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Tychokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Probability


Tychokinesis is the ability to manipulate probability. This is an extremely powerful ability for anybody to wield due to the extent probability effects the lives of everyone on the planet. When the word probability is first mentioned most immediately jump to gambling for references of probability. Most people list sports results or the lottery as examples of cases where probability is at play. Although this may be one area that showcases probability, there are many more. Probability effects almost everything in our lives. There is always a chance of almost any event happening to anybody at anytime. There is a chance that you walk outside today and are hit by a car, a chance that you find a $100 note on the ground or even a chance that a tornado sweeps through your city. These are just a few examples of events that have a chance of occurring.tychokinesis

However the majority of these events will not happen to you in your lifetime. But the point is there always is a chance of any event occurring. This is what makes tychokinesis such a powerful ability to hold. It allows a user to bend probability to there desire. Even though there are limits to this though the ability still applies to most events that have any possibility of occurring. This ability takes luck out of life for the user. It allows them to control how life treats them, how their days progress and even how luck effects the people around them. Tychokinesis can be used to grant others a lucky life or the complete opposite depending on the intentions of the wielder of the power.


When you first think about tychokinesis the impossible always comes to mind. You think about all of the events that occur in life and how probability effects them. These thoughts then translate into pondering what the limitations of such a power are. Because of the sheer magnitude of power this ability holds it is hard to imagine that any limits could possibly exist that could hamper experiences in using this power. However like all abilities tychokinesis does have its limitations. Although they aren’t massive limits that limit the powers use entirely; they are worth noting for those interested in learning the power.

The first limitation is connected to experience. The amount of times this ability can be used within a short period of time depends on a users experience in the power. Tychokinesis takes a lot of energy to effectively be put into practice. It requires a lot of focus in order to be done to an extent where an unlikely event becomes likely. It is for this reason the time taken to enact this power effectively differs between users depending on experience. The more time taken increasing or decreasing probability leads to users tiring quicker. This means more rest time is needed before the ability can be used again. Though this is only a small limitation, it does have an effect on the ability for those who desire to use it constantly.tychokinesis

The next limitation is related to probability. In order to manipulate the probability of an event; said event must be possible in the first case. This means that the likelihood of it occurring must be greater then 0% for the odds to actually be manipulated. This means that the impossible can’t be made possible. A user can’t do absurd things such as cause pianos to start raining down from the sky or cause a shark to appear out of thin air. Though this isn’t a big limitation of this ability. It is notable especially when considering altering the probability of things like weather conditions. A user could not cause things like flooding in the desert to occur.

One more limitation of tychokinesis is that emotions can effect the power. Although this isn’t a huge limitation it is important to account for it when using the power. Outside of these three limitations there are few other limits that restrict the use of this ability. Overall tychokinesis is a powerful power that can effect the life of its users tremendously.

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Essokinesis – The Ability to Manipulate Reality


Essokinesis is the ability to manipulate reality and even the laws it is bound by. This power is almost incomprehensible due to the immense power it grants to users. This ability practically makes anybody who has learnt it a god of sorts. This is due to the fact that most would see a god as a being who is able to manipulate the confines of the universe we live in to their will; even if logic and laws of physics are broken in doing so. These capabilities are what make essokinesis such a complex power. It is almost impossible to imagine the length to which this ability can be used. Reality literally includes everything in existence, this means practically everything can be altered to meet the will of the user.

Learning Essokinesis

The difficulty in understanding the power of essokinesis definitely translates to learning the ability. Unlike most powers that focus on a specific area of interest, essokinesis doesn’t have a primary focus. For those unfamiliar with other kinetic powers lets look at some examples. Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water. This power’s main focus is centered around water. Obviously a user of hydrokinesis wouldn’t be able to manipulate any other element or object. Essokinesis though is the opposite reality may seem like a individual item but it definitely is not. There are so many different aspects of reality that it is impossible to count. First an foremost a user of essokinesis would need to know all kinetic abilities. Therefore they would need to have omnikinesis which isn’t a power that can be learnt in itself.


Instead to hold omnikinesis one must go through and learn every single kinetic ability. Because of this essokinesis itself cannot actually be considered a kinetic power. Instead it is more a title for a state that can be reached in which someone has learned every ability to an extent they can manipulate reality as a whole. Additionally, learning an ability is considered merely learning the basics of the power and being able to manipulate some small aspects in the field. To reach the state of essokinesis one would have to master every single kinetic ability. They wouldn’t just be able to dip there toes in the water for each power but be able to use each ability to its fullest extent.

We can use hydrokinesis as an example for this once again. A new user of hydrokinesis who could be considered someone who has learned the power may have the capability to cause ripples in a large water source. They might even be able to cause some small waves or a unit of water to rise out of the water into the air. Even though having the ability to perform such actions is significant, it isn’t enough to be considered a master of the ability. To be a master of hydrokinesis, a user would have to be able to user the power to its greatest lengths. They would need to be able to perform actions like being able to create or redirect tsunamis.

This mastery would need to be accomplished for every single ability which is a feat that is seemingly impossible. It would take a huge devotion of time and effort from an individual to reach the state in which they could be considered essokinetic. However if one could reach this state it would make everyday life a breeze. Anything could be accomplished solely from the power of the mind, anything that exists with our reality.

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Vitakinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Healing


Vitakinesis is the ability to manipulate healing. A wielder of this power will have the ability to heal themselves and heal others. This is an incredible power as a wielder can sense the health of a person, if they have an injury, disease and what the cause of their bad health is. Healing powers are shown on a bunch of different tv shows and movies but does not depict all that comes with the power.

Uses Of Vitakinesis

There are a variety of different uses that come with vitakinesis. There are a heap of day-to-day uses for this power. Surprisingly, vitakinesis is so useful in everyday life especially with the amount of injuries and deaths that happen. Having the ability to heal people would save so many lives but can also risk having overpopulation issues if too many people are saved.


Hospitals would save a lot of money if doctors had this power as it could save having people suffer for months or years and would cut costs because they would not need the supplies, tools or machines anymore because they have healers.

A wielder will also have the ability to heal their own wounds. Say that you were in a fight or attacked, the wounds and injuries that you sustain can be healed without trouble. No hospital bills or being in extreme pain for days or weeks. It saves money and saves the excruciating pain that comes from injuries.

This power does not just focus on humans, a wielder will also have the ability to heal animals. They can feel if an animal is sick or has an injury. This can save a lot of animal lives as we can not always tell when an animal is sick or has a disease.

Limitations Of Vitakinesis

There are a few different limitations that come with this power. When wielding a power, you will always come across limitations in the process of mastering the power. No matter which power it is, there will always be limitations.

A limitation for vitakinesis is the range in which this power can be used. The closer a wielder is to the person being healed, the greater the power. If a wielder is not within a close proximity then the power will either not work or not be very effective. It also makes the powers weaker which can be bad for the person being healed as they have a slim chance of being healed.


Another limitation would be the amount of power a wielder has. If a wielder is only first starting out then their powers will be weak and will not heal a person. As their powers become stronger, so will the healing power. While in the process of healing , a wielder can only go to a certain extent before becoming tired and/or starting to feel light headed or hurting from the amount of energy that it uses. A wielder needs to build up a lot of energy before using their power as a lot of energy is needed in order to heal someone to the full extent.

The final limitation is the use of this power on either oneself or another person. Certain wielders are not able to heal both themselves and others. This is a flaw for some, but not all. It can still be beneficial to either oneself or another but still has its downside. If you can only heal yourself then it is a useful power to have just for yourself. If you can heal others then you can save lives, but if anything was to ever happen to you then you would not be able to heal yourself which is a big downside to the power. Luckily, this only happens to a rare few so your chances of this happening are slim.

Overall, vitakinesis is an incredible power that can help save so many lives. The power to heal people is amazing in itself and to wield such a power would be extraordinary.

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Technokinesis – The Ability To Manipulate Technology


Technokinesis also known as technopathy is the ability to manipulate and create most forms of technology. Users of this ability are able to do a variety of a different things with technology as a whole. This include knowing how practically any electrical device functions internally as well as manipulating and altering the parts that make up devices. In association with the ability omnilingualism technokinesis can allow anybody to be the most knowledgeable in the field of technology. Omnilingualism is the ability to speak and recognize any language. This includes programming. It is for this reason omnilingualism is a strong power to learn alongside the already powerful technokinesis. By knowing the code behind software and operating systems these can can be created and manipulated.

This is perfect for anybody with ambitions in the field of technology. You can create and understand how devises work in all aspects just by looking at them and watching them in action. This is why these two powers combine so well to allow you to become the most knowledgeable individual in the field of technology.

Capabilities of Technokinesis

As stated, technokinesis is the ability to manipulate and create almost every type of technology. Even without learning the ability omnilingualism; technokinesis is powerful as its own standalone power. It offers a wide range of applications to daily life along with capabilities outside of that. The first capability of technokinesis is increasing the speed of how devices run. By understanding how devices work their efficiency can obviously be altered in a way that they are better overall. This means slow computers, phones slowing down and batteries dying quickly are no longer issues. The problems causing the slowness and inefficiency can be swiftly identified and resolved. The areas that once caused the problems can then be improved upon resulting in the machine being more efficient overall.technokinesis

Another capability of technokinesis is the fact it allows all of its users to become motor enthusiasts. Gone are the days of having to pay hefty mechanic bills or being swindled by said mechanics with them not fixing all aspects of our vehicle. A user of this ability can easily look under the hood and see the issue that is causing the car to not run correctly. This power can then be used to resolve the issue with little to no cost to the user. This also opens up opportunities to use this capability with other peoples cars and fix them at a cost or out of pure generosity.

Another capability of technokinesis comes with creating your own devices. If given the parts unique devices that serve a planned purpose can be created with ease. This is perfect for anyone with ideas for new technology that they want to build for personal use or for everyone to be able to use. Another capability of technokinesis that isn’t significant but is very useful in daily life is turning devices on and on without touching them. These aforementioned devices obviously require a power source to be turned on though, however if they do have said power source they can be turned on or off with ease.

This may not seem like anything of importance but it does make everyday life a lot easier. Instead of having to walk over to appliances of light left on users of this power can merely switch them off where they stand saving time. If the ability electrokinesis is also learned with this power it becomes all the more powerful. For those unaware electrokinesis is the ability to manipulate electricity. Obviously electricity is a massive aspect of practically all forms of technology. Outside of just manipulating electricity users of electrokinesis can also create electrical currents from the palm of their hands.technokinesis

When combined with technokinesis this can allow for the creation of devices that don’t need to be powered by batteries or any other power source.

Overall it is clear technokinesis is a massively powerful ability that brings a broad range of capabilities to its users. When combined with other powers the ability becomes all the more powerful but even as a standalone power it holds great capabilities in our technology oriented world.

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Osteokinesis- The Ability To Manipulate Bone


Osteokinesis is the ability to manipulate bone. This power goes by many different names, such as bone control, bone manipulation, controlled bone growth and extra-skeletal manipulation. A wielder of this power will have the ability to control, change and manipulate the bones of themselves and others. One will have the ability to produce bone growth, decay bone, pull the bone out of the skin and make them weaker or stronger. These are just a few of the incredible things that a wielder can do with this power. Osteokinesis can be seen on tv, specifically on the show and movie wolverine. Wolverine has claws of bone that stick out of his hands at will. This is a great examples of the kind of thing a wielder can do with this power.


Uses Of Osteokinesis

There are many different uses that are associated with this power. Depending on the kind of person you are and what you go through each day, osteokinesis can be useful for day-to-day uses. This power can be useful in everyday life if you are a doctor or nurse or if you are a bad person who breaks bones, you can make it easier with this person.

A doctor or a nurse can use this power in the operating room or just to fix someones broken bone. It would make the job so much easier and quick and would save a lot of money as you would not need any equipment or tools in order to fix a broken bone.

If you are looking to teach someone a lesson or hurt them (which should not be done), then osteokinesis is perfect. You can break a bone with ease and they won’t even know what hit them. It can be a very efficient way of getting things done.

Another use is for a fighter who wants to make their opponent weak or fragile. A wielder of this power will be able to make someones bones fragile which makes them weaker and easier to beat. This can also break their bones if need be.

Limitations Of Osteokinesis

Every power imaginable has its limitations. There are a few limitations that come with this power. The limitations that will be talked about are the main ones that each wielder should take into account throughout the duration of their training.

The first limitation is only for certain users. Some of the people who wield this power will only be able to manipulate the bones of just themselves or just other people. This depends on the person; some people who wield this power can not get to the extent of training that gives them the ability to be able to manipulate the bones of another or just themselves. This does not happen to each wielder, it only happens to a few who learn this power.


Another limitation of this ability is that a user can only use their power for a certain period of time before becoming tired or strained from over usage. This can happen a lot with a wielder when first starting out with this power as they do not have the capacity to manipulate bones for long periods of times. This can be an extremely bad as it can cause a wielder to stop in the middle of either breaking or healing a bone which can cause extreme pain to either themselves or another.

The last limitation of this power is pain tolerance. If you have ever broken a bone before you know just how excruciating it can be. This does not change for osteokinesis. If a wielder of this power chooses to break their own bones or another persons bones, the excruciating amount of pain that comes with it does not change. If a wielder does choose to break their own bones then their pain tolerance should be high as it is a very painful thing to go through.

Overall, osteokinesis is an incredible power that can help in many different. It can be used for either good or bad as a wielder has the ability to heal bones or break them. If this is the kind of power that you are interested in then you should try it as it is an amazing power to wield.