Technokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Technology


Technokinesis also known as technopathy is the ability to manipulate and create most forms of technology. Users of this ability are able to do a variety of a different things with technology as a whole. This include knowing how practically any electrical device functions internally as well as manipulating and altering the parts that make up devices. In association with the ability omnilingualism technokinesis can allow anybody to be the most knowledgeable in the field of technology. Omnilingualism is the ability to speak and recognize any language. This includes programming. It is for this reason omnilingualism is a strong power to learn alongside the already powerful technokinesis. By knowing the code behind software and operating systems these can can be created and manipulated.

This is perfect for anybody with ambitions in the field of technology. You can create and understand how devises work in all aspects just by looking at them and watching them in action. This is why these two powers combine so well to allow you to become the most knowledgeable individual in the field of technology.

Capabilities of Technokinesis

As stated, technokinesis is the ability to manipulate and create almost every type of technology. Even without learning the ability omnilingualism; technokinesis is powerful as its own standalone power. It offers a wide range of applications to daily life along with capabilities outside of that. The first capability of technokinesis is increasing the speed of how devices run. By understanding how devices work their efficiency can obviously be altered in a way that they are better overall. This means slow computers, phones slowing down and batteries dying quickly are no longer issues. The problems causing the slowness and inefficiency can be swiftly identified and resolved. The areas that once caused the problems can then be improved upon resulting in the machine being more efficient overall.technokinesis

Another capability of technokinesis is the fact it allows all of its users to become motor enthusiasts. Gone are the days of having to pay hefty mechanic bills or being swindled by said mechanics with them not fixing all aspects of our vehicle. A user of this ability can easily look under the hood and see the issue that is causing the car to not run correctly. This power can then be used to resolve the issue with little to no cost to the user. This also opens up opportunities to use this capability with other peoples cars and fix them at a cost or out of pure generosity.

Another capability of technokinesis comes with creating your own devices. If given the parts unique devices that serve a planned purpose can be created with ease. This is perfect for anyone with ideas for new technology that they want to build for personal use or for everyone to be able to use. Another capability of technokinesis that isn’t significant but is very useful in daily life is turning devices on and on without touching them. These aforementioned devices obviously require a power source to be turned on though, however if they do have said power source they can be turned on or off with ease.

This may not seem like anything of importance but it does make everyday life a lot easier. Instead of having to walk over to appliances of light left on users of this power can merely switch them off where they stand saving time. If the ability electrokinesis is also learned with this power it becomes all the more powerful. For those unaware electrokinesis is the ability to manipulate electricity. Obviously electricity is a massive aspect of practically all forms of technology. Outside of just manipulating electricity users of electrokinesis can also create electrical currents from the palm of their hands.technokinesis

When combined with technokinesis this can allow for the creation of devices that don’t need to be powered by batteries or any other power source.

Overall it is clear technokinesis is a massively powerful ability that brings a broad range of capabilities to its users. When combined with other powers the ability becomes all the more powerful but even as a standalone power it holds great capabilities in our technology oriented world.