitations to your body is something to take into account as it can be dangerous to have too much electricity running through your body at one time. 

As for the limitation to the energy source, always be aware that there are certain levels of electricity in different sources so remember to take it slow and be cautious of how much energy you are manipulating.

Aside from the physical limitations that come with this ability relating to both the mind and body, there are several limitations in terms of the ability itself. 

This is because electricity is being utilized when using this power and due to this fact; the overall usability of electrokinesis is slightly limited. 

For example, wielders of this power may run into issues with things like magnets and water when attempting to use the ability. This is due to the effect things like magnets have on the flow of electrical current. 

An example of this limitation could be a user being unable to properly use the ability when near or around magnets of any proportion. Additionally, because electricity is being manipulated; certain electrically resistant materials can limit the flow of electricity being created. Some of these materials that may cause an issue are rubber and silicon.

Strengths of Electrokinesis?

Aside from the few limitations that come with the ability, electrokinesis is still an incredible power to possess and has a multitude of strengths. It grants users power over life and death, depending on how one decides to put the ability into practice. 

Aside from the obvious strengths of electrokinesis in terms of utilizing the power to save or harm lives; it also has several strengths that can be a benefit in everyday life. 

For example, if a wielder of the abilities car needed a spark, they wouldn’t need to wait around for aid. Instead, they can easily pop the hood and use their mastery over this ability to get up and running once again. 

electrokinesis car spark

Another example of everyday use of this ability is the ability to power devices and appliances from the tips of the fingers. Everyone has experienced the dread of there phone dying at the worst times. 

For a wielder of this ability, they do not need to fret over this common issue as they can easily commence charging their device from the palm of there hand. 

Additionally, power outages are easy to deal with for any user of electrokinesis. From the tips of there fingers, a flow can be created to supply power to every circuit and wire around the house.

Overall it’s clear that electrokinesis is an incredible power that brings a plethora of benefit to the life of anyone who chooses to learn it. If you’re interested in learning electrokinesis you may be interested in the ebook below.

Shazam Charging Phones with Electrokinesis

Introduction to Electrokinesis

You might have imagined that by using electro‐kinesis, you can get complete control over the lightning around or you can make the lights in your apartment as it goes off. 

Electro‐kinesis (EK) is widely recognized in many fiction books, novels, and comics that aren’t something you would say in real life. It is most often believed that like other psych‐kinesis abilities, one should prepare for learning and practising to take advantage of the gift of electro‐kinesis. 

We all know electricity plays a key role in our everyday lives. The energy it generates that can neither be seen or heard or smelled and we ensure that all dangerous electrical hazards must be kept out of our reach. 

We understand the potential dangers of coming into contact with electricity, which at times might be fatal. It would be amazing to think that we could control electricity with our mind? If you are thinking in an unorthodox manner as possible, expect yes it is definitely possible. 

Electro‐kinesis is that branch of Telekinesis which enables people to control electricity with the incredible power of the amazing mind. If you believe in you, you can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight and even electricity to say the least. 

Yoda using Electrokinesis to attack with Lightning

What do you understand by Electrokinesis? 

Electrokinesis is the psychic ability of the mind to manipulate or generate electrical fields of its own to form tangible force fields. This is a phenomenon which denotes to the ability of the mind to manipulate energies or create electrical energy by charging atoms. 

This ability works to manipulate electricity and existing electrical fields. This capability can bring inanimate objects to real life. Put simply, Electrokinesis is the ability to control electricity with your mental power. 

Once this capability is attained, you can direct and control electric charges, electrical currents, and electromagnetism at your own strength of mind. 

The person who masters this ability is called Electromancer. The user can overwhelmingly create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy which allows control over electrical fields. 

Black Lightning Electrokinesis

How to learn Electrokinesis

 I can tell you as a fact that generally, the people are more interested in obtaining and gaining mind powers. Let me give you a very brief overview of the techniques. 

The first thing to say that there is some good news for you. Through the techniques and possibilities of Electrokinetic abilities, it has the potential for just everybody to learn the ropes. 

What you need to learn some basic techniques and practice them regularly, you can develop electrical powers. You can also avail the services of the experts who can tell you exactly what needs to be done. 

Without understanding the true purpose of meditation, the inner state cannot be attained. If you are involved half‐heartedly, surely it won’t work. Visualization is the crucial ability to hold an image in the mind’s eye, is one of the most significant skills to master when you are developing psychic abilities and practicing techniques. 

Surely you cannot achieve until you cannot convince yourself to believe in you, after that it will going to work. Even if your mind isn’t telling the truth to your body, it needs constant motivation to respond. 

Thor summoning Electrokinesis Lighnting power

Electrokinesis Techniques and Exercises for Beginners 

In the following text, you will learn how to develop Electrokinesis, how to acquire electric powers and how to control electricity with your amazing mind. The techniques below have been discussed for beginners, and by using the electrokinesis exercise and practice for a few days you can get tremendous results. 

Find inner peace of Mind

 Finding inner peace and calmness of mind in everyday life is the first step to be taken before starting to practice any psychokinesis capabilities. 

Hence, stop doing some of the least important things and calm down your body and bring your mind into peace. It will open up your mind and it helps to accept the things you want to attain and facilitates the learning process. 

There is a number of ways to remain peaceful, it is essential to maintain in your own way. The easiest way is to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and take time to prepare for the mediation thing. 

Familiarize with Electric Sounds

You have to know something before you begin to practice or even some days earlier, you will listen to strange noises of cracking and popping sounds. 

To develop this power, you will hear the sound of electric current they create so you will get more familiar with them. You can feel the sounds of electricity around all the time; therefore, familiarization is the key that you’ll experience a greater sense of control over energy. This imaginative power of sound is needed at the initial stages of practice. 

Visualize the electric current

The meditation technique helps you clear your mind by obliterating all things. You have cleared the thoughts from your head and both your mind and body are in a pure state and visualize the electric current is passing through your body. 

You might be wondering at this stage that you are being spoken that visualize something invisible or abstract. It does not mean to see electricity with your naked eyes, the process of visualizing is simply to conjure up an image in your mind. 

How mental images can be formed. How this can be accomplished. You may look closely at electricity through videos or images of sparks or electrical waves to get a broad overview of electricity, how it travels and how it works. This will improve your visualization process. 

Everyone wants to know the best times to practice visualization; it is advisable right before you go to sleep. Do every day for a few minutes and maximize your practice. 

As you will practice more, you will be amazed to hear the sounds of popping and crackling. It may take anything from a few days to weeks when you will actually feel electric currents. At this stage, it is necessary to have patience and perseverance, and you need to reinforce your mind that power lies within you and you just can do and can feel it. 

Visualising Electrokinesis

Feel the energy in your hands

Simply by doing the visualization practice for a few days, it makes being able to hear a popping or crackling sound, and you get a surge of energy in your body. 

You can feel the current. When it is attained, you can direct the energy into your hands and feel them becoming warm and get through to your fingers. This will help you to get the energy even by opening your eyes. 

Initially, you should do with your eyes closed so that you may stay focused, when you become successful, you can do with your open eyes as well. At this point, you can extend that electrical energy from fingers to any object such as lighting bulb to observe whether you feel any disturbance from the experiment. 

You can even attempt to stun someone by projecting and seeing the result of your exercise. 

If you are still not feeling anything even after a few weeks of meditation and audio/visual stimulation i would consider buying a good quality tazer but one with little power.

Keep in mind i said a Quality tazer so please don’t go buying some cheap Chinese 3 dollar tazers as it will do you more bad than good in the long run. I would recommend buying one with not a lot of power so that it won’t overwhelm you when you try to steal a little bit of its electricity when trying to control it.

Feeling Electrokinesis in your Hands

Make an Electro Ball

 This is essentially a psi ball with electricity from electrokinesis exercise has produced. 

To begin, visualize electricity energy is flowing through your body. At this point, make a normal psi ball, and then picture the electricity heat coming out of your hands and your fingertips, and converging with the psi ball, making little sparks and shocks around and inside the psi ball. 

Do this exercise for around 5 minutes a day, along with simply imagining the power streaming within you. By doing practice, you must feel the electricity in your body. 

By repeatedly doing so, you can feel some energy and you can make like the electro-ball, and finally, you will be able to stun people around you. 

Electrokinesis creating an Electroball

Practice make you perfect 

The notable proverb ‘practice makes perfect’, means that ‘practicing at something constantly and persistently will enable one to get better results at that thing. 

This is also applicable to Electrokinesis, which is not an exception to the rule. It is essential to have determination, concentration, and attention to follow through to achieve your goal. Practicing increase attention which ultimately can boost performance, the more you practice, the easier it will be to get and the more you practice and that means better results! 

The whole process works slowly and it does not happen quickly. It takes enough time and it is advisable never gets disheartened by your early failure. 

Learning how to develop psychic abilities is easier than you might think, but it largely differs from person to person. The more you practice, the better you get results and eventually, the journey can be richly rewarding. 

Deko practicing electrokinesis

Boost your incredible brain power 

Typically to follow the possible methods and techniques are essential, and even it is more critical in unlocking your brain’s potential. 

It’s imperative to keep your brain active and using your brain powers. Using the brain at full capacity, it’s not that we use, we use merely 10% of our brains. 

When it comes to electrokinesis, it is not an everyday phenomenon. If you are looking to boost your intelligence, memory, and brainpower, you will have to master by practicing. 

This is further can be augmented with proven mind boosting agents, such as pills are available in the market which can enhance your brain capabilities. 

It’s not always easy for you to restore attention, focus and concentration. You understand that sometimes we do things that are not fun. You know a little help can go a long way and can help you to achieve the best. The pills can help you in achieving the desired results and enhancing the quality of your life. If you have concentrated to your brain powers, it will make a huge difference in your daily life and you can fortify yourself with the power to fight the most common difficulties such as temporary memory loss, loss of interest, and lack of concentration. 

Hence, what are you waiting for? There is no being with immense power that decides things rather the cards are in your hands. You have the power to control your own mind and it does happen and can happen to all of us. With constant practice and get little push through mind developing agents, soon you can turn into an electromancer and a prodigy with electric powers. Remember that keep practicing, your performance will be improved and you will be amazed to see the results achieved. 


 It is recommended for the beginners and it is also advised to exercise caution in this area of interest. To test theory and practice of the technical proficiency, you are amiably advised to use your mentor for guidance, supervision and support to enable you to achieve your goals. 

The purpose of the materials presented in the context is intended to provide the reader background knowledge, amplify the core understanding of the topic and insight into some basic practice and technique. 

The opinions, exercises, and techniques discussed in the texts are not presented as an expert on the topic rather is recommendatory. 

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